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prior entry:  MAR 29
Morning Report:  (10:00 ET)  The futures were already positive last night.  Is it not strange that the futures turn positive after a dreary day like yesterday???  Can you see how the futures can be manipulated to direct the market?  It can be done with a small amount of money by those who have control over a lot of money in hedge funds and whatever else.  The market remains bullish for now although it is selective.  The tool that is being used against the investing public right now is confusion static.
prior entry:  MAR 28
Closing Report:  Bernanke said the following today: 

"Thus far, the weakness in housing and in some parts of manufacturing does not appear to have spilled over to any significant extent to other sectors of the economy," said Bernanke. "Overall, the economy appears likely to continue to expand at a moderate pace over coming quarters."   As you may know, I majored in economics in college.  Considering the basics in economics, I deem these words to be really quite bullish.  Yet, the media chose to dwell on some other words that were stated having to do with Bernanke's concern about inflation.  Hell.....the Fed has been concerned about inflation for well over ten years now.  Expressing concern about inflation is standard practice with the Fed.  Can you see how these crooked bastards control investors?  These people that control the market also control the media.  They control the emphasis (the slant) of the headlines.  The only inflation that I see is that Bernanke's head is getting bigger with time until it becomes as bloated as that of Greenspan.  The more I see of this....the more contrarian I become.  Either way, I will remain bullish on gold issues for the longer term and remain somewhat bullish on stocks until a major sell signal is given on the charts.

Midday Report:  (2:45 ET)  If you have UCOI, it has once again doubled from the low in a short period of time.  My stance on UCOI has been to merely accumulate every time it goes to the lows and not to fear the new lows that we have seen in past weeks.  What happens in the future will depend on the Deer Trail mill when it opens.  The market is still doing okay despite these spurts of weakness.  Today it was the Bernanke static.  Whatever is in the news on CNBC is nothing but static geared to screw investors.  Right now people are being kept in a sell mode or do nothing mode.  The market would give us a sell signal if the Dow drops below the W formation that has been produced on the chart over the past month.
prior entry:  MAR 27
Morning Report:  (10:30 ET)  Today's story of America's complacency with China is that ITT has allowed our night goggle technology to be subcontracted to China.  ITT will pay a fine.  This just goes to show you how lax our security can be.  I am surprised that we do not let China produce our missile systems and then we can really save a bunch of money.  Pay a fine!  For what?  Treason......  What the heck!  China already has our Starbucks technology for making coffee.  The market is holding well.  Now that those people who were holding Martha Stewart  on margin have been kicked out over the past few days, MSO gets an upgrade today.   Just another example of how this crooked market works.  Crap like this happens right before the eyes of all these college educated people, and it does not even register.  So much for the education system in this country.  Have you ever taken a stock market course by a college type professor?   You might be better off taking a course on tournament poker.  Note:  Concerning the Chinese matter:   The fine is $100 million.  However, this violation occurred some time back.  It should have been major news last year.  Do you see how the media tended to cover it up.  Congress should have jumped heavily on this at the time with no mercy.  The coverage should have been as extensive as the Anna Smith story.  Instead, we stupid Americans are being exposed to Anna Nicole Smith going through her acts of perversion over and over again on Fox, CNN, etc. 
prior entry:  MAR 23
Closing Report:  There are certain stocks like Martha Stewart where I am seeing deviant behavior.  In MSO, it is naked selling again where hedge funds are purposely taking it down which then causes the stockholders to sell the rest of the way to an objective price.  In the case of MSO, the objective price may be met on Monday.  I can tell that there is a deviant force involved, because every time a heavy buy comes in which would normally raise the price, a heavy sell order suddenly appears out of nowhere which totally soaks up the buy.  These people that I am talking about are much more dangerous to your wealth than were the specialists of the NYSE.  These hedge funds which have control of millions of dollars have paid off the establishment to continue to operate without strict rules and regultions as were the specialists.  These folks can screw you into selling on a slide when you are on margin and it is considered legal by the SEC.   The SEC is more concerned if you buy a call option based on a tip from a corporate employee.  Does my commentary sound radical to you?  Not if you have any common sense or logic at all.  Everyone that bought MSO on margin a few weeks ago are being made to sell for a loss.....and this has happened many times before.  Furthermore, this is going on in many other stocks as well.  I will include COPY in this group.  COPY is being used by some force to make tons of money while in a trading zone for the past five years.  If at this time it drops below 70 cents, I will want you shareholders in COPY to realize that a screw job is in process.  It makes no difference that I have been bullish about this stock in the past.  I have had enough of this crooked crap whether it be naked shorting by hedge funds or deviant behavior by management.  If I was a CEO of a corporation, I would be ashamed of seeing people who believe in the company being screwed over and over again.  Enough is enough of this crooked crap.  Year after year, the screwing of investors continues.  That is why I choose not to focus on things like Enron or WorldCom.  The biggest criminals of them all are still operating under the negligence of the SEC.  The total amount of money involved each year in this fleecing of investors is much greater than Enron and WorldCom put together.  Right now in the market, most of those who shorted or bought put options based on the negative slant of CNBC a few weeks ago are now being forced out of those bearish positions.  Do you really think it is all just an act of nature???????
Midday Report:  (12:45 ET)  This link goes to a Jim Cramer interview which backs up my view on the futures manipulaltion   Of course, Cramer also admitted on a Russert interview that about 100 people actually now control the market.  Cramer also openly admits that he has manipulated the market and that it is all legal.  Notice how he also says that the SEC is somewhat oblivious to the whole thing involving manipulation by hedge funds.  Furthermore, he also says that CNBC commentators are used by these devious entities to present whatever view is needed to fool the public.
prior entry:  MAR 21
Closing Report:  Since the Fed did nothing, the advance continues.  The Dow went above 12400 in a breakout from the correction mode.  Also, IBM went above the 95 level which also marks a breakout from the decline range.  Only a few weeks ago, it was the end of the world, and now we are near the highs again.  Do you see just how deceiving the market can be?  All those folks who shorted heavily in the belief that the market just had to go lower are now going to hand over money to the bastards that orchestrated this whole thing.  Where are the CNBC analysts that were so sure of a further decline?  The fact is that these so-called analysts were used as pawns by those establishments that were creating put options by the thousands only two weeks ago.  Indeed, we may still have a big correction later in the year, but the point here is that many investors will lose money on the actions of the past few weeks.
prior entry:  MAR 20
Closing Report:  The best thing now would be if the Fed would just shut up.  Everyone should already know that a cut is out of the question and so is a raise.  Any further comment by the Fed is nothing but static that can be used to further confuse the public.  Dow 12400 now becomes the breakout point.  On IBM it becomes 95.  We wait and hold.  The shorts will be knocked out.  Today's advance was once again steady and under control.  Unless the Fed says something totally stupid, the advance should continue with some side movement.
prior entry:  MAR 19
Closing Report:  CNBC spent the whole day hitting viewers with the horrors of subprime lending with one character after another telling how bad things will get.  Meanwhile, we have a rally that has some merit.  The upside flow was solid and steady.  We can expect a further advance now that so many have gone short in one way or another.
prior entry:  MAR 16
Midday Report:  (12:30 ET)  Since this is options expiration, weakness is to be expected into the midday session.  This weakness will cause many of the call option positions to retire at the zero point.  This month is important because the bullishness of the past few months caused a tremendous increase in call option open interest for March.  This is not the case so much for the coming months.  At this point, people are initiating heavy open interest in the puts for the coming months which indicates that investors have turned bearish on the future.  There is no secret that I tend to be contrarian and so I am now considering that maybe we should not be so bearish.  Investors are being too influenced by static (politics, Iraq, Bush bashing, etc.).   Meanwhile, those people who have control of capital on Wall Street will implement their own agenda while the slobs on the outside will worry about political nonsense.
prior entry:  MAR 15
Midday Report:  (1:30 ET)  As you can see, options expiration is once again an issue in the market.  Dealers are simply trying to keep the S&P at around 1400 to maximize their positions in relation to the options involved.  I still believe that options expiration should be restricted to every two months instead of going through this sham every month.  This system of options expiration is nothing but a scam against the average investor.  As you can see, they managed to keep IBM below 95 in order to expire the 95 call options at zero.  As a licensed dealer it is okay to purposely screw every holder of the 95 call, but the SEC will put you in jail for life if you trade on some inside information.   We will know better about direction next week.  It is true that too many people have been acquiring short positions based on the overwhelming evidence from the media that this market is doomed.  I must admit that the indicators do not look good.  The insitituions have slowed down.  When you look at all the evidence, it does seem as if a crash dive is coming.  However, we must keep in mind that the market is deceiving.
prior entry:  MAR 13
Midday Report:  (2:20 ET)  With options expiration this week, they are selling for this unwinding of positions.  As I stated prior to this, IBM will be kept down so that the 95 call options will expire worthless.  There is nothing new with this theory.  Today, investors are being kicked out by the continued news involving subprime lending and its implications.  Of course, there is nothing news about the news.  We already knew about all the problems.  Although it still seems as if we have upside limitiations for the intermediate term, we may very well still see a further advance.  We should continue to watch our oversold/overbought indicators as we go into Friday's options expiration.
Sunday Report:  Over the past week, I gave you examples of how insiders will use the futures trading of index vehicles to control the direction of the market both at the open each day and many times during the session itself.   Now we have another options expiration coming this week.  Notice the following concerning IBM.  The open interest on options at the 95 strike is quite tremendous as compared with the other strike levels.  IBM was taken right up to 94.80 two times only to see heavy selling take it right back down.  Why does the American investor not complain to the government about these devious situations.  Investors are always quick to bring out the hanging rope when Enron is mentioned, but they will completely accept the obvious crooked system that has been born out of stock options.  Concerning IBM, those insiders that created the 95 call option will strive to make sure that IBM is kept under the 95 level so that every one of those 95 strike options will expire worthless.  No wonder it is hard to make money on stock options.  However, the more serious implication here is that those people who own the stock get hammered into selling at the lows when these people see their stock sinking rapidly.  I simply find it amazing that the government is so quick to hang a CEO for breaking some gray area law, and yet will allow the rape of thousands of investors by allowing the Wall Street establishment to create trading systems that work decidedly against outsiders.  Wall Street is not a random walk as so many liberal-minded scholars seem to think.  Consider a slot machine.  A slot machine is not random as some may think.  It is either tightened or loosened in a range allowed by law.  That is why so many times you will get two of a kind in a row with the third column showing that same item whether it by 7's or bars either above or below the payoff line.  The slot machines of the casinos are almost as crooked as the trading in the stock market.  One very curious thing about the two systems of casinos and the market......they are both under the regulatory control of the government.
prior entry:  MAR 9
Closing Report:  Today's market action was actually constructive.  At least, it showed that there was a good probability of more upside.  However, the big techs continue to show weakness which is not normal in a bull market rally.  Once again we face options expiration this coming week, and once again we will see massive amounts of call options go to zero value.  Saturday night the clocks will be set one hour forward.......
prior entry:  MAR 8
Closing Report:  Are all of you now starting to see what I mean about futures trading?  Yesterday, the market closed weak with people having to sell right into the close at the lows of the day.  Then somehow without any news or any other logical reasoning, the futures were skyrocketed upward during the night.  This sort of thing was not how it was back in the 60's or 70's.  If you are keen to out of the ordinary activity, you would have become suspicious even long before now.  The people who now control the market can easilly control the market with small amounts of capital by either selling or buying into the futures market (Dow, S&P and Nasdaq).  Of course, by small amounts of capital I mean much greater amounts than what you may be able to muster. A million or two is nothing for these folks that I am talking about.  So now that we are getting rid of the specialists, a new breed of predator takes over.  Why is this always going to happen despite all of the useless regualtions.  It is because these unethical bastards are all operating under dealer licensing with money as the motivation.  There is no regulation on ethics when it comes to dealer buying or selling in the open market.  One of these days, the market will close strongly followed by a crash in the futures.......and it will not even dawn on people that something crooked is going on.
Overnight Report:  There are forces out there that want the market to rally higher to the point where all of the shorts will be forced to give up short positions by buying back stock from those who will dump what was acquired last week and last Monday.  Once the shorts have been screwed, then we will see another decline.  All we can do is to look for clues for this development to occur.  Once again, I am telling you that the futures are being used to direct this market in order to suit those who have accumulated on the decline who will now sell at higher prices and then perhaps short as a final stage.  The decline that we saw at the close on Wednesday was totally under the control of a force that was buying into the selling by the public.  We now wait.
prior entry:  MAR 6
Midday Report:  (2:00 ET)  Is it not amazing that once everyone and his uncle had dumped by the close on Monday at the lows of the day, the futures began to turn positive and rocketed upward throughout the night.  Do you really think it was just an act of nature?  Do you really think that the market is not run by crooked bastards as I believe?  These guys make Vegas look like the ethics capital of the world when it comes to games of chance.  Yes, the market is a game of chance.  Just look at the commentary made by analysts on TV.  I would be the first to admit that market analysis is a folly.  I try to look at what the crooked bastards are doing and even that is more difficult than getting a passing grade on a college calculus exam.  No matter how smart you may be, you will eventually make a serious blunder that can wipe you out.  Why can that happen?  It can easily happen because there is indeed a darkside force within the market that will continually counter any outside force that tries to employ logic.
prior entry:  MAR 5
Closing Report:  Too many people have now gone negative in their psyschology.  Even the average investor is loading up on put options and even going short with the idea that you just cannot lose by going short at this time.  I will admit that in prior weeks I have been negative on the future of the economy and that the market would eventually take a big hit.  However, at that time, investors were being driven by overly bullish analysts on CNBC.  Things have changed.  Now, I see everyone turning negative, and I see put option open interest go through the roof.  Before the market opened on Monday morning, I saw the futures market being manipulated by insiders to get investors to unload on Monday morning.  Then, I saw a decent rally get thwarted by the same deviant forces that are out to screw the public.  It was easy for these inside forces to step in and knock out a rally that was going on low volume.  The day ended again on a sour note with fund managers calling it quits.  What will these crooked bastards do next?  These few people that control the market will screw as many people as they can, because it involves big money.  These insiders are creating put options by the thousands and the public is buying them with the idea that stocks must go much lower based on last week's sharp decline.  The overnight futures can now be manipulated to initiate an advance out of the clear blue and knock out those who have gone short or acquired put options in a very quick fashion.  Be careful.  Let us hold and see what happens next.  This may not be the time to go short or sell everything.
Saturday Report:  I have listened to the idiots that come on CNBC and I have looked at the charts of the major averages, and there is something that just does not register.  Most of the people that come on CNBC have been calling for a 5 to 10 % correction.  Well, the Dow has already done a 7 % drop off the top along with the Nasdaq.  You can check for yourself. Yet, if you listen to the people on the screen, you will get the impression that the greatest drop is yet to come.  If that is true, then we would have to get much more than a 10% correction.  IBM has already registered more than 10% off the top and MMM, UTX and many more big caps have already come close to that.  Something does not sound right about this whole affair.  Investors are getting the impression that they should sell on  rallies and perhaps short.  One would now get the feeling that you simply cannot lose by going short or loading up on put options.  Consider that IBM has dropped from the 100 level to 91 and has been even lower recently.  Do the figures!  Nothing has really changed in the economy over the past several weeks except what is fabricated in the minds of those easily influenced.  Almost every commentator is now saying that we are in a bear market over the intermediate term.  Should we be suspicious?  You bet.  I certainly would not mortgage the house in order to go short with the works.   Everyone on TV is now talking about what I talked about a few weeks ago......the inverted yield curve, bad bank loans, bullish complacency, etc.  CNBC never made a point of these items until now.  So what is going on.  I sense another screw job being perpetrated against the average investor.  Jim Cramer is totally correct when he says that the market is under the control of about 100 people.  These people will legally screw the American investor without any sense of morality or ethics.  They can get the cooperation of the media to get people to sell or to buy at the wrong time.  There has been a transition of power in the markets from the specialists to a totally different breed of animal.....a much more dangerous type of animal.  The danger used to come more openly from tigers and lions.  Now, it comes from a small number of lethal snakes that slither unnoticed in the background of heavily financed hedge funds that are closely allied with the big brokerage houses of Wall Street.   These people have less morals and ethics than the specialist firms of the past.  Furthermore, this new breed is less under the control of the SEC. 
prior entry:  MAR 2
Closing Report:  The market sold off at the close with many big caps closing at the lows of the day.  They took IBM down to the lows on very heavy volume at the close.  This has most often signified a bottom.  Whenever IBM closes right at the low on heavy volume, it usually means that the deviant forces of broker dealers and hedge funds are covering shorts and picking up stock.  However, if there is a meaningful rally over the near term, it will most likely fail once these insiders unload their inventory.
prior entry:  MAR 1
Midday Report:  (3:30 ET)  I get the impression that the inside forces want to keep people negative going into the close.  However, because of the extremely heavy volume today, it is probable that we have seen a near term bottom.  If the market dropped any further, we would be faced with a crash type decline which would not benefit those in control at this time. 
prior entry:  FEB 28
Closing Report:  Whenever the market goes through one of these sharp declines off a top formation, volatility increases over a period of a few days with ups and downs.  There are only two scenarios here.  One is that the market will continue its decline to lower levels after a few days of sideways movement.  The other is that the market will fool people into selling with only small declines here and there and then eventually trend higher again.  Which will it be?  The analysts and fund managers on CNBC all seem to think that the market will go below Tuesday's low.  However, you should consider that the stochastics indicator is right now at oversold levels on the major averages.  Let us see if that stochastics line goes back up to overbought levels over the coming days.  It will be at that time that we can more safely assume that a further decline is in order.  Bernanke seemed to defy what was implied by Greenspan on Monday.  However, keep in mind that the commentary by Greenspan was misread.  He never stated that he believed that a recession was probable.  The media along with many analysts interpreted it all as a conviction of an impending recession.  In reality, Greenspan merely said that there was a threat of recession if certain things did not fall into place.  Well, naturally there will always be a threat of recession if things do not fall into place.  This would be true all the time.  The point is that the media representation of what he said caused many people to lose money on Tuesday.  Was it just an honest mistake, or did media commentators not catch it, or did the control faction of the media allow it to happen that way?  Those folks who talk on CNBC are really very intelligent people.  How come they did not emphasize the real meaning of Greenspan's words and make a concerted effort to report what was really said by Greenspan?  Instead, they talked about it on Wednesday. 
Midday Report:  (12:00 ET)  Well, you can now clearly see what I mean about logic and common sense in the market.  There is no logic except what the media wants to make of it.  Yesterday, on CNBC at the close, all the experts came on the screen and stated outright that the selling would continue right into the open today.  The logic was that fund managers would want to get out of certain precarious positions immediately.  Totally 180 degrees from what was the logic, the overnight futures turned positive.  Can you believe this?  Furthermore, is it logical that so many big cap stocks are now lower than at times when they were producing less profit?  Where is the logic and common sense?  Despite all the record profits of the past several months, there are stocks like IBM that are trading lower than when times were not as good.  I think that there was more logic back in the 70's and 80's than now.  This means that there has clearly been a change in the guard (the deviant force that controls the market).  If we were in the 70's and 80's, the market would have sold off again this morning.  However, now we have a scam tool called the futures, and the futures market is a tool of control used to legally screw investors.  If any of you ever make some big money in the market, I suggest that you take that money and enjoy your profit and never come back to this slime infested adiction called stocks.  This morning Bernanke is on the screen trying to patch up the damage done by Greenspan's comment on recession.  Despite the conflicting thoughts between these two people, I believe that it was all planned that way just as if it were written as a script for a soap opera.  In other words, the Fed wants to justify its future action by causing certain things to occur in the market which in turn affects the economy and in the end protects the member banks.  You should stick with those positions in which you have confidence for the longer term and not be influenced by those who have their own agenda.  However, you should always be ready to counter emotional attachments in stocks if you should find yourself being used like a pawn by those in control.  If you create enough racket at the doors of the SEC which is your right to do, it might at least fullfil some satisfaction on your behalf before leaving this life.
prior entry:  FEB 27
Closing Report:  Since I am deep into UCOI, I was not very worried about today.  We should see a reaction rally after any sell-off in the morning.  I simply bought some positions in anticipation of such rally.  If there is going to be any further major problem, it will come off a reaction rally.  The channel trendlines of all the major averages have been broken.  This type of situation has happened before and is nothing new.  The media will now slant things according to the desires of those who control the market by releasing thoughts concerning the Fed's next move.  Remember that it is futile to use logic.
Midday Report:  (12:30 ET)  China has always been a disaster ready to occur when even shoeshine boys owned stock.  This would have occurred whether now or later this year.  The good thing is that China has nothing to do with us except for those who invested in Chinese stocks.  I have always said that China is not a good place to invest.  Our stocks are merely reacting in the psychological sense.  I will stay with gold issues all the way into this year.  We have been in a mild correction for several days.  The drop as a reaction to China does not necessarily mean that we are going into a major correction at this time.  We should know within a couple of days whether or not our support lines are broken.  Our major declines are usuallly based on our own technicals and fundamentals and not on foreign markets.  China has never been stable nor will it be stable for some time to come.  A disaster in China will actually be good for us because lately the Chinese have become rather arrogant.  Just mind your own business and consider your own stocks.  You are living in the U.S. and not in China.  We do not need the Chinese.  They need us.
prior entry:  FEB 26
Closing Report:  We should see an upside reversal of the recent minor correction soon.  Indicators are now showing oversold levels.  A classic reversal would entail weakness in the morning followed by strength.  There was some strong selling early in the day based on comments made by Greenspan.  He warned of a possible recession later in the year.  It is funny that he never was so outright with his words when he was in office.  So far no support trendlines have been broken to the downside in the major averages.
prior entry:  FEB 23
Closing Report:  So far, this has been a monor correction as those that have occurred in recent times.  No downside trendline has been broken  as yet.  We should see some upside this coming week.  I still believe that a major correction will occur only once the bears have been wiped out in their put option positions. 
prior entry:  FEB 21
Midday Report:  (11:30 ET)  This morning's decline convinces me even more that the market will go higher over the near term.  The reasons presented by CNBC as passed on by some higher force are geared to confuse investors.  As I have stated many times before, there is no text book logic to the market.  For example, HPQ reported very good results on the quarterly and so today it is down based on the idea that HPQ will find it hard to beat what it has done.  How stupid this is!  This is really the height of stupidity in logic that anyone of any education can possibly imagine.  What it have been better if HPQ reported bad earnings so that those results would be easier to beat next time???   Are we living in the twilight zone?   As you know, my degree is in economics.  When I first read the passage...."In the end, we are all dead"  I should have changed my major to anthropology where at least there is some logic.  So now, it is bad that the economy is so strong in the numbers.  Would it be better if everything was going to hell?  Economics has become the art of deceit operated by people who are emplyed by crooks (the banking system and brokerage firms).  The Dow is showing weakness based on HPQ.  You will notice that the QQQQ has been up all morning despite the small decline in the Nasdaq.
prior entry:  FEB 20
Closing Report:  Although the upside breakout is not yet confirmed, the market did take a positive step in that direction.  I was expecting a small downside move this morning to fool the average investor and it did occur.  IBM came back after hitting near term support.  Now we wait for a major confirmation.  HPQ did report good results although there was some selling on the news.  Overall, I saw no sign of any major distribution in the major stocks.  It seems that it is too soon to go short and so we wait. 
prior entry:  FEB 16
Midday Report:  (2:30 ET)  I am keeping tabs on institutional buying from various sources to determine if we will break upward or downward over the near future.  Domestic institutional buying has been slow for many weeks now with more buying power coming from foreign interests.  Most charts on institutional buying are now showing levels where we could see a directional signal that could last for several weeks.  I will report as it happens.  The market has held right into this options expiration.  Early next week Tuesday or Wednesday, we may see some movement either way.  IBM has been kept down going into expiration just under the 100 level which means that all of the 100 calls will expire worthless and this is just part of the game that the goons on the inside will play at expiration.  If IBM can advance over 100 and actually go over 100.90, it will signal a breakout.  Although I remain defensive, I must admit that the market has a chance of going one more leg upward.  Perhaps we will get a signal this coming week.  Market will open on Tuesday.
prior entry:  FEB 14
Closing Report:  The commentators on CNBC are slanting deeply to the bullish side and this should continue for a while.  Investors have to become really sure that this market will not correct by very much before such correction occurs.  One more leg to the upside and everyone will surely believe that the days of deep corrections are over.  Meanwhile, certain key tech stocks are just now starting an upside run from low level stochastics levels.  Let us observe over the coming days if whether or not IBM can surpass the recent highs.
prior entry:  FEB 13
Midday Report:  (11:45 ET)  As you can see, the decline of the past few sessions was meant not so much to get people out of the market but to get people to go short.  The tendency over the past several months has been to have strength right into options expiration.  Yesterday was a very low volume day which was geared to get people to go short by having them buy even more put options.  Over the past few weeks, open interest in puts has increased noticeably over call options.  Put option positions have increased by a wide margin on the Nasdaq QQQQ.  Although the overall impression has been that investors are overly bullish as per the media, this situation is now being countered by the fact that even those who are bullish on the overall market are themselves expecting some sort of correction to occur.  Even the bulls are expecting a major correction so that they can buy more at lower prices.  The market continues to fool everyone by not complying.  The major correction that everyone is expecting will come when least expected and the initial stage of the drop will be quick and sharp giving no one time to think about it.  The decline of the past two days was simply giving people too much time to think about it. 
prior entry:  FEB 12
Closing Report:  Although the market averages were down, I believe that I can safely describe it all as a good holding pattern.  The market did not crash as some may have expected.  As I have stated prior to this, even the biggest of the bulls have been expecting some sort of correction at this time.  The market will always be full of surprises ready to fool anyone and everyone.  Let us see how the numbers turn out as we go into options expiration this week.  I still believe that gold and gold stocks will be able to weather any major correction when such correction does occur.  Meanwhile, no trendline has been broken to the downside as can easily be seen on the Dow chart and the S&P chart.
Saturday Report:  There is nothing conclusive about Friday's decline.  It is too early to conclude that a major correction is about to start.  The decline occurred at a time when volume was low.  When the micron news hit, it did not take very much to take the market down since buyers were simply not in the crowd.  In my opinion, we have heard much worse news than what Micron had to say without this sort of reaction.  I did get suspicious when early in the morning the futures were taken down.  As I have stated many times, the futures activity is a scam used by those who exercise control in the market.  I would short the market only when some of the major trendlines are broken.  We should find out very soon by Monday or Tuesday.  At least on Monday we will find out if this decline carrys.  Although we had too many bullish people in the market, many of them have been expecting some sort of correction.  This gives up a double contrarian scenario.  What is it going to be?  Will it go higher because most are expecting some sort of correction, or will it go down because there are too many bullish analysts?  About 26 Dow stocks were down.  It does not take much for a 60 point drop.  I saw nothing unusual about the decline.  The media actually threw more fear into the air than what was warranted.  When those in control want the market to really go down, they will create a decline of much more than 100 points right at the start of the move.  Let us see what happens on Monday and Tuesday before we jump to conclusions.
prior entry:  FEB 8
Closing Report:  The market came back well from the lows and held into the end with signs of accumulation.  CNBC did present several big time bullish fund managers that were actually warning that a major correction was now to be expected.  Watching those big bulls turn negative actually turned me positive at least for the very short term.  I remain bullish on UCOI and will add to my position on every decline.  IBM, which is my indicator stock, remains at a level that could still take it to new recovery highs as a tech leader.  I would never discount the importance of IBM as many seem to have done calling it a dinosaur.  It will be just a matter of time before IBM does a stock split.  There are other tech stocks that carry much higher numbers of shares and bring in less revenue.
Midday Report:  (12:15 ET)  As of midday, only two Dow stocks were up which is indicative of a bottom.  However, for the market to maintain positive vibes while in a chart uptrend, we need to see some recovery by the close, and so we wait.  Meanwhile, just about everyone is still expecting a major correction which is totally logical.  However, the market will always have the potential to defy logic.  It may yet be too soon to think short.  I will simply remain bullish on gold and gold stocks.  CNBC has spent the morning on the sub-prime loan problem with the banks which everyone should already know about and should not come as a surprise.  If those who were in a fearful mode did not bail out yesterday, they surely must have this morning.  Isn't the market fun?
prior entry:  FEB 7
Closing Report:  The decline going into the last hour was meant to dislodge investors before continuing the advance.  It worked. Many investors did bail out at the lows of the day in many of the Dow key stocks that I watch.  It is bad enough for people to make money without these tricks that are continuously being pulled.  Very short term trading is a losing deal by the odds.  However, many times those that have a profit will bail out when seeing those profits disappear on sharp declines that may well be orchestrated by broker-dealer market makers.
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  As you can see, the inside forces of the market want this to go one more leg to the upside.  If this recent move continues strongly over the next two weeks, we may very well experience the highs for the intermediate term.  We shall look for clues as we go along.  We may need to see even more complacency among investors and fund managers for this to happen.  If the inside forces of the market are to make big money by getting investors to buy as those in control unload, we will begin to notice that economic warning signs will be completely hidden by static as people become more interested in the stream of good news coming out of the media at CNBC.  For now, the market should hold and go higher.  We need to see a breakout in IBM above 100.80 which I expect to happen at this time.
prior entry:  FEB 6
Midday Report:  (2:30 ET)  Halfway through the session and the market has been lulled into a slumber as prices declined.  This is a bullish sign since the averages have not declined into dangerous levels.  Market makers are using the day to acquire inventory to unload at higher levels.
prior entry:  FEB 5
Midday Report:  (2:30 ET)  Although I still believe that we will see a big correction before too long, I do believe that we will see one more leg to the upside based on the amount of foreign buyers coming into the U.S. markets.  The local buyers are not jumping into this market as much as the foreign funds.  As you can see, IBM has once again traded above the 100 level with no sign of distribution as yet.  We should worry only when we see extremely big block trades at or just after the close and when near the highs of the day.  So far, this has not happened.  The recent drop in gold was just a ploy to get people to turn negative since this market is highly manipulative.  I remain very bullish on gold and expect to see new highs this year.
Sunday Report:  The Dow Transports Average has very sharply gone to new recovery highs and is certainly a bullish indication at this time.  Its reversal looks very positive for the other averages.  As a result, the market should go higher over the next two weeks.  If this becomes reality, we should see another leg up on the Dow Industrial average.  Using IBM as an indication, we should see IBM go well over the 100 mark very soon to lead the techs.  We shall soon find out.  There will be many quarterly reports done this week on S&P stocks which may add some fuel to the averages.  The VIX average has also remained in bullish territory although a bit on the extended side.
prior entry:  FEB 1
Closing Report:  At least for the near term, the major indicators have swung solidly to the bullish side.  It seems to imply that any major correction should be set further out by at least two or three weeks.  IBM was taken down by over one dollar and almost broke even at the close.  As it dipped to the 98 level, I did notice signs of accumulation as broker-dealers got many investors to bail out.  As I have said many times before, this is a tricky, dirty business.  The market is geared to fool you.  The important thing is not simply the price as is goes up or down.  The important thing is how the price goes up or down.  I now seems as if market insiders want prices to be near the highs by the next options expiration in two weeks.  We shall keep tabs on that view as we go along.
prior entry:  JAN 31
Closing Report:  In my last few entries, I have stated that the market should go higher based on the actions seen on IBM.  So far, there has been no sign of distribution in IBM.  Eventually, we will get a major correction but not at a time when so many on CNBC are looking for it.  We could get a lengthy rollover on the chart.  If a very sharp blowoff spike occurs, then we can worry a little more.  Did you notice that too many people on CNBC were predicting a dive in oil......    Have you also noticed that too many people are predicting a drop in gold.....    Stocks will drop when least expected.  If the longs are lucky, we could go until March. 
prior entry:  JAN 29
Midday Report:  (12:30 ET)  Take a look at BQI.....Oilsands Quest.  The chart looks very bullish with the uptrend line now at 4.80 which is near the low of the day.  Canadian oil and shale may be something to consider.
Midday Report:  (12:00 ET)  For now the market remains in a positive mode with not trendlines broken either way as yet.  I once stated right here that part of the Chinese plan was to draw us in and then form unions against our firms to extract even more money out of us.  This article was released today.  This is just the beginning of the shakedown.  It is being instigated by the central government.  I do not like Red China and never will as long as it remains Red.  The Chinese government is using our greed for profit to finance their own well-being which is to raise their standard of living at our expense while financing aggression against us throughout the world.
DJ Chinese Union Aims To Set Up Branches At US Firms In S China


HONG KONG (AP)--The state-sanctioned Chinese union in the southern province Guangdong, a key manufacturing base, aims this year to establish branches at all major U.S. companies with operations in the region, state media has reported.

Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions aims to "set up unions at all the more than 300 companies from the Fortune 500 in Guangdong," the official People's Daily newspaper reported Sunday, referring to America's largest companies as ranked by Fortune magazine.

The union group also aims to add more than 1 million members and to set up unions at 80% of foreign companies and 60% of private companies, the report said.

The All-China Federation of Trade Unions, or ACFTU, the national umbrella group for government-approved unions, is in the midst of a campaign to boost the group's presence in foreign companies, which employ some 25 million people in China but until recently resisted allowing labor organizing.

It has made progress, persuading Wal-Mart Stores Inc. in August to help set up unions at its 62 Chinese outlets. ACFTU said earlier this month one of its affiliated unions has set up at a factory owned by Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Group in the Guangdong city of Shenzhen on Dec. 31.

Current figures for union presence in Guangdong weren't immediately available. A man who answered the phone at the press office of the Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions declined to be interviewed, saying he needed approval from the provincial government's external affairs department.

Official Chinese unions are seen more as a tool of government control than an advocate for labor rights. ACFTU says its goal is to prevent disputes between workers and management.

Seeking to assure foreign companies, Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions Chairman Tang Weiying was paraphrased as saying in the Yangcheng Evening News' Web site Monday that Chinese unions "don't protect rights for the sake of protecting rights, but rather mobilize the initiative of workers to promote the development of enterprises."

"Many foreign companies are afraid of setting up unions because they were scared off" by unions in their home countries, Tang was quoted as saying.

The ACFTU has set a national goal of organizing unions at 70% of foreign companies this year after meeting its goal of 60% in a campaign launched in 2006.

China has about 300,000 foreign-funded enterprises with 25 million employees, or more than 10% of its urban work force, according to government statistics.

Unions affiliated with the ACFTU represent about 150 million Chinese workers. The government doesn't allow independent labor organizing and activists are frequently jailed and harassed.

prior entry:  JAN 26
Midday Report:  (2:30 ET)  Simply by judging the holding strength in IBM, it seems as if the market will make one more push on some key resistance levels just overhead.  Most likely by next week we will know if those levels are broken or failed.  The averages in question are the Dow, SOX and Transports.  At this time, even some of the bulls are calling for some sort of correction.  When this happens on CNBC, it means that it may still be too soon for a major correction.  However, everyone should be very watchful and not be overly committed to those issues that are now extended.  The correction of the last few days has been much too orderly to indicate a major problem.  We should know that the market is in real trouble when it takes a chaotic drop right off the top.
prior entry:  JAN 25
Midday Report:  (12:30 ET)  For the near term, we may still see some upside volatility since IBM continues to show some strength despite daily weakness in the market.  There is no sign of distribution in IBM at this time since broker-dealers accumulalted at the 95 level.  Many stocks still need to report the quarter.  If you bought UCOI (the cheapie gold stock), you should hold and continue buying on declines, because when it reports its first gold sale, it may well hit my target of .38 to .50.  It will require patience.  However, believe me it will not require as much patience as with COPY. If you bought at .006 to .007 as I did on my official entry, you will have more than doubled your money.  I did acquire a small amount at .03 but I did not bitch about the error as some may have done and I kept on the assault to accumulate more.  The biggest problem with UCOI will be to determine the sell point.  The near term stabilization point should be .02 to .03.  At least management does a good job of keeping shareholders informed. 
prior entry:  JAN 24
Midday Report:  (11:00 ET)  The market should continue to edge higher once again over the near term.  It is still too soon to go short as the S&P chart still has some upside potential.  There are also too many people now ready to pull the trigger.  When the top is reached, it may very well come in a spike which we have not yet seen.  Despite the big drop in IBM after the quarterly, it actually looks strong.  I saw IBM go down this morning but I saw evidence that there was underlying strength perhaps as the major broker-dealers and other funds began to accumulate from those who gave in to fear.  As I have said many times before, there is no logic and reason to the market except in what is fabricated by analysts.  IBM has been much higher than this when it had less real value and making less money.  If you bought UCOI at under one cent, it is now around .014.  Believe me it is too early to sell UCOI.  The processing mill at the mine site should be operable within two months and the company has enough capital to sustain to the start of revenue flow.  The government has blocked the merger of XM and Sirius although it may still be appealed.  It just goes to show you that there is still a touch of communism in our government.  This is not a totally free enterprise system.  Government mentality can never be efficent.  The combo of these two firms would standarize radio receiving equipment in all cars and actually lower costs and expense to consumers. Instead, the government with its power hungry craze will always come up with excuses by saying that it acts for the good of mankind.  It remains a misnomer to call this a free enterprise system.  The increasing power of the liberal faction will not improve matters, because now we will need more government regulation to stop all of the problems of the universe. 
prior entry:  JAN 23
Closing Report:  Because of the S&P chart, I believe that the market can go higher before a major correction.  However, I also believe that we will see these levels again on the way down.  Hopefully, we still have some time to breathe but only for the purpose of holding.  The number of stocks which are in an uptrend continue to dwindle as compared to those in a downtrend.  However, the number remains positive.  At some point in the near future the ratio will turn negative.  I can only estimate that it could very well occur over the next four weeks.  The great mass of lower cap stocks still have not moved.   
prior entry:  JAN 22
Midday Report:  (1:30 ET)  If the market can hold without further losses into the close, I would not be surprised to see a further advance over the near term.  IBM could very well be in an oversold condition after that drop on very heavy volume.  The record top in the S&P is still above present levels.  UCOI continues to stabilize and edge higher and I will continue with a hold or add to postiions on declines.  This has evolved into my favorite position as I remain bullish on gold.  I have been observing COPY at these levels watching for some sort of breakout.  However, I remain concerned that someone is dumping on high volume trades.  The stock should trade up on heavier volume and not remain neutral as occurred this morning.  Be observant as to what happens on heavy volume trades today and tomorrow in COPY.
Sunday Report:  On Mar 24, 2000, the S&P did hit the 1550 level.  Is it possible that it is now working itself to that same level before turning back?  We should at least keep an eye on this.  If the S&P does go to 1550, that could very well be the perfect short and perfect sell signal.  We will watch and wait.  I watched Tim Russert's interview with Jim Cramer.  Cramer did say a few things that back up my theory that there is a deviant power that controls the market.  He stated outright that about 100 people control about $5 trillion through hedge funds, management funds, etc. that make money either on the bullish side or on the bearish side.  He further stated that these people can either make a stock go up or down as they wish.
prior entry:  JAN 19
Closing Report:  IBM got hit hard.  I must admit that its decline was not justified considering the results of the quarter.  Something about all of this does indeed stink.  The IBM chart now has a big downward gap which is highly negative in nature.  We now have seen IBM and Intel take some big hits.  I find it amazing that analysts are acting as if nothing has happened.  Instead, CNBC will highlight that MSFT has finally gone over 30....big deal after so many years of screwing shareholders.  So now what?????   Apple has hit a snag.  Dell is in limbo.  Can we go to the moon without tech?
prior entry:  JAN 18
Closing Report:  IBM reported fairly good news on the services side but the hardward side was a little light.  The result was that people sold into the after hours with trades as much as $6 down and up to 4 million shares.  I could not believe what I was seeing.  How can people be so stupid to sell in the after hours to the damn dealers that were sitting there waiting.  I suppose in the end we can all admit that we are all stupid for even being in this crooked crap game.  We now wait for the reaction to all this in the tech sector.  As you well know, I have been rather negative about techs despite the recent rally.  For the past few days, brokers upgraded IBM except for one while investors stumbled over each other buying this at the 100 level which was resistance on the chart.  The target was upgraded to 110 and shareholders were in high spirits that 120 would be hit soon.  While the lynch mobs in the movies are usually portrayed as being in the wrong, I must admit that I would favor a financial lynch mob against the broker-dealers that were unloading on the public over the past few days.  Meanwhile, be prepared to accumulate more UCOI on declines.
prior entry:  JAN 17
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  Despite any further rally here, I continue to be negative for the short term until a significant correction occurs.  I am not saying that I am bearish for the longer term unless the indicators continue to deteriorate that I have already mentioned in prior statements such as the yield curve.  Remember also that we should consider the various stocks that we may have when doing the analysis.  Many stocks simply have not performed during this market rally.  Even many of the major stocks are actually lower now than when this up move began in the S&P and Dow.  Today, INTC was hit on a disappointing quarterly.  IBM will report Thursday.  The IBM report will be important as far as the slant that is taken.  During this period of uncertainty which is not shared by most of the CNBC analysts who are highly bullish, I will continue to buy and hold my cheapie gold stock UCOI.  I bought the bulk of it at .006 to .007 and will continue to buy at present levels.  If you did buy on my stock watch entry while at those low levels, I can only suggest that you hold for a probable move well above .10 all the way to .38-.50 or until conditions should change either for the better or for the worse.  With this situation, every penny move will mean a double off the initial investment.  We wait for further activity from the company.  It is very rare that a low price stock like this actually shows positive activity in the right direction with a flow of verifiable information being released.  
prior entry:  JAN 12
Midday Report:  (12:00 ET)  You will note that I have kept XMSR as a buy right from the 10-11 level as talk of a possible merger began to circulate.  The talk has emerged again and it does seem likely that Sirius is meeting with XM.  XMSR has no resistance right up to the 20 level.  Once it breaks 20, it should move to the 30 level if the merger becomes more serious.
prior entry:  JAN 10
Midday Report:  (12:00 ET)  In order to see truth you must first reject the lies.  In order to see the scams that are perpetrated against the American investor, you have to realize the lies that are thrown out there by way of the media.  Yesterday, IBM got upgraded and people were stumbling over each other buying at the 100 level.  This morning AG Edwards downgraded IBM and those that bought at 100 got screwed.  Meanwhile, those big concerns that unloaded yesterday are off free and clear.  The SEC will not investigate any of this because it does not wish to rock the boat against those that have received an SEC license to legally steal.  The American investor cannot do anything because the American investor is fragmented into individual units with no union.  Furthermore, there is an overall policy in this country that says that a speculator (investor) will simply take his lumps as part of the risk.  No one cares about the truth which is that the end result is dictated by a force that no one wants to admit does exist.  Neither CNBC nor any agency of the government will ever pursue the thought that there is an ongoing screw job being committed by those licensed by the government.  Meanwhile, Apple has received millions of dollars worth of free advertisement by the pumping of the stock by CNBC over the past two days.  It was as if all of tech would prosper by the new revelation created by Apple.  When static hits the brain, there shall be no realization of the truth.  The major support on the S&P is 1400 and any close below that would be highly negative and so we wait.  If you will note the VIX chart, you will see that the bullish downtrend has been broken.  However, on the Vix you should now note if any breaks above the recent highs occur which would signal a bearish move as fear increases.  I have already stated that there is plenty of evidence showing that the major institutions are shifting from buying to selling.  At this point, there is no way of knowing if these negatives are only for the shorter term or for the rest of the year.  We could still see a major advance later in the year after a correction.  Certainly most fund managers on CNBC are favoring a banner year based on the idea that corporations will continue to increase profits. 
I went to an Indian casino the other day.  I saw this one guy bet five times in a row $200 on the field which is a very bad bet on the craps table.  He lost every bet all five times in a row before walking away.  This convinced me that even in the market there will always be people (many people) that will jump into rallies much like betting on the field on the craps table.  This is much like all those folks that were buying IBM at 100 knowing full well that 100 was a snag point as can easily be seen on any chart.  Oh, but all of that is easily washed over by those CNBC analysts that will say timing is not that important because a long term hold will solve the problem.  So who cares about the short term trader.  Feed him to the lions.  The goons that sit behind the closed doors of the major brokerage firms will always favor this situation.
prior entry:  JAN 9
Midday Report:  (3:00 ET)  It is an interesting day on Wall Street today, and I am not talking about the pumping up on Apple by CNBC.  I am satisfied that I have no need for idiot-pods and idiot-phones.  When oil sank below 55, CNBC jumped right on it to infer that the market was rallying on that news.  Keep in mind that earnings are coming out soon.  You should keep your focus on the big stocks and not on oil.  Oil is not going to be the big factor in what happens in stocks.  Your focus should be on what the big players are doing with their inventory of shares.  The broker-dealers sstill have some time here as we wait for the big techs to report.  Did you notice that IBM was taken to the 100 level today.  It was like a magnet.  You could just see it coming a mile away.  Certainly the big guys saw it coming and perhaps even engineered it to match this time schedule. 
prior entry:  JAN 8
Midday Report:  (12:30 ET)  The S&P chart continues to show an increasing risk scenario on the six month chart.  The channel that has been maintained for six months has been violated.  The Nasdaq is already showing a topping formation.  The VIX index is just now breaking to the upside which is showing an increase in market fear as well as other things.  All of this has taken time to develop.  As a result, many investors will believe that there is no longer reason to hear anyone who cries wolf.  Well, the market has always been geared to fool people.  Nothing has changed.  After the rally of last week on WalMart, Goldman-Sachs did a downgrade today.  Tricks like this are now becoming the order of the day.  You will need more than good luck if you believe that the system of market operators are there for your good.
prior entry:  JAN 5
Closing Report:  If you really tune in to the markets and open up your sixth sense, you will see just how crooked the broker/dealer ystem can be.  Yesterday, the techs rallied with certain stocks being hyped up by the brokers.  Today, we get downgrades on INTC and DELL.  On the rally since Wednesday, the volume picked up.  Prior to that the buyers were taking it up because of a lack of sellers.  On the rally of Thursday and at much higher prices, the sellers came out of nowhere to overwhelm the buyers.  The buyers actually came in strong, but this time a mass of broker-dealers and others of the same gender unloaded on the public.  For that reason, one can never rely on logic or scientific thinking in this market.  The devious force that I am talking about even got people to buy transportation stocks despite the negative fundamentals based on the idea that the worst was now over for the year.  You will need more than good luck with all this going on.  The odds still favor those who operate behind closed doors......  Added Note:   The slant on CNBC was that the Fed was more concerned over inflation and that it would most likely not lower rates for some time to come....which was taken as bearish for stocks and this came off the jobs reports.  Day by day, it is as if there is a script already written by a higher power.
prior entry:  JAN 4
Closing Report:  The first few days of January will always be deceiving.  We will know better by early next week which way this goes.   Just keep an eye on the supporting trendlines for the major averages.  For now, it does seem as if brokerage insiders are unloading on whatever strength is left which can be seen by the high volatility.  The current rally in the techs are certainly getting rid of all the shorts which may be part of the strategy.  There is still a lack of institutional buying.  I have seen many small block trades move prices higher on the Dow stocks without big block fund trades.
prior entry:  JAN 3
Midday Report:  (2:30 ET)  My impression here is that we have seen the top of this recent move for a while.  Be careful.  All the people that jumped into Sears this morning are now under and I see nothing for retail that is even close to hope.  We should watch for another failure in the Transport Average.  I continue to be amazed at how many people will always jump crazily onto a spike.  Market makers and broker/dealers were waiting for this to unload.
Midday Report:  (1:30 ET)  The pressure build-up of the extra day off resulted in the upside spike this morning.  These blow-off spikes are dangerous and is not a good day to be buying.  We now wait to see if this holds.  As I have stated prior to this, January is a difficult month to judge based on the first day or two of trading.  So many times the strong rallies of the first days have resulted in deep corrections. 
COPY holders now have more to think about with today's release.  The release merely confirms that they have the screen developed which has already been surmised by holders.  For this to now move higher, we need a deal which brings in revenue, and so we wait.  If you have acquired UCOI, hold for much higher numbers because the move from .006 to .016 is nothing compared to the proper evaluation. 
Saturday Report:  I do not like the idea of the markets being closed on Tuesday.  It will just be one more day of adding pressure to the outcome of the market on Wednesday whether good or bad.   If any of you would like to write editorials that will go into an editorials section, please contact me.  This type of written work can be on any subject.  This will give you the chance to express yourselves on an ongoing basis.  I will interact by email wiith you on giving further details if you are interested.  Meanwhile, I wish all of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.
prior entry:  DEC 29
Midday Report:  (12:15 ET)  Strange things can happen at the turn of the year.  January is not always a strong period as can easily be seen on any chart.  Many times investors will sell for profit in January for tax purposes instead of in December.  I know that I would.  Again today, it is one fund manager after another coming on the CNBC screen saying that 2007 will be a record year for stocks.  Their word is that the yield curve will be solved by the Fed with rate cuts.  After all that has happened, would you place your faith in the Fed????   Many of these fund managers also believe that housing has turned for the better and that the increasing foreclosure rate will abate.  These guys are not even concerned about the falling dollar.  Well, once in a while fantasyland does become reality and there can be cause for belief in Santa Claus.  While the multi-nationals will profit by the falling dollar, the local front will not.  Meanwhile the number of downtrending stocks have increased against the uptrendling stocks for the past three months.  No one talks about that.  I guess the excuse would be that all is okay if the big caps can keep going up and the other stocks really do not matter.  The S&P average has failed to go to new record highs along with the Nasdaq.  CNBC talks only about the Dow making new highs each day.  The Transports continue to sink.  The SOX index continues to sink.  The Fed will not lower rates because the member banks are all making big money on the continued demand for loans at higher rates.  UCOI has virtually doubled in a few days.  Although this cheapie stock will gyrate around for some time, it has not yet reached its equilibrium point at the .022 to .03 range.  If you have this stock, hold for much greater gains next year when it will become easier to judge its management.  My objective on price remains .38 or greater.
prior entry:  DEC 28
Midday Report:  (12:00 ET)  While CNBC continues to report bullish news reports about the economy, I extracted the following from the back pages.      12/28/2006
Dow Jones News Services

WASHINGTON (AP)--In a potentially worrisome sign for the U.S. economy, domestic trucking shipments declined by almost 9% in November, marking the largest year-over-year decrease in almost six years, the industry's largest trade association said.

The American Trucking Associations said in a monthly report released late Wednesday that its seasonally adjusted truck tonnage index stands at its lowest level since late 2003, following an 8.8% decline from the same month a year ago. The index fell 3.6% from the prior month.

Because more than two-thirds of all manufactured and retail goods in the U.S. are carried by truck, the industry is considered an important economic bellwether.

"Both the month-to-month and year-over-year decreases indicate that the economic slowdown is in full gear," Bob Costello, the association's chief economist, said in a statement. "One month certainly doesn't make a trend, but if we continue to see year-over-year reductions of similar magnitudes in the next couple of months, it could indicate a greater economic slowdown than economists are projecting at this point."

Costello cautioned that year-over-year comparisons might be skewed by the "very robust volumes" the industry saw during the same period a year ago.

The Alexandria, Va.-based trucking group said its tonnage index stood at 106.8 in November. The index, which stood at 100 in 2000, measures the weight of freight hauled by U.S. truckers, based on surveys from its membership.

Trucking companies have seen their fuel costs surge in the past few years, though they have been able to pass most of those extra expenses through to customers.

On the Nasdaq Stock Market, shares of JB Hunt Transport Services (JBHT) declined 18 cents to $21 compared with a high of $25.90 reached Feb. 16. Shares of Swift Transportation Company Inc. (SWFT) fell 39 cents to $26.32 compared with a high of $33.66 reached July 3.

Shares of YRC Worldwide Inc. (YRCW), the company created by the merger of Yellow and Roadway, gained 3 cents to $38.14 compared with its high of $51.54 reached Jan. 30.

prior entry:  DEC 27
Midday Report:  (3:00 ET)  On January 3, 2000, the S&P hit a high of 1478, and it is now still under that mark.  As a result, the media will only mention that the Dow is breaking new records.  Well, maybe the rally will continue until the S&P reaches the prior highs.  We can only wait.  Meanwhile, all those who bought UCOI.....all you have to do is hold. 
prior entry:  DEC 26
Closing Report:  Nothing has changed in my view for the present since next week will be the deciding movement either further up or down.  I still see the institutions selling more then they are buying.  Meanwhile, COPY is holding in a positive fashion without any blowoff volume and the chart does look bullish.  I continue to wish COPY shareholders good luck for all the agony they endured on this one.  UCOI has continued to stabilize and should go higher over time.  TKO got more good news and continues to be a good prospect for the longer term.  Retail and transportation continue negative.
prior entry:  DEC 23
Closing Report:  For the past several weeks, the market has actually been in trouble although no one has noticed because of the hype of the Dow making new highs with the approach of Christmas.  There have been many stocks that have gone up but only marginally.  There is nothing going through the roof.  Analysts have only been talking about the prospect of higher earnings into next year.  Not many people are considering the reverse yield curve, the decline in the Dow Transport Average, the troubling guidance by the Fed, the problem with subprime mortgage loans,  the housing decline, the new membership in Congress, the tenacity of oil prices, etc.  Anything can happen at the turn of the year.  There are times when the market goes through the roof after January 1st.  However, there have also been many times when January has been horrible.  I am concerned that the advance to new highs came early.  I am also concerned that too many people are still jumping into the market at this time buying stocks that are in trouble such as Wal-Mart.  Of course, we can always say that logic and the market do not mix well.   Despite all the agony that comes from fear and greed and the crookedness of the stock market, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas.  Let us forget about this market garbage for just a few days now at least until Tuesday.......Merry Christmas.
prior entry:  DEC 21
Closing Report:  I have been short on WMT and YRCW because these particular issues are showing negative signs in fundamentals and on the charts.  WMT should go below 45 while Yellow Roadway is showing support on a three year chart at the 30-32 level.  WMT represents retail while YRCW represents the shipping of goods.  These businesses represent the economy.  When the economy is slowing down, these two issues will get hit or act as indicators of what is to come.  Just a few weeks ago, most analysts on CNBC were saying that the Fed will most likely lower rates in 1907.  Now, CNBC is starting to present commentary that perhaps rates may just go up because of inflation problems.   Be careful.  Gold began to go down when it was said that rates would go down.  Maybe investors are getting out of gold at the wrong time thinking that gold has topped.  I remain bullish on gold.
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  The long line of bullish fund managers continues on CNBC.  These people will find logic to counter any bearish logic that you can possibly imagine.  While no one really knows what will happen in the longer term, bullish comments on the screen will always cause many investors to jump into the market too early as has been the case all this week.  Being in the Christmas spirit is no reason to be buying stock that is destined to go lower.  So now Dow Theory has been completely trashed by the same fund managers that lived by such theory until now.  The Dow and the Dow Transports have been going in opposite directions for some time now.  It seems like no one is looking at this any longer.  The reason seems to be that the expectation of higher earnings is more important.  Now, most of you should know all about expectations by now.  You can take expectations and shove it all.  Even when expectations come true, you may find your position to be at the shakiest level.  UCOI seems to be stabilizing and continues to be at a price level that is below the true value of its mineral lease assets.  Wal-Mart should continue its downward trend, and a drop below 45.42 will mean a complete breakdown in support.  I watch WMT because the retail sector is critical in finding support for a future advance.
prior entry:  DEC 20
Midday Report:  (1:15 ET)  While the yield curve is longer term as an indicator, other indicators like stochastics and charts like the institutional index are shorter term.  As I have stated in prior commentary, the insitituions are not pumping in as much as in prior months and they are showing signs of distribution.  If the market breaks down below any of the support trendlines, these mutual funds will begin selling.  The index is now showing channels extending sideways instead of upward as was the case in prior months.  Each channel that is formed is simply not advancing much beyond prior highs.  I can only speculate that January might not be a good month.....but we will see.  Some stocks like Wal-Mart continue to trend down while IBM has been taken to its highs.  The lower cap stocks continue to do nothing which is telling us that speculative money is not coming in.
prior entry:  DEC 19
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  I realize the mentality and the reality about doing business with Red China (notice I tend to call it Red China which remains the reality of it all).  So now the Commie Party has set up a branch at the headquarters of Wal-Mart in that nation.  The message should be clear to all but the naive liberal mind.   The Communist Party will use our greed to make money (investing in China) by getting the Chinese people to form strong unions to extract higher wages from our corporations in China.   As for our own reality in our market, I am in full accord with the idea of making the boards-of-directors fully independent of corporate management.  I will go further than what the SEC is proposing.  The Chairperson should not be either the CEO or President and the CEO should be under the Chairperson at meetings.  The boards have become nothing but a ceremonial collection of clowns.  There are people serving on certain boards that already have major involvement with other concerns or have no interest on behalf of the shareholder.  The CEO and upper management of many firms simply want to keep control of their BOD in their own hands with the shareholders locked out.  Furthermore, the voting system in just about every public corporation is nothing but democratic.  It is more like a dictatorship.  Since many of you own COPY stock, you should be able to associate everything about what I have just stated.  Dictatorships should be allowed in private firms, but not ever in a public company.  Those who run public corporations that are listed on the BB seem to think that the rules should be different for them.  Well, it is the fault of the shareholders for letting it go.  If everyone was to arise, the inflow of the word to the SEC would eventually hit the mark and it would eventually hit the news.  The SEC needs to be embarrassed into action.
prior entry:  DEC 18
Midday Report:  (1:15 ET)  The rally into Friday's option expiration and today's early rally served well to allow certain parties the ability to unload stock.  I did observe several big blocks in Wal-Mart which were either unloads by brokers or short sales to mutual funds.  The retail sector should be avoided when the naive are buying simply because it is the Christmas season.  If you still believe that the market is strongly bullish, take a look at the Dow Transports where we see a series of lower tops in a downtrend.  If shipping is going down, how can the industrials be doing as good as the impression presented by CNBC.........
Sunday Report:  The market will always have its unexpected turns.  When you buy something, it may first go lower before going to your target, and the same holds true when you go short.  Usually, you will think your move to be a mistake and may terminate the position only to see it go to your target level.  The market is geared to make fools of us all.  The most intelligent will in the end be humbled.  For example, some time ago, I said that XMSR was a buy in the 10-12 range with a potential move to the 15 level.  Well, before it went to that target range, it lingered in a most horrible fashion at the 10 level.  Some force made it possible to get investors to drop out at the lower level before moving up.  Now that it is at the 15 level, the CNBC media is pushing the idea that XM would be worth over 40 on a merger with SIRI.  Will they merge?  I believe they will eventually, and yes.....XMSR is worth 40 or more.  Then, we must also worry about other devious forces such as hedge funds, broker/dealers and corporate management.   When you own shares, the system is so devised that shareholders are actually treated like outsiders never knowing the true situation that is always known by management.  If COPY truly does possess an advance form of screen at this point, the word should leak out through those in other firms who are dealing for the product.  If this does not happen soon, then we will have a problem.  We will once again patiently wait over a reasonable period of time not to exceed about six months.  The same would hold true for my cheap gold miining stock UCOI.  the processing facility is almost complete.  The price will move up once they record a sale and only then will it make the move.  As far as the general market, I say be careful because almost every analyst on CNBC is now highly bullish.
prior entry:  DEC 14
Midday Report:  (12:30 ET)  The rally today is options related and is centered on the big players.  Smaller investors should not be buying today or tomorrow.  Everyone should wait until the air clears by Monday.  Each institutional index that I have observed is still showing a topping pattern despite the higher numbers over the past few weeks.  You can see this on the chart for IXH. 
prior entry:  DEC 13
Closing Report:  We should find out soon if this is a topping process or not.  the market has held well only because sellers have been lacking and not because buyers have increased.  It does seem as if the major players are selling into each rally.  IBM did reach that 95 level today which may be resistance.  Meanwhile, Wal-Mart is showing up as if in a break down mode on the six month chart with lower to go.  For those of you that have COPY, I hope that something good will come of this advance.  We need a move above one dollar without another sell-off.  One requirement will be some sort of positive announcement before the usual sellers take over.  We also need the price to advance without volume going beyond one million shares which could mean distribution.
prior entry:  DEC 12
Closing Report:  The Fed kept rates the same as expected and made its usual types of puzzling comments.  The analysts went to work and presented theories of what is to be expected.  While some still believe that rates will be dropped, the general opinion from CNBC is that rates will remain as is for some time to come.  According to Fed commentary, the economy is indeed slowing but there is also a fear that inflationary pressure could develop.  Nothing new about all this.  While all the analysts are theorizing about the Fed, I believe that the Fed was actually saying that we are all screwed over the next two years.  The Fed cannot lower rates with the Dollar going down under the pressure of dilution.  The Fed should not but may have to raise rates in order to fight inflation despite doing damage to the economy.  In the end, we are all dead.  Economics can be frustrating.  You will find no salvation coming from the Fed, because the Fed will do its best to increase the wealth of the banks.  Just look at the credit card system which is operated by the banking system.  Credit cards are geared legally to empower the card operators over the consumers.  Interest rates can go higher with Fed support.  It is for that reason, I am bullish on the precious metals for the longer term.  I am also bearish on this Holiday Season (once known as Christmas).  There will always be some retail stocks that will show good results.  However, it is the first time that I see WalMart in some trouble as can easily be seen on its chart.  Then we hear of trucking being in trouble as well.  Then, my heater made in China broke down after 30 days of usage.  However, I suppose that soon I will be buying a flat screen TV made in China.  At least the flat screens made in China are operated by American based technology.  If the market does hold into early January, I will not expect much upside unless more positive things begin to fall into place.
prior entry:  DEC 10
Sunday Report:  The Dollar just keeps dropping right through support levels.  Yet, as it drops, I see no alarms and red lamps going off on the CNBC screen.  It is as if the ongoing message is simply not to worry.  In other words, the majority of analysts shall continue to predict that the present upward trend shall continue to prevail by dismissing the warnings as one would dismiss a conspiracy theory.   Everyone also seems to believe that the Fed actually knows what it is doing.  So why is the Dollar dropping?  It is dropping and will drop even more, because the Fed cannot prevent it from dropping.  There are too many foreign nations unloading the Dollar.  Despite the power of the Fed, it cannot support the Dollar.  The problem now becomes that foreign investors will also begin to sell U.S. stocks.  Of course, all of this negative stuff will continue unless something positive happens.  Only the Fed has enough power to make something happen.....but even if it does something, the result will most likely be no better.....because the Fed is now in between a rock and a hard place.  If the Fed raises rates to save the Dollar's inflation, the path to recession will widen. 
prior entry:  DEC 6
Closing Report:  If you acquired UCOI, it is off the floor and should be kept for a much greater advance.   The market continues to gyrate back and forth as we wait to see if a correction begins.  The S&P did form a double top with yesterday which is often bearish.  The VIX will soon give some indication of direction off its wedge pattern.  Overall, indications continue to show that institutional buying is getting weaker.  It now depends on the way CNBC decides to slant the news over the rest of the week.  The chart pattern in WMT continues to be bearish.  The indicators of the major averages are now showing overbought once again.
prior entry:  DEC 5
Midday Report:  (12:00 ET)  Nothing has changed concerning my market view.  I did say that there would be volatility as the market tops.  I see nothing positive about next year at the present time.  I have already stated my reasons.  The Fed continues to inflate the Dollar through M3 trying to avert a recession.  If it decides to counter inflation, then the Fed will have no choice but to reduce the infusion of money into the system.  Meanwhile, the Dollar is going lower.  I suspect that gold, silver, etc. will go higher.  Before any volcano erupts, there will always be tremors.  So far, we have seen plenty of tremors.  However, the major market averages continue to edge higher while many of the lower cap stocks do nothing.  Only certain people are actually making money in this market.  Unless something changes for the better, something more drastic will occur once the new crooked bunch take office from the old crooked bunch in January.  Concerning my cheapie stock (UCOI), I have acquired a large position at the .0063 level and will ride with it as my major speculative play.  At least, this company has its product right out in the open for shareholders to inspect any time they wish.
prior entry:  DEC 1
Midday Report:  (1:45 ET)  The Dollar continues lower with yields going lower.  The pounding continues although there will always be suckers willing to jump into each rally.  The rallies will be used to allow dealers and other devious factions to unload inventory which will always be acquired on each decline.  Now we are getting downgrades on WalMart.  WMT is our major retailer, and yet no one seems to see the significance of lower earnings with this company.  I have noticed that some of the brokerage firms have downgraded the target price while keeping a buy on WMT.  Think about this!  It gives me the impression that the establishment is trying to avoid major selling for the present by way of keeping buy signals on stocks that are in trouble.  Meanwhile, the 10 year treasury yield has gone to new lows for the year, thereby making the yield curve even more bearish.  Keep an eye on the VIX next week. 
prior entry:  NOV 30
Closing Report:  I continue to find it amazing how investors and some fund managers can so easily be drawn into the market with a contrived rally.  People were stumbling over one another just to buy IBM at the high of the day only to see it go much lower by the close.  Meanwhile, the guests of CNBC continue to imply that the market is very bullish, will go higher and that the economy is strong with no chance of recession next year.  Yet, the evidence showing that all is not okay continues to mount.  Bernanke weasled his way out this week in the same style as Greenspan with one barrage after another of double talk.  I stated prior to this that the dollar would go down no matter what the Fed does or says.  Bernanke did not address the yield curve, the falling dollar, higher bond prices, increasing home foreclosures, and the fact that no matter what he does there will be the devil to pay.  Gold and the other metals continue higher.  No one seems to consider gold as an indicator.  When were these analysts born?  Yesterday.   The VIX has already broken above major trendlines.  However, we will wait to see if the VIX goes above the recent high just above 12.5 which will create another breakout.  If the VIX goes above 12.5 and stays above, the market will be subject to very sudden, sharp moves influenced by investor fear.  I remain bullish on gold and gold stocks and cold on techs.  MSFT has rallied to a major resistance point at the 30 level based on the idea that Vista will be the salvation of mankind.  MSFT is like a vegetarian dinosaur that feeds on the same menu.  MSFT simply gets fat on money.  The problem is that in business investors want to see progress in the field and not just an accumulation of money doing nothing except feeding all the parasites that live on the company.   By the way, take notice of all the flat panels on the market, and take notice of all the PC's going for peanuts.  Unless Vista is equiped with artificial intelligence, I certainly will not rush to replace XP. 
prior entry:  NOV 27
Closing Report:  While the Dow and S&P have broken channel trend lines today, the Nasdaq remains in the channel because it has been advancing while the Dow staggered.  The VIX has broken to the upside above its channel line in two sessions which indicates bearishness over the near term.  How quickly things change!!!!   Yet, these bearish indications have all been there in open sight for weeks now.  However, the media did not dwell on the underlying problems as it is today.  Most of the fund managers on CNBC today were saying that the drop in the dollar should be no problem because of the strong economy.  Bernanke will have to be very careful in what he says on Tuesday.  I suspect that he will not say anything that will rock the boat and will try to convey the feeling that things are not so bad.  If the Fed trys to support the dollar, it will fail, because nations like those in Europe and in Asia will unload the dollar on any good advance which may be provided by the U.S.   There was no sign of any dealer accumulation today which means that any rally from this level will fail in stocks.  Channel support on the Nasdaq can now be found at the 2380 level.
Midday Report:  (2:00 ET)  Bernanke speaks on Tuesday at about 12.30 on the economy.  He is in trouble, but we will find out how he is going to squeeze his way least for now.  Will he chose to keep the dollar from falling or will he chose to sacrifice the economy?  Either way, I maintain that the stock market is in trouble.  The Fed has been pumping out money on M3 to keep the economy going strong but in so doing inflationary pressure has been building.  Most of the anlaysts on CNBC have been looking for lower rates next year and a continued market advance.  If the dollar falls continually over the coming months, the stock market will not go up.   Now we watch the charts to see if near term support levels can hold.  I have already stated that I am bullish on the metals.  I noticed today that the major techs are once again getting hit hard and they may very well lose the gains of the past few weeks.
Saturday Report:  Although Friday was a short day and a seemingly quiet day, something different began to happen.  The market was negative for a change.  However, the real difference was that the dollar was dropping and it was more so than in previous days.  Other nations are dumping dollars.  As a result of this, gold will get stronger and inflation may increase or tend to increase over time.  The dropping of the dollar is just another kink being thrown into this supposedly bull market.  I have been bearish on the general market and I will remain so unless some of these negative indications improve for the better.  Right now, it does not look good, and I say this despite all the bullish talk by one fund manager after another on the CNBC screen.  I am more bullish on gold now than I have ever been.  I cannot even recall ever advocating gold as I am now.  The only gold stock that I ever gave a buy on was Barrick Gold back several years when it was at the 15 level.  Another negative indicator is that the Fed continues to pump money into the economy when the economy has already been hot for such a long period of time.  If the Fed gets hit with inflation, it will sacrifice the economy to fight inflation.  Is it not out of the ordinary that this year the rally came before December and January????   Concerning the flat panel TV:   I predict that the LCD TV is going to drastically lower in price early next year as the Chinese flood the market with these products. 
prior entry:  NOV 23
Thursday Report:  Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving......   Friday will be a short day.  We will find out on Monday if this continues to rise or not.  Bullish sentiment contnues to rise to a record high.  As I have stated in the past, I would not commit to this market until a meaningful correction has occurred.  I would commit to gold issues at this time for the longer term.  The low cap stocks are just not ready to move.  Most of the viewers to this site are involved with the lower priced issues, and I must admit that these issues have been a complete failure.  Things may still change for the better.  However, I have already stated my concerns about the possibility of recession.  Of course, even if a recession is coming, we should realize that the market forms a major top when least expected.  In late 1999, just about every fund manager on CNBC was highly bullish and continued to predict greater earnings based on future revenue which is what we are seeing now.  This bearish picture can still clear itself if the yield curve improves and a correction occurs that may alleviate the tension on the elastic of stock prices.  Most likely the new congress will not rock the boat.  Senator Kennedy wants to raise the minimum wage.  We have to hope that not many more in the Senate are as insane as he is when he says ".....raise and raise and raise and.....".     Will there ever be another Kennedy like J.F.K.?    Note on COPY:   I have always considered it to be unethical for a brokerage to issue a sell signal after having clients on a hold.  When the sell is issued, the price gets hit before the clients can get out at the open.  I value the people that come to this site as friends.  I would rather be neutral on COPY since so many stockholders now tune in.  This does not mean that I have turned negative.  We now have about 63 registered users with over 900 pageviews per day.  This means that we have many viewers that are not even registered but are involved with COPY.  In other words, I have to watch what I say.  The message board activity continues to rise.  Consider also that some of the viewers may be of a hostile nature.  With so many eyes on the message board and on my commentary, you can believe that whatever you say and I say will be seen by many people.  I will reserve the right to make comment whether bullish or critical concerning price movement or management.  I have already stated my concerns relating to the price range over the last five years and that someone is making money on that trading range while the long term holders are paying a time price on their invested capital.  While I may often blame the market makers and other broker-dealers, I do realize that there may be other folks involved.  It would not be proper for me to speculate further on that subject.  However, I ask the viewers of the message board to make more effort to make quality comments about their own concerns about COPY and COPY management.  Since COPY is so secretive about their operations, I suggest digging deeper using what you do know.  Certainly, there must be opinion within Boeing that may reflect more light on the character of COPY.  There must be other people out there that have more insight concerning the products that COPY has developed.  I am talking about people other than those already known by shareholders.   Concerning the possiblility of a short squeeze, I say the following.  I see more potential on this angle than anything else.  If there are massive short positions held by fund entities, I still maintain that something would have to occur in the physical character of COPY stock that would legally cause these postions to close.  A small rise in price would not do it.
prior entry:  NOV 21
Closing Report:  Usually, markets tend to hold just before these holidays.  If anything happens, it should be next week.  The precious metals continue to be bullish with higher numbers to come.  If these metals continue to rise into next year, the mining stocks might even make money and should be held.  Even if there is a recession, the mining stocks will do well.  Despite the bulllish atmosphere in the general market, indications are showing reasons for concern.  Can the market go against the slide in the housing market?  Will the reverse yield curve in the treasuries be of no consequence this time?  Can the higher cap issues continue even higher without any reaction in the lower cap issues?  Well, I suppose that we have some time for all of this to resolve even if these bearish indicators turn out true.
prior entry:  NOV 17
Closing Report:  The server has been on and off while changing an entry platform to the site, and it seems to be okay now.  While the Dow has gone to new highs, the S&P is still below the high of the year 2000.  The media, including CNBC, continues to give the impression that we are in a major bull market.  If this was a major bull market, the thousands of secondaries which are stuck in the mud would be going higher.  The averages are being driven by a few of the major stocks.  Money is not charging into the market as some people are being led to believe.  IBM should now be at 100 or over considering all that has occurred to the Dow and the record profits at IBM.  Will the Dow and the S&P stocks simply continue to grind higher and higher?  As Granville used to say, when good news about profits abounds the market, that is when you should worry the most.   Note:  I have decided to remain neutral concerning COPY on this site because I believe that COPY holders should begin to think for themselves.  I also believe that shareholders should begin to search out as much truth as possible from any other sources and use the message board as a means of communication.  I will simply refuse to ever issue a sell signal on COPY, because I do not ever want to hurt any of the COPY shareholders that patronize my site.  I will reserve the right to issue ideas, theories and opinions concerning COPY without hurting anyone.  Therefore, I will no longer advocate buying or selling unless it is justified with concrete information.  I will always be glad to give opinions privately by email.  COPY has been a good trading stock with plenty of money to be made for those trading in and out.  Just look at a five year chart.  Draw lines across the low range and the high range.  Somebody has continually made money buying and selling the stock.  The permanent shorts will all die of old age before COPY ever goes to zero.
prior entry:  NOV 14
Morning Report:  The chart formations on all of the major averages are showing bearish topping patterns.  There are many double tops showing up on the averages and on many of the major stocks.  The general market has stagnated over the past several days and caution is advised.
prior entry:  NOV 9
Closing Report:  Since the Democrats have also taken the Senate, we do have a problem.  This market will not advance by leaps and bounds over the near term until some sort of policy is formed between Bush and the Congress.  Keep in mind that the new people will not take over until January.  Until that time, we will have only talk and speculation.  The only positive thing about the elections is that some of the new Democrats are somewhat conservative, but they will be pressured to go more to the left.
prior entry:  NOV 7
Midday Report:  (2:15 ET)  The market has rallied just before the elections which could produce a reversal after the elections.  In reality, there will most likely be no difference as to which party takes the House.  The Senate would present more of a problem situation if there is a change in the psychological sense.  This present advance may not be as strong as it may seem.  The secondaries are still not advancing in a strong fashion.  Oscillator indicators remain overbought with the main indicators showing that as prices go higher the indicators are showing a decrease in strength.  The VIX indicator remains within a narrow apex and it will either break one way or the other very soon.  If the VIX breaks the trendline to the upside, the market will go down.
prior entry:  NOV 3
Midday Report:  (12:15 ET)  The Nasdaq has already broken slightly below its support trendline while the Dow and S&P are still slightly above.  Despite the good economic news the rally was doomed to failure.  Why?  Because market makers have already unloaded inventory on the prior rallies and they now want the market lower.  IBM is starting to slip.  However, throughout the day, the IBM specialist can still get people to jump in on each little rally.  This allows him to unload any inventory acquired on declines and make money day by day. So far, there is no sign of any major accumulation as the price goes down on very low volume.  We now watch for some support at S&P 1355.
prior entry:  NOV 1
Closing Report:  On Tuesday at the close, I did notice some very big blocks go across on some of the big techs.  These could very well have been specialist short sales on an uptick.  Then, there was more evidence of smaller amounts of selling on the early rally Wednesday morning.  We should now watch the trendlines.  The support on the lower channel trendline on the Dow is right about at 11900.  On the S&P, it is at about 1355.  On the Nasdaq, it is at 2320.  A move below these marks would break the upside channels.  The QQQQ did slightly break the channel line just below 42. 
Morning Report:  (10:00 ET)  The Nasdaq and QQQQ remains the averages to now watch, because they are both once again at major resistance.  A longer term chart on the QQQQ will show that the range from 42.75 to 43 is the range to watch.   So far, the rising channel has been maintained.  The only thing that we can be sure is that eventually that channel will be broken.
Weekend Report:  On Friday, Auto Nation (AN) took a drop on a report that it was cutting back on orders.  This is the biggest car dealer.  While everyone seems to be focused on GM at the highs, Auto Nation is giving a clue of problems ahead.  We now have a slowing in home sales coupled with a slowing in car sales.  We have a yield curve inversion on interest rates where long term rates are going lower than the near term rates.  We have one analyst after another coming on CNBC telling us that the market will go much higher next year.  We have been through a big rally in the Dow and S&P with the smaller stocks dragging the field.  Then we got this report from Goldman Sachs about less demand for circuit boards while the leadership at INTC and Dell are disavowing all knowledge of this.  The media is trying to give the impression that gold and oil is no longer a factor.  Are we supposed to have a feeling of being at peace because the commentators on CNBC are all bullish.  We now hear that prices have to go higher because PE's are so low and projected earnings are set much higher for next year.  I feel like I'm back in late 1999.  What the heck!  If that is the case, we might still squeeze another advance.  After all, stocks always look the best when they top.  If the Democrats win.....well, if they win.....then?????  It becomes just one more loose cannon.....   By the way, concerning my remarks on China.  I have been much too mild in my approach.  I would rather trust Judas than the bastards that run the Chinese government.
prior entry:  OCT 27
Midday Report:  (2:00 ET)  How quickly things change!  Once again certain investors seemed to show no fear of bearish indications with the weaker GDP figures.  IBM was rallied to above 91.50 and Dell was rallied to above 23.50.  It is amazing that people were tripping over each other buying Dell despite the technical problems on the chart and at the management level.  IBM also remains under technical difficulties on the chart, but no one seems to see it as investors keep jumping in on any rally.  All I see is broker/dealer dumping on these rallies with fairly low volume which means that just a few dumb fund managers are supporting the dealers' ability to unload inventory at rally highs.  Meanwhile, the fund managers coming on CNBC continue to be bullish.  Yesterday, the Nasdaq matched its yearly high at 2375-2380.  This figure is being carried by the bigger stocks.  The third level and second level stocks are not even close to matching the prior highs.  In other words, the Nasdaq is not as strong as when it last hit these levels.  The numbers representing the average are deceiving.  Note:  Once investors had feasted on higher prices in Dell, it was released by Goldman-Sachs that a mystery phone call to Asia had revealed that there was going to be lower demand for computer circuit boards.  Will there be an SEC investigation concerning any unloading by brokers just prior to this release?  Of course not.  If you or me had pulled this off, it would have meant life in prison.  Furtheremore, who the hell was up at one o'clock in the morning in Asia throwing out this information?
prior entry:  OCT 26
Closing Report:  The Nasdaq and the QQQQ have now hit their one year resistance levels.  We should soon find out which way this goes. 
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  As expected, the Fed was a nonevent and will be again next time.  Expect no salvation from the Fed, because the Fed is there to help itself and not the investor.  Meanwhile, the market is holding in a tight range which means that eventually it will either break down or break out in a big way.  The VIX index is merely saying that investors are complacent.  In other words, because there has been no correction as yet, people are feeling that the market has to go higher.  I do know from experience that the market is capable of reversing emotions and outlooks real quick from one day to the next.  Although the Dow is doing the best with a technical breakout, the S&P is just teasing at the upper end of the break while the Nasdaq is just now hitting resistance on a one year trendline.  It is almost as if the market is waiting for the Nasdaq to catch up to its resistance point.  The QQQQ is just not entering its resistance in the range of 42.75 to 43.  To signal a correction we would have to go below the channel which you can easily see on the major averages.  I have also noticed that the institutions are holding back at this point.  I will be watching to see if IBM can break above 92.  Most of the other techs have halted.  The Dow is now being carried by stocks like XOM, GM, T, etc.  Oil is refusing to go much lower and gold still looks good.  Housing is in trouble as prices drop.  The economic numbers continue to look good but we must remember that things will always look good before the fall.  Let us also keep an eye on the yield curve to see if the longer term yields continue to go lower compared to the near term which is bearish.
prior entry:  OCT 24
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  The analysts and fund managers have just about all been on the bullish side going forward and would expect only a minor correction.  I still maintain extreme caution at this time.  I know that the market has continually gone up over the past few weeks but you should notice that so many of the secondary stocks have done nothing.  I am not bullish at this time considering all of the indicators.  Stocks like IBM have reported record earnings, etc., but you should also note that this has happened before in prior quarters.  As I have been saying, once the short covering is over, this market will fall or correct.  The short covering is over and broker dealers have been unloading inventory over the past few days as the S&P dug into that 1370-1375 resistance range on the upper trendlline. 
prior entry:  OCT 23
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  Still many of the secondaries are not moving despite the advance in the averages.  Monday is always a dangerous day and we will now see if this can hold as the S&P is now deep into the resistance range.  The Dow has broken above, but we have seen the Dow falsely break above many times before.  The Nasdaq is now a hair below resistance.  The problem which is still in the air is what will happen once all of the shorts are covered out and this should happen soon.
prior entry:  OCT 19
Midday Report:  (3:30 ET)  DELL is in trouble.  Now that brokers have unloaded at resistance levels, the news comes out that HPQ has caught up to DELL in PC shipments.  It was timed as if written on a script.  There is a gap to the downside which is most always not good.  As far as the general market, we will not know for sure if this is the start of the correction until some near term trendlines are broken.  Whatever the case, this is not the time to go long.
prior entry:  OCT 18
Midday Report:  (2:00 ET)  IBM gapped big as expected on big volume.  MLynch actually downgraded IBM to neutral while other analysts raised expectations.  IBM may not be a good buy today but brokers got the buyers.  The Dow continued deep into resistance range 12000-12050.  The Nasdaq never quite took off.  We continue to be at dangerous levels.   However, most analysts are continuing to believe that any decline here will be minor and temporary.  Now that IBM has reported, we should be careful.  We still have other firms to report that may keep the market in check at these levels a little longer.
prior entry:  OCT 17
Closing Report:  Now that IBM has finally reacted with good news, we will see if the market can break above resistance.  The Nasdaq does have a little more room into the resistance range.  This means that we could still see an upward spike, but we should be on alert.  It will take a big down day to reverse this rally.  Many analysts on CNBC are expecting a temporary decline or mild correction. 
Weekend Report:  As the markets (NYSE and Nasdaq), move to major resistance levels where a showdown will occur, we should keep in mind why this rally has carried this far.  Then you can decide is whether or not you believe that it will break out or correct again.  As I mentioned prior to this, NYSE members have been short covering, and the reason for this is that the Fed has supplied tons of liquidity into the system.  We now have to judge as to what will happen once the short covering ends which will be soon.  Can the market still go higher with that gone?  Not many people even realize that this short covering is going on except for brokers and others who interact with the floor.  There is a good chance that we will find out this week.  The parameters are approximately Dow 12000, S&P 1370 and Nasdaq 2375 and QQQQ 43.  The Nasdaq seems to have more upside room early in the week. 
prior entry:  OCT 12
Closing Report:  The next two sessions should become interesting as the S&P moves into that 1365-1375 resistance trendline range while the Dow is now riding along the three year upper trendline.  The Nasdaq will hit its recent prior high at 2375 very soon and the QQQQ is also approaching its recent high at the 43 level.  Those are the critical parameters to watch for Friday and Monday.  Upward spikes may be a negative for which to observe.  We still need to hear from Intel and IBM before anything drastic may occur.
Midday Report:  (12:30 ET)  Take a look at the three year chart of the S&P (SPX).  You will see a steady uptrend channel.  If you draw the upper and lower trendlines, you should note that the upper line is not set at about 1365 with the lower at 1250.  That is the official trading range.  Can the S&P 500 go above the trendline?  We are almost there.  At that point, we will see a reversal back into the trading range if a correction is in the cards.  Keep a watch on this situation.  The more important tech stocks will report next week.
prior entry:  OCT 10
Closing Report:  The market has been in limbo.  It goes down throughout the day but only by a very limited amound.  This could mean that it wants to go up before any major correction.  Even if it does go up, the hundreds of low cap stocks may actually go lower.  The big caps will soon get their quarterly reports released.  Let us see how stocks like IBM react.  If the gossip is correct that NYSE members still have more short covering to do, then it makes sense that we will not see a major correction for a while.  The problem is that we may simply waste more time just sitting here for a while.
prior entry:  OCT 6
Closing Report:  Because the weakness of the last two days has been mild, I would not be surprised to see another rally soon.  Before we see a stronger decline, prices may have to get more overbought.  It may be too soon to go short.  However, since this top will be hard to forecast, it may be better if we just watch for now.  Also, as I mentioned in my prior report, it may take a little longer for the shorts to cover.  However, this should all take place over the near term.....within two to three weeks.  XMSR is starting to look good for a short term trade with stochastics at oversold and at the bottom of the range. 
prior entry:  OCT 5
Midday Report:  (12:00 ET)  The prognosis has not changed.  This market is dangerous.  The rally in the NYSE stocks is mostly due to short covering in the area above 11700.  It is for that reason that the situation is totally different in the Nasdaq stocks.  The stronger upward move in Nasdaq on Wednesday was mostly due to less sophisticated investors jumping into a trend late in the game.  The stocks under the secondaries are doing nothing.  Stocks like DELL have been moved to the top of the recent trading range which is a further warning.  There is no improvement in the problems facing DELL except that they are expanding operations in India.  I will not consider buying another Dell product because I really do not wish to talk to another PC tech in Bombay.  HPQ should be much higher than what it is.  What is this country coming to????   The person guilty of causing the whole problem at HPQ is free and clear while those loyal to the company may go to prison.  Screw this.  I am turning totally negative on the American justice system.  Do you want to be a CEO?  I don't.  I still think that Bernie Ebbers got a royal screw job by the government.  A murderer would have gotten a better break.  I am telling you that this country is going to the dogs and fast.  Now the slant by the media is that power will transfer back to the Democrats.  Oh, now that is really something to look forward to.   The Bush-hating Democrats are now already screaming that they will raise taxes and give it to the poor.  What a revelation of the coming salvation for our nation.  I am really looking forward to seeing more money given to losers.  We will go from a losing situation in Iraq to a losing situation here.  I can see why some people become hobos.  Meanwhile, the 30 year bond rate is under the near term rates which has historically meant trouble within 12 months. I have inserted a link above for your viewing of the bond yield rates.  If you have Starbucks, keep it for sure, because people are going to need even more caffein next year... every day and all day long.
prior entry:  OCT 3
Midday Report:  (2:30 ET)  On looking at the Dow chart today, you would think that IBM would be much higher along with INTC.  Today, some analysts are saying that the market looks very bullish mostly because commodities are coming down.  I certainly would not buy based on that because oil should still be considered very expensive even at $50.  The secondaries and third tier stocks are actually going lower.  Okay, so we have a big-cap rally.  That is what it is and nothing else. 
prior entry:  OCT 2
Midday Report:  (3:30 ET)  As we finish the first trading day of October, my view of the market has not changed.  The Dow has tried several times now to break out on the chart and has failed.  The Nasdaq has displayed weakness throughout this process with the same again today.  Yet, the broker-dealers succeeded once again today to get investors to jump in on higher prices on the tech stocks.  It certainly proves the point that people can be coerced into buying anything on increased prices.  Be careful.  This market is still on dangerous ground.
prior entry:  SEP 29
Closing Report:  My internet server, Time-Warner, was on the blink most of the day.  The big blocks that I saw yesterday at the close at the highs of the day on many of the techs were meaningful.  These big blocks, when they occur at the highs and at the close, will usually mean that the broker-dealer is selling or shorting to a mutual fund.  Of the big techs, only HPQ was up....figure the logic in that.   All of the charts continue to show overbought.  Now that the quarter is over, we should be able to better judge the direction early this coming week.  Most of the analysts that I have observed are saying that a small correction may occur but that the upward strength should continue into October.  At least, I can agree with them about a correction.  I have also noted that many of the former bears have now become bullish.  Furthermore, almost everyone is expected more record earnings from the big cap stocks.  Most of the analysts on CNBC will also agree that the market should be higher into the middle of next year.  I can only suggest that we continue to observe the yield curve reversal to see if it does become complete over the coming months which would be bearish.  However, we must keep in mind that the market will go to extremes when forming a top.  It is amazing how many people will continue to chase high prices when there is an upward trend in place.  Some of that has occurred over the past few days.
prior entry:  SEP 28
Morning Report:  (10:30 ET)  The Dow event this morning is both insignificant and deceiving.  If you look at the S&P chart going back to January of 2000, you will be shocked.  The S&P closing high was 1465.15.   We are not even close to the actual market record high.  Check it out.  CNBC continues to deceive people into thinking that we are breaking to new highs right now.....and we are not.  When considering the ratio of the S&P with the Dow, the Dow is in reality almost one thousand points lower than the present number.  I told you many months ago that the folks who regulate the Dow average were trying to rev up the average by replacing all of the weak components with higher priced issues....which is what happened.  Unfortunately, not many people really understand what has happened to the Dow average.  The point is that there really is no breakout because the breakout is still far above current levels.....far above.
prior entry:  SEP 27
Midday Report:  (1:50 ET)  So far, the Dow has come within 3 points of that record closing high of 11722.98.  Almost everyone on CNBC has been positive on beating the record.  The actual high in the Dow was 11750.28.  Only ten of the Dow stocks are now higher than the January 2000 high.  Of course, keep in mind that several stocks have been changed in the Dow.  Keep in mind that the S&P is still under the record high by much more than the Dow.  Things are just not proper for a clear breakthough at this time.  I have already mentioned the problem with the Nasdaq in prior statements.  I observed a few tech stocks and noticed that big blocks to the upside have eased while several big blocks were recorded on downticks.  These downticks were certain parties shorting big blocks under the cover of the rally.  Also, I noticed that the only big techs doing well today were Intel and Microsoft.  This is not the right time to buy.  I have been saying this for some time now.  Yes, the Dow has been going up, but you should also notice that many of the techs have done nothing.  Many of the secondaries have gone lower during this rally. 
prior entry:  SEP 26
Closing Report:  Red Hat (RHAT) got hit on bad quarterly news in the afterhours.  This goes to show you how investors can get deceived.  When everything looks good, the roof caves in.  It is for that reason that I cannot join the crowd in celebrating the good news in the economy and the overall good news coming from prior reports in the earnings.  Whenever good news is so good that every analyst and his uncle is a believer, it becomes time to take cover.  Right now, the commentators on CNBC are just bursting with good economic and quarterly expectations.   Perhaps this week we will see the Dow match the high of January 2000 at just above 11022.  Of course, we will not talk about the fact that the Nasdaq is still under the waves of this year's high.  We will find out very soon now as people continue to jump into the NYSE stocks. 
prior entry:  SEP 25
Closing Report:  The controversy goes on between the bulls and the bears.  For the longer term, I will remain bullish, but for the near term (October), I remain concerned.  Lately, the techs have revived, but I am concerned about the reason for the revival.  Could brokerage dealers be trying to unload on this rally????   I would much rather buy on a sharp decline.  Many of the charts look good because of the trend that shows going upward.  Keep in mind that this week marks the end of the quarter. 
Weekend Report:  The next several weeks will be worthy of being watched for the sake of education.  At this point, the market can still rally and attack the highs, but if it does, I fear that it will be to fool investors into jumping in.  If the market is to decline in a serious manner, it will not occur in a clear manner at the start of such a move.  Brokerage dealers will want people to hold onto postions well into the decline.  Gold is actually showing up as very bullish.  Meanwhile, the Fed has lost its hype on the market with its holding policy which will most likely continue.    The Fed is now on hold, not really because of inflation, but because of the fear that the economy may be in trouble.  The inflation story is just static.  In the coming weeks, I will introduce you to the theory regarding treasury other words, the inverted yield curve that has been developing.  Some people say that this inversion is nothing to worry about while others say that it is an indication of recession next year.  An inverted yield curve means that the short term interest rates are above the longer term rates.  Normally, the 30 year rate is higher than the short term treasury bill.   When I get a chance, I will begin adding information concerning this situation on this site.  Unless the Nasdaq can reach the highs of several months ago, it is my opinion that this whole market will be in serious trouble along with the economy.  I do have trouble believing that the record profits of this year can be surpassed next year.  UCOI at the 3 cent level continues to be my "Las Vegas bet" pick for now with all else on hold.
Closing Report:  I would like to express my opinion concerning gold.  I am bullish on this issue.  About six years, my pick was Barrick Gold when it was at the 15-17 level.  I am presently looking into a very low-priced issue at the 3 cent level.  The company is Unico, Inc. (UCOI).  It has recently sunk from the 20 cent level and was earlier this year trading much higher.  I am calling this one strictly a Las Vegas bet, but with the odds of playing blackjack or poker.  I am buying at the 3 cent level strictly for some excitement in my life.
Midday Report:  (12:45 ET)  I still cannot share the enthisiasm of CNBC in giving praise to the tech sector on this rally.  I look at the tech stocks and I see nothing impressive.  Sure....many have rallied in some form or fashion, but their upward moves are not impressive.  The RUT is now merely hitting a lower level resistance area along with the Nasdaq comp.  While IBM was up yesterday in a move that got many investors to jump in, it has now lost all of that move.  I will continue to remain short on DELL.  I cannot figure what kind of mentality would even consider buying Dell at this time unless there is knowledge of some revelation.  Everyone that bought HPQ on the good earnings hype is most likely in a state of regret.  The tricks that are being pulled on investors just plain stinks.  CNBC has once again hyped the show of going to new record highs in the Dow and S&P.  However, no one on CNBC has made the point that the Nasdaq is way under water.  We are in a market where the Nasdaq has actually become more important than the NYSE.  You may disagree with that statement, but I will repeat it.  In my opinion, the Nasdaq has become more important and more critical than the NYSE.
prior entry:  SEP 20
Closing Report:  The Dow and S&P are now at the one year highs with the Nasdaq still lagging far from its recent high.  Once the NYSE goes over the prior high, it can always go a little further as it once did.  Caution is advised, because at this point, anything can happen and happen quickly.  I remain bearish, because the market is clearly overbought on our indicators and the Nasdaq is not even close to its prior high.  Still investors and the mutual funds continue to jump into the rally because that is the nature of the trend-followers.  At this point, many of the techs are being pumped up finally.  Only Intel and Dell are showing up badly.  Dell may very well report lower guidance before very long.  IBM is being pumped up to its major resistance at the 84-85 range.  The news is mostly all good on the interest rate front and from corporate earnings.  I remain watching with no anxiety to buy.  Even if it goes higher, it will be no great loss to merely watch and wait.
prior entry:  SEP 18
Midday Report:  (3:00 ET)  I still maintain that this is not the right time to buy, at least until there is better indication that the market can break out.  The NYSE did knock on the door but got turned back.  I noticed that some of the techs did have mini-spikes as people jumped in.  People even jumped into DELL which proves that half of the people are usually wrong most of the time.  I believe that the wrong half were buying this morning.  However, the Fed meeting this week will most likely determine a resolution to this whole affair.  After the results of that meeting, we should know how this market will trend for the next few weeks.  The stochastics reading on the major averages continues to show overbought with the Nasdaq up against resistance at the point of the prior breakdown five months ago. 
Weekend Report:  The Dow and S&P are most likely going to either hit or go just above the all-time highs early this week.  These averages will at least match the recent highs of four months ago.  The Nasdaq remains well below the highs of just four months ago.  Can you see the problem?  The scenarios are too numerous to even guess at probabilities as to what will happen this week.  We can be sure that something will be resolved this week whether bullish or bearish.  I feel that it would be better for the market if we got a correction from these heavy resistance levels to a point where the Nasdaq could catch up more quickly to those four month highs.  Several weeks would be a normal time span.  If the market spikes upward early this week, we could very well see a near term top.  If the market remains bland on Monday, then we could gear up for an upside break later in the week with strength on the Nasdaq.  I still remain defensive considering that the indicators are now getting overbought and the secondary tech stocks are showing no sign of life.  The VIX chart remains at the apex of a wedge formation.  If it breaks above the wedge, the S&P should drop.  If it drops below the wedge, we could see a much further advance in the market.  I will keep a watch on this situation.  A more bullish scenario would be that the NYSE will advance and not correct until the Nasdaq matches its four month high.  Now you must consider the type of stock that you either have or want to have.  My mind is on XMSR, but I may wait for a further correction.  On the short side, my mind is on certain tech stocks that remain in limbo or have not yet broken above resistance trendlines.
prior entry:  SEP 15
Closing Report:  If on a small corrective decline, things should change by way of technical indicators, then I would consider going long.  For now, I merely wait to see if something more positive occurs.  There are just too many tech stocks that have not joined the advance.  I do remain bullish on XMSR and firmly believe that it has more upside to go.  If you have it, hold it, or perhaps buy on any further decline since it is getting more and more upgrades and gossip of a merger with Sirius.  The gossip alone is worth something.  XM should be much higher into the 15 to 17 range over the coming weeks.
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  With the hype on CNBC this morning, people were jumping into the market left and right buying at the highs of the day.  Will people ever learn????  No, they will not.  Market makers loved it all as they unloaded again at the highs and near the all-time high on the Dow.  As the market hit the highs, I noticed that the major techs were not performing which was the main clue that we still have problems.  This is not the right time to buy.
prior entry:  SEP 13
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  Despite the market being up, the big techs (IBM, HPQ, MSFT, INTC, CSCO, QCOM, etc.) are down at this time.  It certainly is a weird situation.  I will not go long and remain watching.  There is not much to lose by just watching at this time.
prior entry:  SEP 12
Closing Report:  Nothing has changed in my thinking.  You can easily notice that the stochastics line is still heading up from those oversold conditions.  It is when that line reaches the overbought level that we will find out just how solid this rally really is.  On CNBC, it is now said that the Dow is at 4 month highs and that the Nasdaq is at 3 month highs.  What CNBC does not mention is that the Nasdaq is way below the 4 month high.  While the S&P stocks are doing well in this rally, many of the Nasdaq stocks are stalling over the past few days. 
prior entry:  SEP 11
Midday Report:  (3:30 ET)  On this 9-11 day, the specialist and brokerage dealers are carrying out their own destruction.  The decline early this morning served the purpose of weakening and erasing all support levels just under the market.  The ensuing rally served the purpose of allowing dealers to unload inventory and short selling.  There is no support left just under the market.  However, we can expect volatility both up and down for some time to come.  We now wait for the trend of that volatility whether up or down.
Weekend Report:  Happy days were here again on Friday, but do not be deceived by the celebration on CNBC.  I had been expecting a rally by early this coming week as the S&P approached the 1290 level.  It would have been more positive if the rally had waited until Monday or Tuesday.  However, we will find out soon how this will be resolved.  If this rally is good, it will last throughout the week.  While the Dow chart does look good for a rally, the S&P is not as good, and the Nasdaq looks terrible.  The only positive factor is that the stochastics line is coming off oversold levels, but this one factor alone is no guarantee.  The news media is now focusing on consumer spending which is getting weaker.  This slowing of the economy could be blamed on energy prices and it is also probable that the end of the housing boom is having an effect.  This is not the right time to buy.  The Nasdaq is simply not responding on par with the NYSE.  The big techs are also not responding well. 
prior entry:  SEP 8
Midday Report:  (12:10 ET)  This rally should not be bought although stochastics is showing the situation to be oversold.  This advance will fail over the near term whether it be today or next week.  You should note that this rally was contrived with the positive overnight futures.  As you should realize by now, the overnight futures are easily manipulated by brokerage dealers.   A real reversal occurs when the market turns around in real time trading from the lows of the day.   I still believe that overnight futures trading should be banned, or at least, it should be investigated by the Justice Department.  Oh, I almost forgot that......the Justice Department will only investigate you or me if we do something out of the ordinary.  Brokerage dealers and their associates are sponsored by the government with licenses to legally steal.
prior entry:  SEP 7
Closing Report:  There is some support on the S&P at about 1290 and so we could see a rally  or holding pattern by Monday.  A close below 1290 would be very bearish.  Since the stochastics line is now near the bottom oversold level, some sort of rally could develop into next week.  However, I would theorize that eventually such an advance would fail with further downside. 
Midday Report:  (2:30 ET)  I find it amazing that so many people jump into these rallies throughout the day after the charts have broken to the downside.  The VIX has broken to the upside above its major trendline which is short term bearish.  Both the Dow and S&P have now broken below the rising wedge formation.   Note:  I also find it amazing that more people tune into the site when the market is high but ease off when it is dropping.  If you are smart, you will tune in as the market drops, because that is when you will learn the most about the crooked methods used by brokerage dealers and get in tune with the opportunity to buy near the lows.
prior entry:  SEP 6
Closing Report:  Although the rising wedge formation on the S&P remains unbroken, a close below 1300 would signal a breakdown.  We now wait for this to be resolved by Friday.  As you can see, the major techs got hit hard today without much support directly below.  This is definitely not the time to be buying.  Despite all of the warning signs, I saw investors jumping into the market today thinking that it would bounce back as in prior days.  If people would only look at the six month chart of the Nasdaq, I think that they would realize that CNBC has missed the true situation in the market.  It is telling that half of the U.S. market has not seen the glory expressed by the advance in the Dow.  If any rally should now occur, it will be for the purpose of allowing market makers to unload inventory that was picked up on the decline.
Midday Report:  (3:00 ET)  If the market cannot advance in the last hour, it will be a bearish sign for the coming days.  Also, you should keep an eye on the rising wedge formation on the Dow, because a break below that line will be a bearish signal.  So far, I have seen no sign of accumulation today.
prior entry:  SEP 5
Closing Report:  If not for the oil stocks in the Dow, the Dow would have been negative throughout most of the day and would have ended in the red.  Chevron actually made the market look stronger.  IBM and the other techs were actually weaker and taken lower.  Beware of any upward spike in the S&P if it should occur.  The rising wedge formation can be seen in both the Dow and S&P charts.
Midday Report:  (3:00 ET)  Brokerage dealers seem to be unloading inventory on each rally throughout the day.  The techs are getting weaker.
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)   I will maintain a warning on this market for the near term.  Although a little further upward move could still occur, the Dow chart is showing a rising wedge formation which is bearish.  No one can possibly know when the actual break may occur, but we should be prepared.  This has been a big cap advance.  The Nasdaq is still way under this year's high and continues in a bear market pattern.  The Dow and S&P are now on a right shoulder level on the six month chart.  Be careful.
prior entry:  SEP 1
Midday Report:  (11:30 ET)  This is not the right time to be buying despite the enthusiasm being displayed by CNBC.  The Dow and S&P are now up against some strong resistance.  We will most likely get a resolution next week whether this goes up or down.  A drop in the S&P to 1280 would be totally realistic as can be seen on the chart (support level).  Also, you should observe the Nasdaq chart.  What do you see there?  I see a chart that in no way resembles the Dow.  The Nasdaq and the QQQQ are still in a bear market mode and are both up against resistance.  There is one more important notation.  Notice the volume on all the charts.  Volume was high when the advance began and now it has continually been dropping lower.  That drop in volume certainly does indicate that buying power has been dropping.  The market has gone up based on short covering and less sellers with the advance being fueled by the few buyers in the institutional group.  If volume increases based on more sellers taking profits, this market is in danger of a sharp drop.
prior entry:  AUG 30
Closing Report:  MO did hit a record high today.  I still recall when it went below 20 in early 2000 as investors became convinced that it was going bankrupt under the onslaught of lawsuits.  I placed an advisory buy at that time and said outright that MO was going to survive and that the media was screwing investors buy the overly negative slant against the company.  Well, MO or Altria is still here.  It just goes to show you that reality should not be found in the eyes of the financial media and the paid goons that say what is written for them.  Note:  While it may be true that some stocks may still have some pop, this is not the right time to buy.  The people on CNBC are becoming to complacent with their views along with their guests who are now mostly bullish.  The market is on dangerous ground as it nears some major resistance and no one is addressing the issue.  Meanwhile, the volume continues to weaken which means that buying is weakening.  The market is going up only because sellers have not entered the scene.  At some point, brokerage insiders will begin to unload.  Lately, the Nasdaq has been strong.  However, if you look at the Nasdaq chart, you should be shocked at how low the number is compared to the highs of a few months ago. 
Morning Report:  (9:30 ET)  Whenever IBM closes at the high of the day with a very big block traded at the close, it should raise some concern.  It does signal that it will open lower since the specialist was the one that unloaded that big block to a mutual fund.  Volume has been dropping throughout the market which is also a danger sign.  Care should now be taken.  However, we will see how the action goes today since today could be very important on the charts which are showing an overbought stochastics on the techs.
prior entry:  AUG 28
Closing Report:  The market remained fairly strong throughout the day with the techs in a modest rally mode.  For now, we keep an eye on that left shoulder on the charts of the Dow and S&P, because we are leading into that range.  We will either fail on the right shoulder pattern or we will go to the prior highs before very long.  The next few days should tell the story.  Will this September be different from the average?  Although things have looked strong since the good news in HPQ, it may be too soon to expect a major move in the big techs.  If IBM can move further to the 81 level, then the tech rally will look good.  So, let us watch IBM for some clues.  This could still be only a short term advance which is showing up on the stochastics line.
prior entry:  AUG 24
Closing Report:  Despite all the up and down gyrations of the day, nothing has changed in my view.  It is near term weakness.  At least, it is for now unless indicators turn more bearish.  Most of the big tech stocks did not do as well as IBM this Thursday.  At this time, the techs do not look good until indicators readings give us a more oversold condition.  We wait.
prior entry:  AUG 22
Midday Report:  (1:50 ET)  XMSR went up on a Bear Stearns upgrade and now the shorts are covering.  In the market itself, we have been seeing a short covering rally.  We may now see a short term decline for which we should go into a watch mode routine.
Sunday Report:  The major threat of a prolonged bear market is over.  As I stated some time ago, the problem was of an intermediate term nature.  We could still see some declines but the indicators are not showing the probability of new lows.  The techs have finally broken to the upside although not fully.  IBM still needs to go above the 80 level.  INTC is also looking much better.  DELL is still being smashed by the analysts but that is what occurs at major bottoms.  HPQ is doing good.  The lower priced issues are now the slowest in moving as the big caps move higher.  All of this is normal.  This coming week will be critical as the major averages come to the levels of the left shoulder patterns on the charts.  Most likely the averages will be contained but it will give us a chance to make plans to invest in our favorite issues.  So far, there is no evidence of any major distribution on this advance.  There are still too many shorts figuring that this rally will fail.  I still like TKO in the low price range.  I am also turning positive on XMSR at these low levels.
prior entry:  AUG 17
Closing Report:  If you are holding TKO as per my past advisories, you should continue to hold for much higher prices.  TKO continues to get contract after contract from the government as was the case today.  I told you once before that Don Trump was involved with this firm ever since he had this company rig his buildings with the internet system.  In my opinion, the price was taken down in order for certain parties to grab stock from investors who get easily frustrated.  This stock has been accumulated by some upper class people who believe that the price should be well over the 5 level.  Meanwhile, the next resistance range on the QQQQ is 39 to 40.  The Dow chart has broken to the upside.  We should now continue to watch if the stochastics line becomes overbought.  IBM has certainly moved into the upper range of its trading range. 
prior entry:  AUG 16
Midday Report:  (11:00 ET)  The QQQQ chart has broken out to the upside by going over 37.70.  With that signal, the market looks good for the near term.  At least for now the indicators are showing that we have a little more upside potential.  At this time, there is no evidence of any distribution in stocks like IBM and other techs.
Overnight Report:  While CNBC made a big thing about the failed rally this Monday, I continued to turn bullish.  However, I will give you some criteria to observe that may give a signal for either a near term breakout or breakdown.  On the QQQQ, the upside break is at 37.70 and the downside break is at 36.20.  That criteria will give you the signal of the more prolonged move.  While the Nasdaq has been weak prior to this time period, you should note that it has been improving just recently.  Although the market did give up early gains, you should note that IBM, INTC, etc. actually made some important upside moves on this Monday.
prior entry:  AUG 13
Sunday Report:  Read my words carefully with some degree of comprehension.  The bear market that I am talking about was marked as intermediate term when first mentioned here.  In other words, the time period extended to about September or October.  Soon, we will be at that ending point.  If you will observe the 4 year chart of the Dow, you should be able to see that the present declines have been within the major bull market channel.  The lower limits of that channel are now set at about 10000 with major support in the area of 10590.  Although the words "bear market" are now loosely thrown around on CNBC, one must not be influenced by such loose talk.  We are not yet in a longer term bear market.  This market is still under the strict control of the brokerage establishment which is now trying to get you to believe that the world is coming to an end.  The transports have also been in the news and the same applies to this chart.  It is not the end of the world.  At this point, one should either hold or buy but not sell.
prior entry:  AUG 10
Closing Report:  I am turning bullish for the near term since so many people are now going short.  The indicators that I follow are also getting oversold.  XMSR is once again becoming a buy at the 10-11 range.  This company has potential and is now oversold.  I still believe that the potential for XM will be found in areas other than just subscribership numbers. 
prior entry:  AUG 9
Closing Report:  You will not find any answers on CNBC since everyone on there is now in a state of confusion.  Analysts and fund managers are hedging and do not give straight answers.  The slant seems to be bearish.  Two of my sources are now conflicting.  One source says that the Nasdaq chart is breaking down again while the other source is saying that too many people are now taking short positions.  It is true that the ratio of puts to calls is now approaching a one to one ratio indicating that too many people are going short.  This is indicating that over the very short term we could go lower, but this market could rally strongly at any time if the shorts get jumpy. 
prior entry:  AUG 4
Closing Report:  We should see the market going higher into next week on expectations that the Fed will not raise again.  I did continue to see signs of accumulation throughout the day as the market was taken down.  When insiders want to accumulate, the market is kept down most of the day as more and more people get frustrated and sell out of fear only to the market come back at the close.
prior entry:  AUG 2
Midday Report:  ((12:00 ET)  Today you are seeing the effects of those accumulation patterns that I observed from yesterday's close.   Whenever IBM closes near the lows or at the low and you observe very heavy volume right after the close, it most likely means that the specialist is picking up the stock on "sell at the close orders" from stupid fund managers.  That is just one of the reasons why I detest mutual funds and consider the average manager to be incompetent in the understanding of how the system really works.
prior entry:  AUG 1
Closing Report:  "The End of the World, Scare Investors" is the title of today's script.   Although we remain in an intermediate term bear market, the decline that occurred today was meant to get investors to sell before going higher in August.   IBM was dragged down in agonizing fashion that caused even some of the best funds to throw in the towel near the close.  The heavy volume at the close was heavy, and I can only guess that the specialist loaded up.  Many of the shorts now believe that we will go back to the lows.  However, this market is now geared to fool people for the sake of brokerage dealers.
prior entry:  JUL 31
Closing Report:  On the surface, today's action seemed trivial, and yet it should be considered an important day.  The decline eased the overbought situation and served the purpose of keeping people negative while insiders adjusted their portfolios for further gains.  As I have stated prior to this, the Fed release in August will mark the climax of this move.  Did you notice how IBM came back at the close and rose above the highs of the past several sessions which marks a short term breakout.  If you follow XMSR, you will note that it declined today after the recent strength.  Monday's decline was for the purpose of getting investors to dump before insiders take it up further.  As a result, it closed near the lows on very heavy volume as people dumped in fear that it would be even lower on the open.  Then, guess what happened......  Cramer mentioned XMSR on his program with a big super buy.  I feel quite sure that brokerage insiders already knew that he was going to say something positive on XMSR.  There was a sudden rise in price in the afterhours as a result.  I was buying call options right into the close based on my reasoning that the decline was contrived.  I also decided to keep my call options on IBM when I saw it delcine first thing in the morning since my belief was that the IBM specialist wanted holders to dump early.
prior entry:  JUL 28
Closing Report:  When I play stocks under 12, I prefer to buy the shares but when I play higher priced stocks, I prefer to get in-the-money options.  Because I follow many of the lower priced stocks, I have noticed that recently the higher priced issues have been moving better.  In other words, unlike several months ago, money is now flowing into the higher priced issues and very possibly into the high-caps.  The Nasdaq has not been performing very well in this rally.  The market seems to have changed its character.  The big techs are coming back in stronger fashion.  Later in the year, we may see more improvement in stocks like IBM, HPQ, DELL, INTC and MSFT.
Midday Report:  (2:45 ET)  Finally, we have a rally that will carry.  However, it is most likely just a good rally and not a major advance.  This strength should carry into the Fed meeting.  The big debate is whether or not the Fed will begin to consider easing rates in view of economic data showing that the economy may be slowing.  Just keep in mind that all of this represents a double edged sword.
prior entry:  JUL 26
Morning Report:  (11:30 ET)  Over the near term, this market wants to go higher.  Even as the market declined this morning, volume dried up on the selling.  GM had good news while Amazon did not.   The decline was based on Amazon according to CNBC.  Now, I ask you, which is more important....GM or Amazon?  GM is the big story here, not Amazon.  So how many of you thought that GM was going broke?  Plenty of people thought that GM was a goner based on the heavy short postiion.  Well, in my opinion, we will all be dead and buried before GM goes  under. 
prior entry:  JUL 25
Closing Report:  People got brainwashed into thinking that every rally would be a one day affair.  As a result, shorts got heavy again into yesterday's close.  The market was down most of the day which also contributed to more shorts getting on.  At midday, the market seemed to be holding well on each decline which was a clue that it could easily rally.  The market still has room to the upside.  It will continue upward until the shorts fully cover.  As I mentioned prior to this, the market may well advance into the Fed report.  It is my opinion that it will be a shorting opportunity unless something more concrete changes in this market.  We need one more up day to validate this short term advance.  Most all of the big techs advanced into the close today which is a bullish indication.
prior entry:  JUL 24
Closing Report:  We finally got the rally back, and it started on a Monday which is a good sign.  Most all of the big techs were up which is also a good sign, at least for the near term.  We should now become watchful as the price levels move upward into the area of the 200 day and 50 day average lines on the charts of the major issues.  The shorts, of which there have been many, are now covering which should help the rally.   If this rally is good, it should lead into August.  However, in my opinion, if this rally extends to the upper limits of the 50 day moving average lines or even just above, this advance will fail.  We will see how all of this coordinates with the Fed release in August.   It was interesting that Citigroup upgraded DELL to a buy today while other brokerages stayed negative.
prior entry:  JUL 21
Morning Report:  (10;00 ET)   One by one, they have fallen.   IBM did hit my target of 74 or below, and now DELL has hit my target of 20 and below.  As DELL dropped over the past several months, it was easy to see that the problems were accelerating.  I find it amazing that the analysts following the stock did not see what I saw.  A long term chart of this stock revealed quite clearly that the strongest holding area was only to be found at 20 or below.  This market will not change from bear to bull until we see a complete change in the behavior of IBM, INTC, DELL, MSFT and QCOM.   Nevertheless, there is always a chance that now that DELL has been crushed, market insiders could initiate an advance to get investors to jump in.  Such an advance would of course fail in the end.  However, the basis for such an advance could be backed up by a change in Fed policy next month.  We could very well see old dogs jumping through loops and leaping into the air before very long.
prior entry:  JUL 20
Closing Report:  Yesterday, I implied that I was not as enthusiastic as the folks on CNBC.   Those people who are easily influenced by the financial media must have jumped in completely yesterday.  While we may still see some sort of advance off these lows, it now becomes quite clear that we have a problem.  Once again I will say that it all depends on the Fed's report next month.  Today, INTC got hit by its quarterly.  I certainly was expecting that its report was going to be weak.  I have already stated that I was not very impressed with the IBM report.  I have been hoping for an advance that can be shorted.
prior entry:  JUL 19
Closing Report:  If you watched CNBC, you would think that a new bull market has begun.  Bernanke was shown on the screen implying that the worst was over and everyone jumped into the market while the shorts covered.  I remain suspicious of this whole affair.  As you know, I have been expecting a rally like this, and this rally may be a good trade.  However, it seems artificial.  I now see another gap to the upside on IBM with very heavy volume.  Although the IBM quarterly was okay, there were questions regarding its service business.   If the price had been at the highs, this news by IBM would have caused panic.  Therefore, I remain bearish in my outlook.  These market makers will always make money on advances that end in failure while investors are the ones that lose.   Note on TKO:  TKO was taken to the lows yesterday as I suspected that someone wanted to pick up stock.  Today, it rallied on news that the CEO was coming back from sick leave.  I am suspicious again that the schedule of events seemed as if written ahead of time.  I simply find it amazing how the market drops to a low and then the usual miracle appears out of nowhere.
prior entry:  JUL 18
Closing Report:  This being a Tuesday and with IBM earnings out, we may have seen a short term bottom today.  Although the IBM quarterly had some problems, it did advance in the afterhours.  However, I noticed that many people were overpaying.  I did notice more than normal accumulation as it plunged below the 73 level.  Intel was then upgraded by Caris.  I would short if the big techs could rally to resistance levels.  The events of today will most likely become known as the July lows.  I will now await the September or October lows.  Starbucks did hit my target of 32 and a fraction.  DELL may still have some further downside.
prior entry:  JUL 17
Closing Report:  There will not be much to say until something occurs that signals some sort of change.  Reversal days will usually occur early in the week.  However, today (Monday) showed no sign or signal of a turn.  Tuesday may be different but nothing today.  There was no sign of any major accumulation in the big techs.  IBM wants to go lower along with DELL.  I have been expecting a more lasting rally, but in my view, I would use such an advance to short. 
prior entry:  JUL 13
Midday Report:  (3:00 ET)   The bounce did not last.  Furthermore, it is Thursday.  The best reversal days occur early in the week.  Support lines are being broken today again.  While it may be okay to cover shorts and take those profits, it is not okay to be buying at this time.  The Nasdaq is on another leg down which can easily be seen on the chart.  IBM has now broken below 74 and the other major techs are clearly in a major downtrend.
Midday Report:  (12:15 ET)  Things got so negative this morning that we could finally get some sort of bounce.  My prior comments stand.  TKO is now making a double bottom and looks good on the chart.  IBM made a good bounce off that 74.02 low.  I would simply short this market if some sort of substantial rally could take place.  Speaking of China....some commentary this morning on CNBC concerning a continued espionage program by China to steal our industrial secrets by paying off our workers and engineers.  It seems as if the Chinese are dwelling on our weakness to sell out our nation for money.  This weakness that we have is a direct product of the liberal mental disorder that dictates that we are the bad guys for being so successful and that we should openly give away our hard work and success to the poor of the world like one big welfare system.  If the Chinese were so smart as so many stupid Americans seem to believe, they would have seen the vision of the bullet upon firing their firework rockets so long ago.  They are smart in stealing and thinking nothing of it, and that is the communist way.  Communism is nothing but the distribution of wealth, and in this case, it is the distribution of intelligence from us to them.
Morning Report:  (10:30 ET)  IBM has hit a low of 74.02 so far this morning and has officially hit my target.  If you have put options, you should have sold them this morning.  Volume did increase on that low but not enough to validate the bottom and so I would not yet buy into it.  It seems to me that other major stocks have not yet formed bottoms.  Yesterday the Nasdaq did close below 2109 which was a big bear signal.  My target of 32 on SBUX may even come sooner than expected.  DELL should go much lower as brokerage analysts continue to downgrade the poor stock, and Dell has now announced the coming of more discounts on computers.  I am beginning to envision a July low with perhaps a second bottom later in September or October. 
prior entry:  JUL 12
Midday Report:  (11:30 ET)  It seems as if for the next several weeks whenever I say "short term rally" I am really saying that it covers a one day period.  You will now note that IBM is getting real close to my predicted 74 level.  Will it go even lower?  We will wait for the IBM quarterly report.  Starbucks is also getting closer to my target of 32.  There will be no salvation for DELL until it goes to that 20 level or lower.  While the establishment analysts are putting the blame on the terrorists, I am putting the blame on the Federal Reserve and on the brokerage goons that can take advantage of the system legally under the sponsorship of the SEC.  You are expendable as an individual because there will always be more players coming to the table with more money much like any casino in Vegas.  I must admit that I have been expecting a more lasting rally geared to fool people followed by a greater plunge into September. 
prior entry:  JUL 11
Midday Report:  (3:00 ET)  If the market does rally today, it will be a short term deal only.  Some sort of rally would now be in order for brokerage insiders to take advantage of the shorts. Gates and Clinton were in the news today.  I find it very funny that the Clinton Administration once tried to split Microsoft and now these two are acting like friends talking about setting up a charity alliance. These two liberals just have no shame on their face.  First of all, Gates is now on a folly to save pagan Africa while the investors in MSFT burn. 
Morning Report:  (11:30 ET)  On today's decline, there is no evidence of any major accumulation by market makers and other crooked factions.  This remains a bear market.  Everything that I have said about IBM is coming true.  You will notice how it just keeps going lower toward that 74 level.  You will also note how it is being done.  These Wall Street brokerage goons are patient when they drag down a stock.  It is easy for them to be patient when they are making big money each and every day.  These goons will now squeeze the American investor and the mutual funds into selling big at the very bottom....and we are not there yet.  You will also note how DELL is being taken a slow acting magnet dragging it right down to that 20 level.  For those of you that have COPY, just look at that stochastics line.  A reading of 80 on the stoch line is most always a good sell area while a reading of 20 is a buy level.   Meanwhile, if the Nasdaq closes below 2109, it will signal another leg downward.  Oil is trending up again and so is gold.  Stay with the gold stocks.  Soon we will hear from INTC and IBM and then we will know how the tech stocks stand for the next two or three months until October.  Considering that we have not closed the borders to the psychopaths of the world, it now becomes just a matter of time before another disaster is perpetrated against our nation.  I firmly believe that these foreign psycho fanatics are already in the country.  What I find seriously amusing about all of that the liberal faction in the news media is being used like a pawn by the enemy.  We have become more concerned about prosecuting American soldiers than we are about prosecuting the enemy that we captured.  As investors, you must not allow yourselves to waste your time with the static of the media.  Those who make money on Wall Street have only one political philosophy.....not liberal and not is the politics of profiteering by whatever means.
prior entry:  JUL 10
Closing Report:  On looking at the charts, it remains clear that the Nasdaq is now in danger of breaking down completely.  While the Dow is not in such bad form, it also is showing signs of a continuing trend downward.  Today's low on the Nasdaq of 2109 is important to watch.  That low marks a near term trendline.  If it can hold on Tuesday, we could see some sort of rally again, but a close below 2109 would once again signal a huge warning.  Watch that closely on Tuesday. 
prior entry:  JUL 7
Closing Report:  If you are smart and have some comprehension of the market's history, you will become more and more interested in the market as it goes lower.  In other words, you will observe the decline while enjoying seeing bargains being created and making preparations to buy when that final capitulation  occurs later this year.  For now, you must preserve cash or at least raise cash by selling on  any rally that may now occur.  If you have already lightened up, then you should now be patient as you wait.  Yes, you should enjoy the decline while the not so smart continue to worry.  The Dow and S&P are now in danger of breaking down.  As you can see from any chart, the price level has gone up right into the 50 and 100 day moving average lines as I have already predicted weeks ago.  This is a bear market.  In other words, the 20 day average line is below the 50 and the 50 is below the 100.  Until that changes in reverse order, we are in a bear market.  If IBM goes below today's low, it will mark the start of another leg down.  I have already stated that IBM will go down at least to the 74 level if not lower.  Unless the quarterly report shows record earnings with some promise of good times ahead, IBM will go much lower.  As you can see, each rally so far has been merely a means for the specialist and other brokerage goons to trade out.  These market insiders are just using North Korea as an excuse.  These rallies are going to fail even without North Korea.  However, the media is being used as the instrument to screw the American investor.  I am sure that you have seen the news lately.  It is like as if it is the end of the world just because a two-bit country ( or whatever you want to classify N. Korea as) is firing up some cheap fireworks.  I do not even consider N. Korea to be a nation and it is a mistake for the UN to even recognize it as such.  North Korea should be considered a part of Red China.  Afterall half the population of China once crossed in there to fight us.  Let it be China's problem.  We should give those bastards nothing more and refuse all negotiations openly.  Let them feed their own people with nuclear waste.  It will do them good.  Recognize the news media for what it is.  Keep your watch on what is relevant.  The world affair is like a soap opera with many twists and turns.  Life goes on.  The name of the game is money and power.  It becomes like so many hands of poker.  By now, we should have recognized those at the table who are prone to bluffing.  The biggest bluffer of past decades was the Soviet Union and now we have North Korea.  Who was it that went the moon the most times....the U.S. or the Soviet Union?  Who was it that really had the best missiles and electronics?  The fact remains that the Soviet Union would have lost World War III and they knew it.   China is smarter.  China is now gaining by our giveaway programs.  Yes, I am against investing in China.  I do not trust China.  China is the biggest threat to our way of life.  The islamo affair is just a diversion which is in accord with Chinese plans.   That is why China supports the rogue nations of Syria and Iran.   I am tired of seeing "Made in China" tags on everything I buy.   While we are buying pet toys and toy cars from them, they are buying high-tech technology from us including jet engines and computer systems.  Liberal Americans are too forgiving.  I will not forgive nor forget that those Chinese Reds once killed Americans in Korea and supported North Vietnam against us.  I am telling you that that Chinese communist mentality has not changed since the late 1940's.  Our best chance is to corrupt their health with our McDonald's hamburgers.
prior entry:  JUL 5
Closing Report:  The market is not down because of North Korea as most people may believe.  It is down because it has been destined to go down.  North Korea just helped to make the slide occur a little sooner.  Stand aside from this market because it looks no good and there is nothing ready to change it.  The quarterly reports will not change the situation.
prior entry:  JUL 3
Midday Report:  Brokerage insiders could not have timed this rally better.  They are taking the market up on a quiet day which means that prices can be taken up without investors taking advantage of low prices.  I am expecting IBM to be rallied into the 80 to 82 range and there is where it may well become a short again.  In recent entries here, I stated that an advance could be expected whereby the price could be expected to move up to the location of the major moving average lines.  This will apply to many issues including the S&P and Nasdaq.  In other words, we can expect IBM to be rallied to the level of the 50, 100 and 200 day moving average lines.  Watch for this.  When we are in a bull market, it works in reverse because price levels are well above the major average lines with the shorter term lines above the longer term lines (ex. the 50 day above the 100 day).  In a bear market, we see the 50 day below the 100 day and then all of these below the 200 day.  In this whole scenario, we must now keep in mind that quarterly reports will be coming in about two weeks.  I expect these to be good according to expectations but not any better than that.  Meanwhile, we see gold and silver hold and going higher which is not a good sign unless you have mining stocks.
prior entry:  JUN 30
Closing Report:   Despite this Friday's decline, the recent rally should carry a little further since there was not yet much sign of dealer distribution.  This coming week will provide the real test.  The S&P finally has come up close to the 50 and 100 day moving average.  It will face resistance as it hits that area.  I am not going to turn bullish since I still consider the Fed's policy to be highly bearish for the market.  GM is a good example of how investors can get fooled.  Only a few weeks ago, analysts were talking about GM going broke, and now a miracle has occurred.  Everyone that shorted  at the 20 level got taken for a ride.  Nothing new here.
prior entry:  JUN 29
Closing Report:  A sales instructor once told me that a real salesperson is someone that can go and sell an old, dirty mop as if it were new.  Well, today, we are seeing real sales people in action.  Interest rates were raised while in a bearish cycle and people are buying.....the same as if they were buying that old, dirty mop as if it were new.   Nevertheless, we should see some sort of short term advance out of this going into July.  If we trade into this, then we must be very observant for signs of distribution.  Brokerage dealers will want to make some money on the long side by dumping a little deeper into this move. 
prior entry:  JUN 28
Closing Report:  We had another token rally today.  The only people making money are the brokerage dealers.  There is no sign of any major accumulation as yet.  Everyone is expecting the Fed to raise rates.  Since CNBC emphasized the idea of higher rates, it is my opinion that the brokerage establishment is trying to condition investors to accept the idea of a rate hike as a good thing.  Well, I will be quite clear on how I stand.  Raising rates again is a very negative sign for the intermediate term.  I do not accept this garbage that the Fed puts out concerning inflation.  The Fed is as crooked as the banks themselves.  The banks are now screwing the American public with higher credit cards rates and higher rates on adjustable loans.  That is a fact that you can bank on.  Furthermore, this process is highly negative for the market which will in the end screw the American investor.  I would be highly suspicious of any rally at this time although I will admit that a rally at this time would  make sense for the sole purpose to keep people from bailing out completely. 
prior entry:  JUN 27
Closing Report:  A quick look at any of the charts of the Dow, S&P and Nasdaq will tell you that there is a strong downtrend in process over the near term (at least over the next few days).  The Dow cannot hold 11000 and the Nasdaq will not hold 2100.  I will continue to say that IBM will at least drop to the 74 level.  DELL has further down to go as well.  With pessimism growing, we could see some sort of rally which would eventually show up as a first bottom.  However, we could then expect to see another bottom later in the year.  As I have stated prior to this, we are in an intermediate term bear market.  The big techs have been in a bear market for a year or more already.  Either the Fed will end this or it will end with a major downside climax later in the year.  For now, the only support can be found at the recent lows.  If these lows are violated, then there will be another leg down.  However, it would be unusual for prices to drop far below the 100 and 200 day moving average lines. 
prior entry:  JUN 26
Closing Report:  The major news of the day was that Buffet was giving $30 billion to the Gates Foundation.  I felt somewhat positive about the whole thing until Mrs. Gates said that they would spend money on the African HIV problem.  Throwing money to pagan societies run by corrupt leaders is like throwing it into a bottomless pit.  With all the oil money going into Iran, you would think that they would have the best of water treatment, the best of building supplies, and the best of education.  Instead, all of the major oil nations are still living under prehistoric standards.  To top it off, these pagan societies feel that we owe them something.  Gates and Buffet can talk like Communists and spread their wealth......but I cannot and neither can you.  Meanwhile, the market is going nowhere and neither are the investors in Microsoft.  If Buffet gets too lax in his ways, the investors in Berkshire will suffer the same fate.  At least, Intel is continuing to come out with new chip products and the stock is holding well at this time.  The problem is that we are in a bad downtrend for a while to come despite a good economy.  The negative side of big spending by the government may well have an effect at a later time, but for now, the spending will keep the economy going.  Accumulate cash and wait.
prior entry:  JUN 23
Midday Report:  (3:30 ET)  The bear market goes on with each and every rally ending in failure.  Either the Fed will save the day or we wait until September or October.  The only rally that I can see is that the market is rallying to merely hold its position.   QCOM got downgraded today which is not a good sign.  Of the stocks which I have, SBUX and TKO are acting positive.  Keep drinking coffee and keep adding those economical internet systems.  Dow 11000 is trying to hold and we may see more rallies off this level.  However, if the Fed does not exert a positive slant to the situation, the Dow will easily go much lower.  We need to see a chemical change in the overall trend.  In other words, we need to see a stop to the downtrend in the big techs.  We should continue to observe IBM, INTC, DELL, CSCO, HPQ, ORCL, MSFT and QCOM.  You already know the impact on the averages when considering IBM, INTC, MSFT and HPQ.  For so long now, these issues have done nothing because the mutuals have lost interest in them due to the negative slant by the financial media and the brokerage establishment.  We need something to change.  I suspect that the brokerage establishment does not wish for there to be a change until investors have been drained of blood.  The vampire society will never completely kill the investor but will drain blood to the point where no more can be drained without there being death.  The bodies must be kept alive so that more blood can be produced for the next harvest.  The vampires of Wall Street now have their fangs deeply embedded into the necks of the mutual funds.
prior entry:  JUN 22
Midday Report:  (2:15 ET)  Today is just another example of the intermediate term bear market torture.  It will just go on and on until people throw in the towel.  This is the Wall Street system in action owned and operated by the brokerage establishment, who by the way, makes money while you continue to lose it.  Stay in cash.  This downtrend will not end until stocks like IBM, INTC, DELL, CSCO, ORCL and HPQ break above resistance.  Notice that I included HPQ which has rallied recently.  Look at the HPQ chart.  You would think that with all the good news, it would be at new highs.  Well, just look at that chart.  It has not even been able to break that resistance line at 34 for months.  Instead, the HPQ rally was used to rally the other big techs yesterday so that the specialists could unload.  People were actually foolish enough to be buying DELL yesterday based on HPQ.  Although the market could be near some sort of bottom, there are many stocks which have much lower to go.
prior entry:  JUN 21
Closing Report:  Things are getting boring in this market.  I can just type the same phrase day after day.   My prior comments stand.   All of the activity that you now see going on the screen at CNBC is nothing but filler to waste your time or to make you do the wrong thing or to merely fulfill advertising contracts.   Just keep watching the charts of the major averages.  You will note that only the Dow has come back up to the level of the major moving average lines.  All the other charts are still well below the 100 and 50 day average lines.  What is worse is the fact that the shorter term average lines have now gone below the longer term lines which is highly bearish.  IBM has done nothing.  Oh, but how about HPQ, you might question????   Well, what about HPQ.....     Now there is some hidden force that is even trying to make DELL look good.   I wonder why????  
prior entry:  JUN 19
Closing Report:  The Nasdaq has some support at 2050 as a short term hold.  The Dow, S&P and Nasdaq charts are all in a bearish market mode with the 20 day average line now going below the 50 day.  On the recent rally, the stochastics line went into overbought way too soon.  This indicated that the recent low would not be the bottom.  As I have stated prior to this, unless the Fed does something positive, this market will remain in trouble for a while.  As you can easily see, IBM has not been able to get off the floor.  The specialist has unloaded stock quickly on each rally.  INTC did get an upgrade from UBS, but this does not mean that it becomes a sure winner from this level.  DELL continues to drop and looks much like the situation in IBM.  Fear is now continuing to build as CNBC brings on more and more bearish commentary from various sources.  There were no bears just a few weeks ago even as I expressed concern for the situation in the big techs.  Most of the analysts on CNBC continued to dismiss the importance of the big tech issues implying that these issues were not needed for the market to continue upward.  As a result, the secondaries got overextended.  There is a very good chance that corporate cash flows could deteriorate starting with this quarter and extend into the third quarter.  Stay in cash except for special situations as you deem feasible or play for the short rallies that will develop based on the indicators we watch.
Midday Report:  (2:00 ET)  Well, so much for the rally.  We are going to have many of these up and down days for a while as this market goes sideways.  TKO may be worth a look in through here as it struggles near the lows.  I acquired a small position at 2.88 knowing full well that it could still go lower into the right shoulder level on the chart.
prior entry:  JUN 16
Closing Report:  With just a quick review of the charts, I will maintain my prior position.  Unless the Fed does something out of the ordinary, this market is in trouble.  This bounce impresses me as a short term reaction only.  Once again, I say that IBM may not have seen the bottom considering that it has not shown good performance off the recent bottom.  It seems as if the specialist accumulated only enough to unload on the rally.  Dell should go much lower with my estimation being the 20 level. 
prior entry:  JUN 15
Closing Report:  For the purpose of short term trading, today's rally was good.  However, if you will note any chart of the major averages, you will see that we are well under the major moving averages.  What does this mean?  It means that prices can easily climb to the level of the 200 day or even 100 day average lines, but then........    We will see.  In my opinion, we may have a shorting opportunity once the price hits those moving average lines.  The rally today was based on heavy short covering which will lead to heavy buying at or near the top of this move as investors jump in thinking that the bull is back.  Indeed the rally looks good.  I saw no evidence of major accumulation   at the recent bottom.  As price levels go up, watch the stochastics line on each chart for overbought conditions.
Midday Report:  (12:15 ET) This rally in the major averages is to be expected since the Nasdaq had come so close to longer term major support.  However, it does not mean that this intermediate term bear market is over.  Once again, by intermediate, I mean three to four months.  Furthermore, by bear market, I mean that stocks have come down and will for the most part go sideways to slightly lower.  On the charts, this type of bear market will be marked with the moving average lines continuing to slide downward with the shorter term average lines going below the longer term lines.  Also, you will note that during a bull market the price level is usually above all the moving average lines with corrections going to the 200 day line and holding.  In a bear market, the price level stays below the 100 day average line with that being resistance.  Look at the QQQQ chart with the 20 day, 50 day and 100 day lines and you will be struck with the realization that something major has changed.  The same applies to the Dow and S&P.  These rallies are playable, but you will not have the advantage of a market maker who will now dump on each rally for short term profit and will play the sideways trading range for a few months.  No, it is not the end of the world, but if you are holding the wrong stocks, it will feel like a bear market.  On CNBC today, Stovall said that this is nothiing but a correction.  Other money managers have also been agreeing with that.  Well, one man's correction may be another man's grave pit.  Even if the major averages should now trade sideways in a range, many stocks will actually trade lower to new lows.  This is not the time to buy for the longer term if you feel that your favorite stock is still well above major support.  As I mentioned before, IBM still has problems which are showing up on the longer  term chart.  I am still concerned with that long term gap support situated at the 74 level on IBM.  IBM, DELL, and INTC have been in a bear market for a long time now, and that can be proven on those charts.  IBM has dropped from the 90 level down to 77 over six months and INTC has been trending down for a year.  The major averages have held over the past six months in the false belief that the Fed will eventually ease and come to its senses.  Do not ever believe that the Fed is capable of applying common sense for it will not.  Do not ever expect those in authority to apply common sense in the first place for they will not.  The Fed will raise rates to maximize the profit potential for its member banks.  Then the Fed will ease when loan demand at the higher rates begin to decrease.  I have spoken of this over the years but not one fool on TV will talk about the fact that the Fed is composed of member banks.  What does this mean?  It means that the Fed will do what is best for its member banks.  Dah......    Common sense......   Come on people.....  Throw away those college text books written by establishment doctorate goons and think of exactly what is reality.  The Fed is not a government agency but it has been given the protection of autonomy by Congress with the only stipulation being that the chairman is appointed by the President. 
prior entry:  JUN 14
Closing Report:  We finally got a meaningful bounce that could last long enough to form a small leg up on the chart.  However, if buying here, one should understand that it becomes very difficult to predict a resistance.  It does seem as if the Dow is at least clear to 11000.  If this rally can last, it may give some people a chance to unload the weaker issues of the Nasdaq.  CNBC did emphasize today that the Fed will most likely raise rates again.  If this becomes true, then this rally must be watched very closely because certain parties will be unloading.  Let us see if IBM can go above the 80 level before this week is over, because if it cannot do so, then it will signal a warning. 
Midday Report:  (1:15 ET)  The intermediate term bear market continues.  Only the Fed now has the power to turn things around.  If you know the Fed as I know the Fed, you would not ever bet your life on these banker bastards to do anything to help you.  They will help themselves before they ever do anything for you.  The Fed goes on talking about the fear of inflation.  This has been going on for years.  The only inflation issue that I can see is the price of oil.  In the news, I see hard talk against our president every day, and yet, I have seen not one hard word against the policy of the Federal Reserve.  These bastards at the Federal Reserve are indeed untouchable with more financial power than President Bush and the U.S. Congress.  When Greenspan was presented on TV before Congress, the people watching sort of got the impression that he was a subservient figure.  Well, check the rules of the game.  It would be easier to impeach and depose the president than it would be to fire the chairman of the Fed.  I would have laughed if Greenspan had told those political idiots with their stupid questions to go to hell.  I am sure that he actually thought it many times.
prior entry:  JUN 13
Midday Report:  (3:15 ET)  There is some support coming in on Nasdaq at a range of from 2040 to 2060 which could produce enough rally give everyone a chance to breathe and think. 
Midday Report:  (2:00 ET)  Intel has been in a bear market for about 2 and a half years.  Dell has been in a bear market for one year.  IBM has been in a bear market for about 4 and one-half years.  What?  Am I crazy?  Look at the charts of these issues.  If you are a bit shocked, it is only because the media has said nothing about this situation.  These three stocks represent the heart of the techs.  Even with record earnings, they kept going down.  Oh, but many analysts would say that these stocks are no longer important.  Well, to those idiots and morons, I say just look at what is happening now.  The chickens have come home to roost.  I have been expressing concerns about these big techs for some time now.  While most people out there have been expecting these issues to catch up to the bull market in the secondary techs, it now seems that the secondary issues will now catch up to the big techs down there.  The buying opportunity will come when they meet and only after investors have been wiped out in their margin accounts.  Note on COPY:  If I was CEO of CopyTele, I would never have gone to the recent tech show with another 5 inch screen.  However, I guess I am just not devious enough to be a CEO.  Furthermore, I guess that all that I learned in my MBA program was just plain crap.  These folks that run these firms and the market maker insiders and all the brokerage goons can make me and you look stupid.  I am tired of letting other people make me look stupid.  How about you?
prior entry:  JUN 12
Closing Report:  I will reiterate my views as.....this is not the right time to buy anything.  Not even the snap off the bottom on IBM was able to last for more than one day.  This was not a good sign and it was the same for other tech stocks such as INTC and DELL.  These techs are just not acting well on the rallies that occur.  The moving average lines are also breaking down in a serious fashion.  Of course, it is true that a rally can now occur at any time because of the oversold condition, but I simply do not see the signs that are present when a major bottom occurs.  Trying to trade into a rally has not been good so far.  The Nasdaq continues to break below support lines.  At some point, a selling climax may occur but even this should be short term.  We now wait for the Fed to act.  Another increase in rates would be disasterous.  There is always a chance that the Fed may hold which would lead to some sort of rally.  On the COPY chart, you can see that the last move to the .85 level gave some people a chance to unload at a right shoulder.  Today, COPY gapped down and broke support.  Keep in mind that there are several parties out there that are trading this stock in and out at the expense of the long term people.  I dare say that some of these folks, whoever they may be, made money on the tech show hype and dumped knowing full well of the odds.  These same people may now be driving it down in order to buy again at lower prices.  Keep tabs on the atuomated comments of the American Bulls may be helpful at times. 
prior entry:  JUN 9
Closing Report:  At least the IBM specialist made some money by buying heavily at yesterday's close from some dumb fund managers.  Now we wait to see how far he will take IBM before he takes it back down.  The general market is still trying to settle along support levels which are now just under today's close.  For now, the worst is over but it shall remain that we must be on the defensive for some time to come.  It was understandable that COPY would ease since the rally in this stock was due to the tech show.  I could easily see that yesterday's advance to .84 and .85 was a sucker play.  The automated analysis system was already on a sell.  However, the price range should remain tight and all is not lost.  Our COPY message board is quite informative and the members seem to be highly intelligent about what is going on.
prior entry:  JUN 8
Closing Report:  At the close today, we may well be seeing some sort of bottom on IBM upon breaking below the 77 mark.  Volume was very high with big block trades.  At least for the near term, this could be a positive.  It is probable that we will see a rally but our next worry will be how far will it go..... Note:  concerning the message avoid confusion, I suggest that members avoid making too many reply entries.  Instead, I am suggesting that you make a clean new entry to the attention of the person that you wish to reply.
prior entry:  JUN 7
Closing Report:  If as per my recent advice, you are mostly out of this market, then you should perhaps relax for a while to come.  If you are still into those industrialized issues that are not energy related, then the frustration will continue.  It is not good on the charts the way that it ended today.  I will repeat again, this is not the time to buy.  Whatever rally that may occur will be dangerous although some of the coming rallies may be tradable if you are sharp enough.  IBM dropped right back down to the lows without sign of any major accumulation.   DELL will go lower as I have stated in recent times....perhaps to the 20 level or just below.  Even QCOM, which is a good company, will most likely fill that gap at just above the 40 level from six months ago.  The fear mentality is getting worse.  The Nasdaq and QQQQ charts are not showing any promise as yet with major support still a ways under the present level.  Industrial and tech stocks are the ones in the most danger.  As good as SBUX may be, the evidence from the chart continues to show a probable drop to the 32 level at least.
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  These rallies will now occur since we are coming off a deep oversold condition.  Dow 11000 has held for now, but this could be on a short term basis.  Despite any rally, I now remain bearish until either of two things occur......1. the market goes so low that a downside climax occurs on heavy selling, or 2. the market goes above major resistance levels.  Note:  Many people who are involved with COPY are now tuned in to this site.  I appreciate having COPY shareholders come in and make use of the message board and perhaps read my commentary.  I would guess that many of these people are long term holders.  However, there will always be some that will trade in and out.  Some people do not like the idea of me talking about the short term indications off the chart.  As a result, I will refer the short term trading to the automated analysis system that can be found on this site by  The auto system is really quite good in giving guidance for many different stocks.  However, when using this system, it becomes important to read the criteria that is given in order to act before the signal is actually printed on their site.  Good luck on that. 
prior entry:  JUN 6
Midday Report:  (12:15 ET)   Can we now expect a bounce?  I suspect that we are close to seeing a bounce since so many are now turning bearish and going short after the fact.  Nothing has changed concerning the intermediate bear market that has begun.  However, rallies will occur because those who operate the market make money by manipulating investors to do the wrong thing at the wrong time.  As a movement gets old, a specialist will have the need to refuel.  In this case, the market maker will cover shorts by buying back stock and then rally in order to sell that inventory and short again.  The news on CNBC of the past two days is serving the purpose of getting investors to sell on the comments by Bernanke and on the comments coming out of Iran.  If you are streetsmart, you will realize that the intensity of the news is meant to deceive people. 
prior entry:  JUN 5
Midday Report:  (2:30 ET)  I will reiterate my concerns for the general market.  In my opinion, we are into an intermediate term bear market which some people could consider it to be a mere correction.  That becomes a matter of interpretation.  My interpretation is that you will lose account value in the process.  Even if the averages go sideways, certain issues will get hit.  I do get concerned when I see major average lines and trendlines get violated.  The positive side to all this is that you will get an opportunity to buy at much lower prices and do very well when the bull kicks in again.
prior entry:  JUN 2
Closing Report:  I will maintain that now is not the time to be buying.  I am sure that most of you agree, because it is obvious upon looking at all the charts.  The energy related issues may go against the grain but the consumer and tech stocks do not look good.  IBM got downgraded by Canaccord to a hold from a buy with a target of 85 from 100.  Now consider that IBM is one of the best when considering fundamentals.  Something is going on here and it is not good.  IBM wants to go new lows.  I am suspecting the 74 level and the stoch and MACD indicators are also showing trouble ahead.  Meanwhile, COPY is marching on based on the tech show.  The stochastics and MACD on COPY are now looking good.  When the stoch line hits above the 80 level (as can be seen in prior history),  the price tends to ease.  We need to see a move above the 1 level early next week and we need to see a good entry in the tech show.
prior entry:  JUN 1
Closing Report:  Here we are in June already.  Should we consider the theory of leaving in May and coming back in October?  The stats do verify that there is some truth to the theory.  Can it be different this time?  Despite the fact that the economy is doing well, the market does not want to correlate itself with reality.  However, I have always said that the market is not always realistic.  If it was, it would be much easier to predict and make money.  The market has to deceive people.  If the economy can hold out, then any correction or near term bear market will eventually clear out.  The techs are simply not showing much improvement on all of these reaction rallies.  I have checked the charts.  The Dow now has resistance right around 11400 which is at the left shoulder formation.  The S&P chart is still showing a possible move to 1290-1310.  The Nasdaq continues to show major damage despite the big numbers on each of these rallies.  Luckily, you folks that have COPY are still doing fine.  COPY just seems to be in a world all its own.  Keep in mind that the SID show is going to be an influence but not the deciding factor.  INTC and DELL got an upgrade today but the reaction was not all that great.
prior entry:  MAY 31
Closing Report:  We got another rally this Wednesday, but nothing has changed.  Today's rally looked more like a mere reaction to an oversold condition which in itself is short term in nature.  Just look at the big techs.  IBM was once again disappointing.   My concerns over the past several weeks concerning the big techs turned out true.  Something is wrong and it is showing up in stocks like IBM.  We can get a rally, but these rallies will fail unless the techs can show improvement.  It is a travesty that IBM is now under 80 despite all the good news and record earnings.  There is also a very good chance that DELL will fall to the 20 level.  I have not noticed any sign of any major accumulation at the recent lows.
prior entry:  MAY 30
Closing Report:  My weekend report stands.  There is not much to say beyond what I have already said.  We will simply wait to see if the Dow can hold at the 11000 level and wait to see if the Fed releases anything positive.  If the Fed continues to raise rates, then we will go into an intermediate bear market.  Perhaps, our special situation stocks will hold the line despite any acceleration in the market decline.
Weekend Report:  caution and warning alert   This Memorial Day could very well mark a transition in the market over the intermediate term from offense to defense.  Something has changed in the market.  For those who understand science, I am talking about a chemical change where there can be found changes not of a superficial nature.  If you check out the charts of the Dow, S&P, Nasdaq, QQQQ, SOX, and a few of the big techs, I believe that you will be struck by the nature of the decline of the past two weeks.  It is like descending from a mountain top and you look back at the peak and you become discouraged immediately from climbing back up that near vertical rise.  On the Dow chart, there could occur a right shoulder at 11475-11490.  On the S&P, the chart becomes more bearish with resistance at about 1290.  The Nasdaq chart is also bearish with resistance at about 2265.  The QQQQ chart is also very bearish with heavy resistance just above 41 and near term resistance at the 40 level.  The SOX is also bearish with resistance at about 480.  IBM has suddenly turned into a bearish chart formation....a descending triangle wedge formation with the critical line at 79.50.  SBUX is going to 32-33 despite all the good news and being one of the best investments on Wall Street.  Perhaps SBUX can be bought at 32-33 for the longer term.  IBM could actually drop to the 74 level if 79.50 breaks.  We are now on a short term rally with the hope that the Fed will release good news concerning its view on interest rates.  This, in itself, is a poor excuse to mortgage the house to buy at this time.  Some analysts on CNBC have remained positive with not many coming on the air giving warning.  It is not easy for someone to get on TV and go against the grain, and I am not so sure that CNBC wants to scare investors at this time.  I am also beginning to believe that this rally is meant to keep investors in the market a little longer as brokerage insiders distribute inventory.  This process may take some time.  I have also noticed that many stocks have merely been spinning around without much progress even as market averages went higher with the big techs as an example.  Actually, many of the secondary techs have also fallen into the same pattern.  If you are in cash, this may not be the time to buy.  If in stocks, it may be prudent to lighten up on the rally.  As a critic of the markets, I am merely presenting my view of what the deviant elements may be planning considering the evidence at hand.  Some sort of chemical change has occurred, and it will take another chemical change to make it right again.  We will soon find out which way the Fed goes.  I found one other commentator that is also expressing concern....Mark Hulbert at
prior entry
Closing Report:  The bounce in the market continues as expected.  It has more to go according the the indications as seen on the charting patterns.  Of course, everyone is waiting for the release of Fed commentary.  Actually, that release may be the pivot point where this rallies for real or goes down for real.  We will be watching for some indication prior to the fact.  Tuesday and Wednesday will be important.  If the market is destined to go down, then we should see a further advance on Tuesday and early Wednesday to allow for distribution by brokerage insiders and specialists. 
prior entry:  MAY 25
Closing Report:  This market is starting to worry me.  The Dow goes up almost 100 points and stocks like IBM move up 20 or 30 cents.  Unless prices can move up with the stochastics indicator on this rally, we are in trouble.  I do advise caution in buying anything at this time unless it is a very special situation.  If the Fed does raise rates again, then there will be no question about it.  Go to sleep or take the summer off.  IBM seemed as if it were making a bottom but then it never completed the pattern of snapping quickly to the upside.  IBM began to fade after making its move from the bottom and this is not the way IBM makes a bottom.  The only salvation now is if the big techs can rally more strongly within a day or two.  If the stochastics line races back to the 80 level without an appreciable upward move in price, I will advocate leaving the ship before the last rat goes ashore.
prior entry:  MAY 24
Midday Report:  (12:00 ET)  Once again, there are signs of a short term bottom being made.  The key point will be whether or not the big techs can rally from this.  This morning, there were signs that some of the techs were being revived.  However, keep an eye on IBM.  We need IBM to rally to the green side from here today.  As I have stated prior to this, any advance from here may be short term only.  The big techs will determine the outcome.  If IBM cannot go above 85, it will be a negative sign.   Although I have been very positive about SBUX in the past, I must say that I am left with the hunch that it wants to go lower eventually and fill a gap on the chart at around the 32-33 level.  If that holds true, then it implies that the market will go lower after a short term advance.  When I shot XMSR to a hold, I was in essence giving up on it.  XMSR is no longer a prospect.  QTWW is merely bouncing between the mid 3's to 5 for the present but remains a good prospect.  TKO also remains a good prospect at these levels.  It may be wise to lighten positions on the next advance or merely sleep for a while.  If the Fed continues to raise rates, it will ruin the economy and the market.  The Fed is run by highly educated people.  The problem is that the apex of stupidity and the apex of educated sophistication will at times coincide......believe it or not.
prior entry:  MAY 23
Closing Report:  It was another disappointment today, but on the chart, it actually drew out to look positive for the Dow and S&P.  The Nasdaq is the major problem.  Since everything is so oversold on the indicators, we have to expect some sort of short term rally soon.  It will be on that rally that we will have to make judgment on the intermediate term.  As of right now, the intermediate term does not look promising when you consider the charts of the major averages.  Although not yet established, a longer term downtrend could develop if the market cannot advance toward the recent highs by the middle of summer.  At least, we can say that COPY went up on moderate volume despite all the uncertainty.  The COPY chart remains bullish. 
prior entry:  MAY 22
Closing Report:  The market continues the process of forming a near term bottom at some major support levels.   The 1260 level on the S&P does have some good support.  The problem that I now see is that we may have seen the highs for a while to come.  Unless there is some fantastic news, any rally from this point will find resistance at S&P 1300.   I was concerned when the Nasdaq began to fail as the Dow hit new  highs.  However, we can never be sure until after the fact, but once a major change has occurred, we have to face reality and not make the further mistake of disregarding all the negative signals.  Right now, we simply have to watch those big techs until a major buy signal occurs or until the bulk of the danger is expended.  Anything that is bought now should be with the notion of selling on any rally.  At least COPY held well and the chart still looks good.
prior entry:  MAY 19
Midday Report:  (2:00 ET)  The market seems to finally have made a bottom for the near term.  It took two drops this morning to do it.  I still think much of this was coordinated purposely to match with options expiration.  Although we should see some sort of good bounce from here, we must now turn very cautious in making judgment on any advances.  It now becomes very probable that investors will be kept on the defense and that the market will not achieve now highs.  Of course, there will always be certain stocks that may break out to the upside.  Although the averages did break some channel trendlines, the major horizontal support levels are still holding.  For those holding COPY.....well despite all the complaints, it was not affected by the market sell-off.
prior entry:  MAY 18
Closing Report:  It is not yet the end of the world......but it could be if major average lines are broken.  The QQQQ dropped right down to the one year support trendline while the Dow broke it major trendline but held at the 50 day average line.  I would be turning more bearish for the near term if this were not options expiration.  There is always a chance that brokerage insiders are picking up stock on this dumping by investors based on the news media's scare blitz concerning inflation worries.  Dell's quarterly report this Thursday of gloom was already expected.  Let us see how it goes over on this Friday.  Next week we will better judge the strength of any rally.  Indicators are deeply in the oversold level.
prior entry:  MAY 17
Closing Report:  The one year support trendline on the Dow is right at the low of the day at 11174.  The one year support trendline on the QQQQ is at 30 which was not hit.  Despite all of the havoc, we are still above those major trendlines, believe it or not.  This should turn around very soon by Thursday.  Only if we go substantially lower will this turn into a major sell signal.  Once again, the big techs did not go down by all that much as compared to the Dow or S&P or Nasdaq average.  Stochastics is now showing oversold on all fronts.
Midday Report:  (12:30 ET)  To look at the Dow at over 100 points down, you would think that everything was tanking.  IBM is down .15, INTC is down .15, DELL is up .15, MSFT is down .02, CSCO is down .05, ORCL is down .26 and HPQ is up 1.21.  What is going on here?  The situation looks very bullish for the big techs as they hold well while the mainstream non-techs are being hit going into this options expiration.  This decline is being geared for the unwinding of positions going into Friday.  The situation is deceiving as investors are being pushed by the news today that inflation may be on the rise because of the CPI index.  Meanwhile, oil is weak.  As I have said many times before, the financial media in this country plays right into the hands of those that would screw the American investor to the hilt.  Forget ethics and morality.  When it comes right down to it, the American investor is open game and all the antics of the government prosecutors is nothing but a show for their own personal gain.  You should either be willing to survive in this filth or get out now and stay out.
prior entry:  MAY 16
Closing Report:  Because of options expiration, there was dumping and buying as the big players continued to unwind positions.  It is always frustrating to see a stock that you may have just meander around because of this process.  I still believe that options expiration is a process that is used by brokerage insiders to screw investors....and that is final with me.  The Dow and S&P chart continue to look bullish despite all that has occurred.  It is only the Nasdaq chart that looks messy which makes sense considering some of the big techs such as Intel and Dell.  COPY still looks good on the chart.  I still like TKO and QTWW.   INTC still seems to be forming a bottom.  We hold and wait.
prior entry:  May 15
Closing Report:  Throughout the day, the deviant forces of the market cleaned up stock from those who got frustrated and got fooled by the smoke-screen of doom.  The market ended up strong.  No major trendlines have yet been broken to the downside and the market remains bullish.  However, with this being options expiration week, we must remain alert going through the week.  The big techs began to improve today.
Morning Report:  (10:00 ET)  This could be a classic bottom dump first thing this morning.  Heavy volume and big blocks of stock were dumped on a gap down.  We now wait as the big techs recovered quickly from the initial dump.  Oil and gold are weak and should be avoided for now.
prior entry:  MAY 12
Midday Report:  (12:00 ET)  The market remains bullish.  What you are hearing and seeing in the media is static to confuse investors.  If the market was going to really drop, the media would not go to this trouble to alert you.  The fear of inflation is nothing but crap.  The economy is strong and  that is what counts.  I just hate to see these crooked bastards from Wall Street purposely screw up investors by using the powers granted to them by the SEC and other government regulators.  How long have they been using the inflation excuse now?  Several years is the answer.  Greenspan maintained the inflation crap for years, and he was never called on his misjudgements.  Look at IBM.  It is looking more and more bullish.  I have been calling IBM a buy for some time now as it formed a rising triangle chart formation.  Because it did not break out, it gave the impression of weakness which is what the specialist want to do.  Meanwhile the IBM specialist and his favored clients have been accumulating it on all declines.  You may not recognize the forest unless you first recognize the individual trees.  You must look at the individual commodity stocks and the big tech stocks to see what is going on here.  It is not wise to be buying what is being hyped up which is oil and gold and mining stocks.  The big techs have been neglected by the media for some time now.  The Dow has taken a hit for now because of the many non-tech stocks that have risen.  I am sticking with QTWW mainly because it represents the future of the automobile.  I would not buy any oil stock here and certainly not any of the mining stocks. 
prior entry:  MAY 11
Closing Report:  The media slant today was that of fear.  All day long, the word "fear" came out of the woodwork at CNBC.  The implanted word by the hidden powers of the market was that the Fed was not through with the interest rate hikes.  As you can see, the media requires no proof of anything.  All that the media has to do is to inject the psychological implant into the bloodstream.  So far, no trendlines have been broken on this initial correction one day move.  We will now see if it follows through.  QTWW was up.  COPY stayed about the same.  The big techs were down but not by very much which is amazing.  People are wasting their time trying to analyze anything that a Fed chairman may say.  There is no difference between Greenspan and Bernanke except for the style of language.  The Fed's job is to serve the banks for which it stands.  The deviant powers that are now in the process of accumulating tech stocks, while investors buy gold and oil stocks, are just killing time to frustrate further all those who are still clinging to the techs.  Meanwhile, we have another dreaded options expiration next week which means that manipulation will again come into play.  With a contrarian view, I say that now is not the time to buy gold and oil.  Interest rates may go higher much later on but not over the near term.  The banks do not want many more people to switch out of their adjustable rate mortgages at the present time.  The banks would prefer a more quiet sneaking up process in order to keep people locked in to a bad situation. 
prior entry:  MAY 10
Midday Report:  (3:15 ET)  This may serve as a closing report.  The Fed raised 25 basis points as expected.  The Fed implied that if everything held as is then no further hikes would be necessary.  It said that if things were to change then further action would be taken.  That is what the market wanted.  There was no other way it could have been stated.  It makes sense that if things were to change in the economy, then the Fed would have to go with those changes.  What else!  We now wait to see if this advance can continue.  So far, the chart patterns remain bullish.  Whenever I see signs of manipulation in certain stocks, it seems to show that it involves insider accumulation.  I remain concerned that the big techs are still not responding.
prior entry:  MAY 9
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  DELL got downgraded today and everyone sold on that word.  You can bet that the DELL market makers and major brokerage firms knew what was coming and were prepared.  It is okay for brokers to have such insider information.  It is not okay for investors to know ahead of time of bad news.  Then, it is okay if those investors sell on the bad news, and then, it is okay if dealers buy from the panic selling at rock bottom prices.  Isn't this a great system!!!!!    Meanwhile, COPY did revamp its website home page which does represent an improvement.  I am glad that they finally removed that damn 5 inch screen to the opening phrase of  "Display Technology Applicable to Any Size Display."  The home page finally gives the impression that they are ready to do business instead of presenting mere research accomplishments.  The Dow should now challenge the all-time highs.  The big question is whether or not the S&P can match the highs.
prior entry:  MAY 8
Midday Report:  (3:15 ET)  The market keeps forging ahead.  INTC got upgraded today.  As I have been telling you, that two year chart on INTC will be proven correct as far as heavy support at that 19 level.  This is how the game is played.  Just when everything looked so negative for INTC and the shorts got carried away, INTC gets the upgrade.  Meanwhile, the other tech stocks are holding well.  All of the charts are looking bullish including the QQQQ and Nasdaq.  I will not make comment on the rumors concerning the COPY controversy.  The COPY chart continues to hold well and based on that there should be no problem in holding for the present.  So far today, it has done well.
Saturday Report:  This report is just something "off the cuff" of things that I am observing about the market.  First of all, nothing is ever 100% clear in the market.  I see positives and negatives.  That is what I hate about making commentary on the market.  People want clear answers, and there never seems to be a clear answer.  Whenever someone tries to give a so-called sure answer, he is usually proven wrong.  You already know how I feel about the study of economics.  However, in this business, the art of double-talking seems to be the order of the day.  So, let us go on with that premise in mind.  In a few months, commentators on TV will most likely be talking about the May highs.  If we are very lucky, they may be talking about the June highs.  We have a Fed meeting this week to worry about which will boil down to pure static and nothing else.  I am observing that the NYSE is now pushing toward the record highs of the year 2000 without all that much hype.  Instead, I am seeing a fair degree of doubt in the air coming from fund managers.  I have also noted that brokerage commentary outlets are not saying much and not trying to hype the market at this time.  This I find to be bullish.  Of course, this could change at any time.  I am also amazed at how the big tech stocks have been held back from joining this initial rally despite bullish looking chart patterns.  It is almost as if some power is holding back the techs as if to use this source as a reserve power source.  There will be some analysts that may say that the lack of performance in the techs means that the general market rally  will fail soon.  At some point, we should get a big tumble, but it would be a mistake to sell too soon just when the best profits may be made.  For now, I see no extreme in the market.  The Nasdaq can add some reserve power to the advance.  Quarterly reports have been very good.  A stock like IBM really should be at the 90 level as a minimum.  INTC remains at long term support.  Something has to give.  Let us observe if IBM can break through that 85 level.  I use IBM as an indicator, because the IBM specialist firm is the master of the business.  Those guys that operate IBM have always proven one thing to me.  They make big money on IBM by always taking advantage of major market moves.  I have not seen any evidence of any major distribution by this specialist as yet.  However, I have seen evidence that some big mutual funds have been selling stock......but selling to who?
prior entry:  MAY 5
Closing Report:  The market continues to break out to new highs except for the Nasdaq.  However, if the Nasdaq can move to new highs next week, then we could see something more lasting develop.  IBM went up, but not convincingly as yet.  I am still hoping that the techs can show better results next week to confirm this market move.  We have the Fed again making a decision next week.  The market has already factored in just one more hike in rates.  The commodity market should alleviate over the near term.  This rally is also being fueled by short covering which will carry into next week.  I feel that way too many investors were either hedging or outright shorting over the past few weeks.  The charts of the Dow and S&P have been bullish as per my prior statements.  The rising triangle formations on the charts were unmistakable.  Now, we wait for the techs to move.  The IBM chart is looking very bullish over the near term, but I will keep a close watch to see if it can rise above that critical 85 level. 
prior entry:  MAY 4
Closing Report:  Once again, the market rallied to maintain its position near the highs.  However, stocks like IBM virtually did nothing.  I will continue to monitor this situation.  If IBM does not move above the 85 level soon while the general market continues to new highs, I will turn bearish. 
prior entry:  May 3
Closing Report:  The financial media today came out with the slant that good news was really bad news.  This validates everything that I said yesterday.  Factory orders were strong implying that it tended to create inflationary pressure.  Can you now see the fallacy of this whole affair?  There is no common sense to the economic situation except that which is desired by the crooked operators of the market (specialist firms, Wall Street brokerages, and other devious banking concerns).   The market came back at the end to curtail losses.  If you sold a good position during the day based on the media slant, too bad, and too bad also if you shorted.  We now wait for another day.
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  Although the market has been down this morning by as much as over 50 points, upon looking at all the charts I continue to see a bullish situation.  There has been no deterioration in the indicators.  Despite the recent moves in oil and gold, the market has held.  These declines seem to be geared to unseat those investors who lack conviction.  Until I see major trendlines broken to the downside, I remain bullish..... at least for now.
prior entry:  MAY 2
Closing Report:  The market closed strong despite the mediocre performance by the techs.  The Nasdaq remains bland.  The S&P chart remains bullish with strong indications of further upside.   COPY moved up in the last 15 minutes with increased volume of about 70000 shares.  Someone waited for the end of the day to buy.  Although I have XMSR and SIRI as a hold on my watch list, I have turned negative on these for some time now.  The fire that lit these two stocks is now gone.  IBM remains my main concern for now since an upside movement will be required in this issue in order for tech to shine again.  IBM has had nothing but good news and yet, it fails to go higher.
Midday Report:  (12:30 ET)  Well, some of the smoke has cleared today.  The May Day assault on American traditions is now least for now.  The Bernanke comments have been analyzed with more scrutiny by the so-called experts.....and at least for now, emotions have abated.  As many of you may know, my college major was economics.  Although I hold that degree and am proud of such degree, I must admit that my stance about the field of economics is much more in doubt.  Even as I heard all those professors presenting all their graphs and theories on the board, I concluded that their cleverness was no greater than the street-wise kid from the back streets of any South American city.  Economics is nothing but double-talk.  If the economy gets stronger.....that is suppose to be good for business.  Wait a minute.  If the economy gets stronger, that is really bad because interest rates will go higher which is bad.  There is no clarity, and it shows in the comments coming from the Federal Reserve.  The members of the Fed are masters of double-talk.  Greenspan proved this and Bernanke is of the same species.  These people work for the banking system.  If you believe that banks are here to look after the interest of the people, you must be naive.  Banks will try to get away with anything that will screw the consumer by operating in the gray area of the law.  This will go on until someone initiates a class action suit.  The media does not report on these suits.  There are many.  The Fed does nothing, and Congress does nothing about credit card abuses.  Whenever the Fed chairman sits before Congress, all I hear is one stupid question after another by some senator and then I have to endure an even more stupid answer by the Fed chairman.   Meanwhile, we in the market have to take it as it comes and accept it as part of the game.  Greenspan had no compassion for the investor, and this new guy is the same.   While the market seems to want to go higher, I am concerned that some of the big tech stocks are not responding well.  We need to see stocks like IBM break above resistance.  It makes no difference what our personal opinion may be concerning the social integrity of IBM.  The fact still remains that stocks like IBM are needed if the market is to forge ahead from here.  At this time, the IBM chart remains bullish despite the stagnation of price which can be attested by its rising triangle formation.  If it breaks to the downside, I will report it.  So far, although we are at market highs, I do not see a great amount of hype which is good.   No, I could never become a professional economist teaching in some college.  When I talk and write, I have the undeniable fault of using plain language.  If I had worked for the Fed or for a government agency, I would have been fired within 24 hours. 
prior entry:  MAY 1
Closing Report:  Bernanke made some comments and the market dropped.  The only difference between Greenspan and Bernanke is that Bernanke speaks in plain English.  However, they are both the same.  Neither one really means what he says.  Actually, Bernanke is more dangerous because investors understand his words.  It was much better when we did not understand what the hell Greenspan was trying to say.  I really do not believe that the Fed has any idea of where it is all going.  Meanwhile, we have a foreign invasion and we do not know where we are going.  Let's just take a break here and let the smoke clear.....if ever it clears again.
Sunday Report:  This is a birthday to yours truly.  I really have stopped accounting for age.  There are times when I really cannot even remember the age and find myself subtracting my year of birth from the present year.  The important thing is that people still believe I look ten or more years younger than what the numbers dictate. So much for that.  The market wants to go higher although we should watch for trouble just in case there is a sudden reversal from new highs.  The media could very well emphasize the words of Bernanke which were,  "There is ... the possibility that if there is sufficient uncertainty, that we may chose to pause, simply to gain more information to learn better what the true risks are and how the economy is actually evolving."  A good supply of economic data this week could help the market.  The Dow chart actually looks bullish at present with all the average lines heading up along with the stochastics and MACD line.  Bernanke's testimony can be found at  The S&P charts does validate the Dow.  The Nasdaq is showing up as the weaker chart but its upward channel remains in place and is now a little oversold on the indicators.  While the chip stocks have been under dark shadows, the SOX chart is now showing that things may not be as bad as portrayed in the media.  A near term uptrend channel is forming on the SOX chart.  Although many Wall Street analysts have now downgraded Intel, I will continue to say that we may well have a near term bottom in place.  I consider it to be very stupid of major brokerage analysts to downgrade Intel after the fact.  Actually, these analysts may not be stupid.  The stupid ones are the ones that are listening to these analysts.  As people sell, these brokerage analysts, who are employed by major brokerage firms, are most likely allowing brokerage insiders to accumulate as their clients sell.  In the short period of time that I worked for a brokerage firm, I learned one very  important thing.  The welfare of brokerage insiders, market makers and special clients will take precedence over regular investment clients.  These folks could not care less if you lose all your money so long as they profit by it.  There will always by more fish bringing in more money.  The present system of brokerage upgrades and downgrades is perhaps the most corrupt system on Wall Street.  However, media people, who value their jobs, will never investigate this.  Even government authorities do not want to touch this one.  So, let us always be weary of upgrades and downgrades.  It becomes like a spectrum.  When every analyst is on a buy, it is bearish.  When every analyst is on a sell, we should consider turning bullish.
prior entry:  APR 28
Morning Report:  (10:45 ET)  My opinion of MSFT is not a very good one.  For some time now, my opinion of Bill Gates is that he has abandoned his company.  He spends his time playing liberal handing out money as if he will solve the problem of poverty.  In the process of playing liberal, he is turning his stockholders into the poverty class.  Maybe he will now start a charity and welfare system that will support his diehard stockholders that are quickly sinking into the lower class.  Meanwhile, the XBOX is riddled with problematic malfunctions and the MSFT operating system is so secure that even a high school student can hack it.  His big dividend giveaway of a couple of years ago was just a demonstration of the lack of ability to put that money to better use in improving innovation at the company.  Okay, that's enough bashing for one day.  For now, the MSFT debacle is screwing up the market and that is our concern.
prior entry:  APR 27
Closing Report:  Today was a critical day for the market to hod some positive ground.  Some of my sources have been sending me warning signals on the market.  These signals could turn into sell signals but it all depends on what the market does over the next two or three sessions.  Sor far, it is holding on the bullish side.  IBM enthusiasts are still doing well on the long side.  IBM broke to the upside above its wedge formation above 84.  The next critical level will be 85.  A move above 85 on IBM will signal a new bull move on the techs.  We will now wait and see.  Even INTC began to improve today.  I am much more bullish on INTC than on DELL (which still has some technical concerns). 
prior entry:  APR 26
Midday Report:  (4:00 ET)  At this time, only a drop below S&P 1280 would trigger a sell signal.  The market still looks strong with no evidence of any major exchange insider distribution.
prior entry:  APR 25
Closing Report:  Although the market was down again, it gave the impression of being under deviant control.  In other words, it was a controlled decline by specialists and other market makers.  The QQQQ chart is now showing a six month bullish pattern which is a rising triangle pattern.  Will it break out to the upside with new highs?  The pattern is indicating that it will.  The Nasdaq chart pattern is a little more bearish showing a rising wedge formation.  This pattern is indicating that it could very well go higher over the near term into the middle of May.  MSO closed strong and remains bullish.  IBM held its ground.  I remain bullish on IBM for a breakout move above the 85 level.
Morning Report:  (11:30 ET)  The market continues to hold well as these small declines remain just that....small declines.  There is no spiking in prices which will usually mark a top.  IBM finally came through with some news.....a 50% increase in the dividend to 30 cents per quarter and another $4 billion in buybacks.  This is bullish for IBM.  MSO reported a bullish quarterly with an increase in revenue despite a small profit loss.  MSO also looks bullish.  Stocks like DELL continue to look bearish for now.  Note for COPY holders:  The COPY chart now looks bullish for the near term with a strong stochastics line and a possible pull-up on the MACD line.
prior entry:  APR 24
Closing Report:  Although the market seems as if it wants to go higher, we should still maintain some caution.   The indicators that I follow working off the charts still show some upside potential.  However, all it takes for things to change in a drastic manner is a decline that breaks through one of the major support trendlines.  So far, we are above those support lines.  In order for the market to go up from here to new highs, we need to see the advance-decline line show some improvement.  I do have a concern that some weakness has entered the advancing issues.  I will keep a watch on these matters over the coming days.  QTWW advanced again this Monday based on the comments made by  President Bush concerning the need for hydrogen energy research. 
prior entry:  APR 21
Midday Report:  (2:30 ET)  This may not be a good day to be buying anything.   In my opinion, options expiration should be abolished on a monthly basis.  It is nothing but a manipulation other words, it is a legal form of crookedness.  It is one of the greatest plays within the gray area of the law.  The big techs never joined the rally today.  DELL was downgraded to a sell by Citi and that set the pace to the downside.  Monday will give us a better perspective.  According to the automated system, COPY is showing a bit of a bullish pattern but keep an eye on it to see if a buy is given. 
prior entry:  APR 20
Closing Report:  We may see another strange day this Friday because of options expiration.  The NYSE is strong while the Nasdaq is weak going into this Friday.  Meanwhile, the indicators are starting to show overbought on the near term.  The longer term indicators are holding.  The big techs have once again stalled which is highly unusual.  All we can do is to keep a watchful eye on the charts.  So far, the major trendlines are holding.  For those of you that have COPY, I can only say that it is holding at the 200 day average line which is critical
prior entry:  APR 19
Closing Report:  Intel reported according to expectations.  Of course, the stock is already so far down in the wait for this report that it may even advance from here if the general tech sector moves up.  IBM was down today but I consider it all to be even more accumulation.  QTWW and TKO keep edging upward.  MSO seems to want to go over that 20 level.  Keep in mind that we have options expiration this Friday which means that there will be some manipulation in the trading.  COPY is now at a critical level.  Without news it may slip again but so far it is holding on the chart. 
prior entry:  APR 18
Closing Report:  IBM came through in a bullish manner all the way with a positive quarterly.  Since IBM is just coming off the lows, it has some upside potential here.  I did say last Wednesday that IBM was a buy based on plenty of evidence such as specialist accumulation.  INTC will report tomorrow Wednesday.  I also consider INTC to be a buy.  For those of you that have COPY, I say that it must hold here or it will be disappointing.  The problem is once again a lack of news.
Midday Report:  (2:15 ET)  As I have been saying, the market wants to go higher despite there being some negative signs.  Of course, the IBM report after the close today will be a big factor.  IBM is up at this time and looks strong which is unusual just before the quarterly.  QTWW continues strong with the price of oil.  There are rumors that the Fed may be considering stopping the rate hikes.  HDTV reported that they are now mass producing their screen chip to LG Electronics.  I have to hand it to these people.  They have the product to produce a super TV screen and they are moving fast to get it out there despite being in a cash crunch.  When there is high demand, the orders come in and so does the revenue.
prior entry:  APR 17
Closing Report:  First, I will correct myself on the date for IBM's report.  IBM will report tomorrow, Tuesday, after the close.  INTC will report on Wednesday after the close.  It is unusual that IBM will report before Intel.  Either way, these two stocks will determine which way tech goes over the near term.  According to the stock price, everyone is already expecting nothing much.  Maybe that is a good sign, but we will know tomorrow after the close.  Most sectors were bland today except for the alternate energy stocks which did rather well.  QTWW keeps edging upward.  I have also noticed that TKO is slowly moving upward.  COPY was neutral today but is still keep above the 200 day average line.  The decline today in the general market was nothing out of the ordinary.
Easter Sunday Report:  I wish everyone a happy Easter holiday.  Some of the big techs like IBM and INTC will report this week.  We will soon find out which way this goes.  Has this been just a mild correction which is now over sold and ready to rally again, or is it the start of a major slide?   The stochastic indicators are showing oversold on all fronts.  The MACD is showing weakness from the recent correction and can be considered neutral.  The moving average lines are still showing that the shorter term lines are well above the longer term lines.  It becomes bearish if say the 5o day average line crosses below the 100 day line.  Of course, the news could go either way this week, but it is true that there has been now major distribution by exchange insiders this far.  It is my impression that the bullish factors still outnumber the bearish.  Many of the automated technical systems that I monitor have just this week upgraded both IBM and INTC which is a good sign.  As I have been saying for several session now, INTC has remained at the two year support between 19 and 20.  I do consider Intel a buy at this point.  This past week, I saw strong evidence that the IBM specialist has accumulated big blocks of stock at the 80.75 level.  This occurred on Wednesday.  On Thursday, IBM opened up which came as no surprise to me considering that I have seen this many times before at major bottoms.  If you have MSO, continue to hold.  COPY has gone right down to the 200 day average line which is support.  Now, we wait for the action this week, and there will be action  this week one way or the other. 
prior entry:  APR 13
Midday Report:  (1:30 ET)  We are in a corrective phase, but it does seem to be bullish in nature.  There has been no sign of any major distribution by brokerage insiders.  There has been no breakdown in major support lines.  IBM is finally up today from the lows of yesterday when a big block of over 300000 shares crossed after the close at 80.75.  You know what that was.  If not, then you have wasted your time reading all of my past commentary.  The market wants to go higher while investors are being kept in check with news media scares such as the Iran situation.  Folks....Iran has no power over what Wall Street insiders want to do.  The financial news media is the tool of the brokerage firms....CNBC, NBC and MSNBC, etc.   
prior entry:  APR 12
Closing Report:  Not much has happened on the surface of the market for the past few days.  Yesterday, I was busy finishing doing documentation for a startup business.  As I have been saying, it is one day down and one day up.  The only difference over the past few days is that the movement has been in the form of a correction.  Fear increased in the market which was sparked by the international scene.  You must keep in mind that the specialists, market makers, and other brokerage dealers use the emotion for their own means.  In other words, they have been accumulating as investors have been dumping.  A good example of this is IBM.  IBM will reprot on April 19th.  The results should be good.  However, in the meantime, the specialist is taking down the price right to the one year support trendline which is now set in between 80.25 and 80.50.  IBM is a buy.  IBM, DELL and INTC have been taken down purposely by brokerage insiders who have spread the idea that big tech is out of fashion.  This is also being spread on CNBC.  The charts of the major averages are all showing the correction pattern but stochastics and the MACD are showing mixed signals.  While the MACD is showing a downtrend, the stochastics line is clearly showing oversold and turning from low levels.  NOTE for COPY holders:   The price did break down today which looks bearish on the chart.  The stochastics line is showing oversold.  The price did come very close to the 200 day average line which tends to act as support. 
prior entry:  Apr 10
Closing Report:  The market continues to edge higher in a slow moving fashion which is bullish.  We do not want to see spiking at this time.  Alcoa (AA) reported record earnings above expectations after the close and this will help the market.  Now we wait for INTC followed by IBM.  As you know, I am positive on these two stocks.  INTC has been lingering at two year lows which is a major support level.  For the earnings that IBM can now produce in an historical sense, the price is low.  However, the major resistance level for IBM to beat is the 85 level.  If it breaks 85, it will go to 89 very quickly.  MSO continues to go higher above the 20 level.  I did advise a consideration for Martha Stewart while at the 17 level not long ago based on the heavy short position and on improving fundmentals.
Saturday Report:  At this time, I would like to highlight some of the other stocks on my watch list.   Although I firmly believe in the future of QTWW, I would like to emphasize TKO which I believe will prosper in an even shorter period of time.  Take a look at the TKO charts and check out its past history.  You will find that Don Trump has become involved since he has outfitted his own buildings with the TKO internet product.  TKO is able to make use of any present wiring system within a building to make use of the internet without doing any new wiring.  These folks are progressing into high speed internet.  Now is the time to consider this stock while at 4 or below.   All information and website at:
prior entry:  APR 7
Midday Report:  (3:00 ET)  This could actually be my closing remarks for the day.  The decline that we have seen today is still part of the scenario that I have been talking about for the past several sessions.  Nothing has changed.  Quarterly reports are coming out next week and there is no hype on CNBC.  Many people do not even realize that the first quarter is over.  I find this to be bullish.  Something is needed to push the big techs.  The only thing left would be some good news in the quarterly reports.  Next week will be a big week.  All we can do is wait.  By the way, commodities have been spiking to the upside without signs of inflation.  Too many people jumping into this sector.  I would ease off this group if the spiking effect continues into next week. 
prior entry:  APR 6
Closing Report:  It was just more of the same today as in the past few weeks.  The down day today simply kept the shorts in the game a little longer.  The market remains bullish.  The QQQQ is now making a move on that prior high at 43.31 which could occur at any time now.  If it can close above that level, we could see a big run.  For now, most of the stocks we watch are holding well.  Today, MSO did make a big upside run on good news.  If you have MSO, hold on to it for now.  Meanwhile, the stochastics indicator is looking good on most charts of the major averages.  However, it is important the IBM, CSCO, DELL and INTC do something soon.
Midday Report:  (12:00 ET)  I find it amazing how the deviant powers of Wall Street have been taking the market up without causing much hype.  While the averages have been going up, the shorts have been kept in place under an apathetic sleeping hypnosis.  It is for that reason that I continue to expect more upside.  The market will go down when the shorts wakeup and find themselves with margin calls and bail out.  The market has been going up steadily with a series of up and down days with the up days producing higher numbers.  You can see it all by the release of news in the media.  For example, today the market is weak because the media is emphasizing retail sales while pumping the commodity stocks.  If you know my basic philosophy, you will realize that tomorrow and the next session are already written in the news to come.  In other words, the news for next week is already written.  Meanwhile, MSO is up today on the Macy's deal.  You could just see this one coming.  Almost 70% of the float is shorted.  Almost every analyst has MSO as a sell.  What is going on here?  Well, in my opinion, the MSO specialist and other brokerage dealers are among the most deviant people on Wall Street.  These folks will screw both the longs and the shorts.  For now, it will be the shorts that will increase the bonus salaries of the specialist firm and others. 
prior entry:  APR 5
Closing Report:  As expected, the market continues to edge higher in a smooth orderly manner.  Beware of spikes.   The QQQQ is now trying to reach its prior high at around 43.30.  That level will be something to watch and consider critical.  Although the techs improved today, the big techs did not do very much to the upside except IBM.  For now, the charts look good.  The COPY chart is holding right on the trendline.  Everyone should just hang tight for now.
prior entry:  APR 4
Closing Report:  You can see from today's action that the market still has some upside room.  There has been no chemical change as yet to initiate a major correction.  However, as we go along here, we should continue to monitor that rising wedge formation on the S&P.  The QQQQ is now trying to resolve itself for a breakout, but we shall see later in the week.  The big techs are still stagnant which is surprising.  DELL and INTC are simply dead in the water.  QTWW, which is my favorite long term play, is slowly edging higher.  The people that run this company are busy everyday doing good things and that is what you want to see in management.  QTWW will be a winner since oil keeps going higher and the Toyota effort to build innovative automobiles continues to exert demand on the hydrogen energy powerplant.  GM and Ford better get on the ball and increase their partnership with QTWW. 
prior entry:  APR 3
Closing Report:  Most of the rally disappeared.  However, the S&P was still up and the QQQQ ended up right around that critical 42 level.  The biggest negative was that the big techs did not do much.  For any kind of major advance to occur, the techs will have to go up strongly.  Caution is still something to consider.  If the QQQQ closes below that 42 level by any kind of wide margin, it will produce a bearish signal.  The rising wedge formation in the S&P over the past several months is something that you should consider.  There is always a chance that it could resolve to the upside.  However, the historical odds are slanted to the bearish side.  Whenever it does break to the downside, it usually does wind up in a serious correction.  The stocks we watch held fairly well.  COPY held on very low volume.  QTWW continues to edge upward.  What is my opinion on gold and silver?  I remain bullish and will keep my silver coins a little longer.
Midday Report:  (3:00 ET)  It is important that this rally holds into the close.  So far, the QQQQ chart still has some promise.  I now turn my concern to the S&P chart which has broken out to the upside.  However, I am concerned about that rising wedge formation which is a bearish signal.  If the Nasdaq does not do any more than this over the next few days, we could see some trouble.  The big techs are mixed so far today giving us no indication of any direction based on strength.  We wait for something further to develop.
prior entry:  MAR 30
Closing Report:  HDTV finally made a move off the floor with a gain of over $1 and this is a major event for this issue.  HDTV is producing high quality imager sets for LG Electronics.  News can be found on  LG is buying their screen imager as fast as they can be made.  Meanwhile, the Dow was weak while the Nasdaq showed green.  The QQQQ has closed just above the 42 level.......
Midday Report:  (12:30 ET)  Although the Dow is down, the general market is up.  Certain stocks like MMM are knocking the Dow.  The S&P loss in the morning was marginal before going positive.  We need to see a close above 42 in the QQQQ today to confirm the strength in the Nasdaq. 
prior entry:  MAR 29
Closing Report:  Shorts get out.  The QQQQ went above 42 and closed just below.   Tomorrow will be it.  The Nasdaq has already gone above prior highs.  All the charts are bullish.  This is not the time to sell.  New positions could always be tried on those stocks that are still low but show oversold on stochastics.  That is the best that I can say from my observations.  I do believe that specialists and other dealers have been accumulating over the past few weeks in many issues and they have been patient during the process.
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  Look at yesterday.  Look at today.  Can you see what the power element of specialists and brokerage dealers are doing?  Even a third world teenager off the streets would know while the highly educated and brainwashed college grads of America believe that all of this is merely an act of nature.  The American investor is the most highly educated stupid person in the world and that is why the brokerage establishment makes big money.  Many people sold yesterday in the belief that a bearish turn had occurred.  Is it not amazing that the futures overnight turned positive.  That is the power of control by forces not mentioned on CNBC or any other establishment channel.  The market wants to go higher.  The big techs are positive today after the bashing yesterday.  Yesterday, I heard one commentator on CNBC say that the Fed was going to raise rates many more times based on the Fed release.  Yet, that is not what the Fed did say.  It is just an example of the media being used to manipulate people.  Just keep a watch on the QQQQ, because a closing move above 42 would create a bullish signal.  The Nasdaq continues stronger than the Q's which explains the weakness in stocks like DELL, INTC, CSCO, etc.  If DELL and INTC come off the lows, it will lend fuel to an advance in the general market. 
prior entry:  MAR 28
Midday Report:  (2:30 ET)  It was sell on the Fed on news that was already expected.  So now what?  Now we watch if it all breaks down or holds and comes back.  Now that the Fed is out of the way, we should get a decisive move either way.  The techs are weak today but declines seem to be under the control of brokerage powers. 
prior entry:  MAR 27
Closing Report:  The Nasdaq keeps inching up and soon we will test that 42 level on the QQQQ.  Only at that time will we be able to make any sort of intelligent guess on direction.  At least the techs are showing some interest.  The S&P chart is showing a small wedge pattern while in consolidation that should resolve in just a few days.  Maybe the market is waiting for the Fed to say something or maybe just waiting for March to end.  We remain on hold.
prior entry:  MAR 24
Closing Report:  The market closed mildly on the upside but this can only be considered very positive when put into proper perspective.  The declines have been totally under the control of specialists and other dealers who want this market higher.  There are still too many shorts in the market and it is almost certain that the shorts will be taken out.  It may be a different story for the longer term but the shorts must always worry about tomorrow.  If the QQQQ can close above 42, this market is going to fly.  The downside support line on the QQQQ is at about 40.25.  Those are the parameters to watch.  We also need DELL and INTC to come off that floor in order for the QQQQ average to stand a chance.  
Midday Report:  (3:15 ET)  As we head into the close, the market has once again advanced after a mild selling period.  We still need an improvement in the Nasdaq 100.  So far, all uptrends are holding.
prior entry:  MAR 23
Closing Report:  Although the market was down today, the action of the day was actually bullish.  Of course, this is how my contrarian philosophy goes.  However, if you observe the Dow and S&P charts, you will see that the uptrend is still on solid ground.  It is only the QQQQ that is a problem.  Stochastics has been coming down into oversold territory on all the charts which means that we could see further gains next week.  The Copytele chart still looks bullish, and the automated buy/sell system on our message board page still has a buy and hold on it.  I still find it amazing that the auto system has done a good job over the years on COPY.  COPY was strong into the close on moderate volume despite the weak market.  I will continue with the advisory considerations for the long term on QTWW and DESC at these levels.  Although I am not as bullish on XMSR and SIRI as once before, I do believe that they are both coming off support levels.  However, I can only consider them as holds and not buys. NOTE:  I have established a message board for general market commentary just in case someone would like to express a worthy opinion of the market or any other stock.   I am giving you the chance to become an analyst or commentator if you so desire.  You will in no way be competing with me since I am officially a mere critic of the market.  Furthermore, you may be able to contribute things which I may overlook or not notice.
Midday Report:  (12:30 ET)  One of my sources of information continues to emphasize that the pattern formation on the Nasdaq 100 (QQQQ) is of critical concern.  It seems that out of sample of several hundred such patterns in the QQQQ about 94% did result in a correction.  That means that about 6% resulted in a simple sideways movement with further gains.  Once again, I will emphasize the importance of that 42 level on the QQQQ.  Unless we can overcome that level soon (maybe within two or three weeks) we could be in trouble.  We must consider that some pretty big stocks are in that QQQQ index average ( the biggest 100 stocks of the Nasdaq).  That is why the QQQQ has become so important...perhaps even more important that the Dow itself.  Yet, you will hear of the Nasdaq comp in the news and hardly anything on the Nasdaq 100.  While the Nasdaq comp  has gone to a recovery high, the Nasdaq 100 has not.  We have to determine if it is okay for money to be going into the smaller stocks rather than into the bigger stocks.  I suppose this becomes a matter of opinion.  QTWW and DESC continue to hold despite today's decline.  COPY and MSO also continue to hold.  It still feels like the general market is not quite ready for any major correction.  However, let us keep a good watch on that QQQQ chart. 
prior entry:  MAR 22
Closing Report:  The market rebounded and the near term still looks bullish.  While the market was down early in the day, the decline stalled and floundered around for a while which was a clue that new highs were yet to come.  Only the QQQQ remains a problem.  The big techs gained on the day.  The Dow is now approaching those highs of the year 2000.  While we may stay positive a little longer, we should be cautious as the old highs are approached.  Somehow the big techs will relate to this move and they really should advance further as the averages go higher. 
prior entry:  MAR 21
Midday Report:  (3:15 ET)  Today's rally has failed as far as the averages are concerned but IBM, DELL and INTC are still up.  COPY is still up.  The Nasdaq did break out to new recovery highs at one point which is significant.  That leaves only the QQQQ which is still lingering below the shoulder pattern.  There is no need to turn bearish as yet. 
Midday Report:  (12:15 ET)  Whether it is good or bad, things are starting to happen in the market.  Something has changed.  The big techs are up.  My advisory on INTC continues.  IBM and DELL are looking better.  We may well have seen the lows in these issues for a while.  I have always said that the market needs these big techs in order to break out to the upside.  The only major negative up to this point in time has been the chart pattern of the QQQQ and Nasdaq.  If the Nasdaq can break above the shoulder pattern, we could have a major advance across the board.  We should observe that Nasdaq chart day by day since the big techs of the Nasdaq are now advancing off a floor.  Upon checking with some of my sources, I find that many analysts are still hedging on the bearish side.  Of course, the weakness on the Nasdaq over the past month has caused this to happen.  However, there are times when something is too widely advertised .....then what happens is that it just does not happen.  Be cautious but do not sell until a major sell signal is given off the charts.  So far, all trendlines have been maintained along with support levels.  We do not want to see any upward spike in the S&P that can be classified as a blow-off.  Right now the market is just crawling upward inch by inch which is a positive.  We do not want the shorts to jump out too soon nor have the longs become too enthusiastic.  XMSR and SIRI are still holding along a base.  SBUX still looks good.  QTWW and DESC have corrected with less emphasis on the oil situation but still look good as buys.  Those who have COPY should just relax for now until the indicators clear up. 
prior entry:  MAR 20
Closing Report:  The Nasdaq was stronger today which reverses the recent trend and this may be a good sign for the near term.  While IBM keeps sneaking up, DELL and INTC remain near the lows.  MLynch did put in a plug for IBM today and implied it was a growth stock.  The stocks we watch held.  COPY continues to hold above the critical 100 day average line which is now at about .82.  Both stochastics and MACD are weak at present. 
Midday Report:  (3:00 ET)   The Fed will stop reporting M3 money supply starting this week.. Notice at    A controversy is building up concerning this.  You may have your own opinion.  I have mine.  The excuse is that it will save money.  My opinion.....saving money.....a bureaucratic agency wanting to save money.......  That in itself is cause for suspicion.  While M2 and M3 will track alike on a chart for most of the time, once in a while a deviation occurs.  The last time it occurred was at the market top in 2000 and at the end of 2001.  We know what happened there as the bear market continued.  Well, there may be another deviation starting again, but the Fed has deemed that M3 is no longer imporant.  A simple chart can be viewed by clicking on Federal Reserve m3 above.
prior entry:  MAR 17
Midday Report:  (3:30 ET)  Since today is options expiration, it is not a good day to make judgements concerning indicators.  Because I consider options to be nothing but a crooked scam perpetrated on investors by broker-dealers, I can place no confidence on anything until Monday.  We may get a clue as to how much rally is left in the market by early next week.  I am trying to be bullish based on those indicators that are bullish, but of course, there are always some technicals that are showing up as bearish warnings which I mentioned yesterday.   I am becoming more and more of a critic (psychology-based) because all the indicators in the world will not tell you exactly when a market move is over.   You should clearly see a rising wedge formation on the six month S&P chart which is a warning.  However, the big question is whether or not the move will carry to the apex of the triangle.  Usually, the lower trendline will be broken somewhere between now and the apex.  If that lower line is broken, will we have enough time to react?  Most of the times, we become undecided, because we figure that maybe it is all just a false signal.  The average investor is usually not hardened enough with discipline.  When we act on a valid signal and it turns out wrong, we get emotional and kick ourselves instead of moving on.  If a sell signal is given and we hold....then we attach ourselves to the hindsight method of torture.   You can go into a good winning streak, but you must realize that it will not last for life.  The market will humble the arrogant.  Stay with those issues that you understand and with which you have confidence.  Although the Nasdaq is up today, remember that unless it can go above that upper resistance line at 2332 the move on the S&P is suspect.  I already explained about the QQQQ yesterday.  You will also note that the stochastics line has now moved into overbought levels.   Note:  The automated system gave a buy signal on COPY today.  It is interesting to note that such a simple system as that has been correct so many times.
prior entry:  MAR 16
Closing Report:  Even as the Dow goes higher, we are having a problem with the Nasdaq.  I will admit that not too long ago it was the other way around if you will recall.  The Nasdaq was stronger than the Dow, and despite that, the market went higher on both sides.  Can it happen that way again?  Is the Nasdaq just correcting while the S&P goes higher?  Some of my sources of opinion are now expressing cautionary advice.  Nothing can ever be taken for granted in the market.  Even the best indicators can be wrong or misleading at times.  The best that we can do at this point is simply to be observant.  We should observe the QQQQ chart for a serious breakdown of its present trend.  So far,, we are okay.  The Nasdaq almost reached its prior high missing it by about 10 points today and even this could set up a double top on the Nasdaq chart.  The QQQQ chart merely came close to the shoulder pattern and is still some ways from the prior high.  On the QQQQ chart, you can see the descending triangle formation over the last three months.  If the price breaks below that triangle base at about 40.30, it could easily drop down to the 38 level and become detrimental to the whole market.  Let us keep a watch on this.
Midday Report:  (12:15 ET)  The rally goes on as to be expected according to chart indications.  However, what I mentioned yesterday still holds.  Caution is still required but no selling.  The caution is mostly on buying into new positons until that QQQQ changes for the better.  The stocks on my list are mixed.  COPY came close to that .80 level on heavier volume.  Our hydrogen energy stocks are neutral.  MSO should be kept for now but we should watch the general market since it seems to be focused on the Dow.  The QQQQ has to pull above that head and shoulder formation for the breakout on the S&P to remain strong.
prior entry:  MAR 15
Closing Report:  The Dow and S&P are now breaking through resistance and should go further, but we should now watch that stochastics line to see if it turns lower as the averages go higher.....which could signal a warning.  The Nasdaq is lagging and is still under recent prior highs.  The QQQQ is lagging even more and should be watched.  Unless the QQQQ can move to recent highs soon, the market could be in trouble.  IBM continues to edge higher while INTC continues to stall below 20.  It looks like selling should be put off until a signal is given.  It is too late to buy unless it is a special situation.  On the chart, the S&P looks strong with the next resistance trendline at about 1315 which I will verify by tomorrow.
prior entry:  MAR 14
Closing Report:   We were up again today which is being supported by bullish indicators.  However, the S&P will soon test that 1300 level which sits on a longer term upper channel trendline.   Will it break through?  The odds are looking good that it might and this is based on the upward trend of the major averages on the charts.  The Dow still has some room and the Nasdaq chart is looking strong on the stochastics line.  We do need the MACD to support the move and we should observe that this week.  Have you noticed how they have moved IBM up slowly and quietly?  For this advance to work, I will maintain that we need the support of the big techs.  INTC and DELL are still lagging and so we should watch those.  SBUX keeps going strong with news of more coffee consumption....what else.  QTWW remains a strong buy at this gap fill area of 3.30 to 3.40.  COPY support is now at the 100 day average line around .80.  It broke through first support at .93 on moderate volume.  MSO has still not broken to new lows (read stockwatch comments).  DESC and ENER remained strong. 
Note:  Odd-lot shorting has been increasing which tends to be bullish.
Closing Report:  It was another day of the market going nowhere, but while in this process, the market demonstrated some positive action on the charts.  The S&P showed strength in a mixed market.  IBM did better than the other big techs.  QTWW has now filled the chart gap in that 3.30-3.40 range.  DESC also held its ground today and oil refuses to go lower.  COPY was down as expected but it was no major decline.  It did hit the short term channel trendline at around .93.  The longer term line of support is now at around .80.   The financial news today continued to stress the threat of higher rates by Bernanke which is placing a scare on variable rate mortgage owners.  My biggest complaint about the Fed is that it always seems to carry things beyond the line of common sense.  The idea of increasing rates at every meeting as if on a fixed schedule is not only stupid but totally insane as well.  These folks are highly educated in the field of economics with degrees from top universities.  Oh, wait a minute!  That explains the lack of common sense. 
Sunday Report:  Just a quick note for those who have COPY.  We will find out on Monday how the price reacts after the release of the quarterly.  We will maintain a technical watch on the chart.  The results of the quarter as portrayed  on the Q10 should not shock anyone.  It was as expected.  So far, the company is being mostly financed through the sale of stock by means of options, etc. with some continued sales revenue accompanied by the usual one cent loss.  Any major revelation that may occur will not occur by means of a quarterly report.  We should be confident of that point because of the nature of the products involved.  Before any gigantic improvement occurs on the quarterly, it will be first revealed by way of news releases involving a major deal.  It will either be a major deal in a news release or nothing will ever happen.  Stockholders should be resolved on that.  Furthermore, it should come as satisfying that no major deterioration has occurred which should be good news in itself.  COPY keeps going on to the dismay of the shorts.  Finally, my opinion concerning requalifying for Nasdaq is quite simple.  COPY should get back onto the Nasdaq where it belongs and I say that despite whatever may have been said in the past by anyone or implied by anyone.  Let's face reality on that point.  INTC, DELL and MSFT remain on the Nasdaq for good reasons.   Just as regulation is less on the pink sheets, it gets more strict as you go up toward the NYSE.   COPY management does not need the problems of more regulation, but stockholders may be in a different boat in that regard.  As long as a company has a demand product, it should not matter as to the course of financial success.  The stock trades on and you can be sure that one dollar on the pink sheets is the same dollar that you will find on a per share basis on the NYSE or AMEX, and whether or not there is one market maker or ten will not make any difference in the crooked acts committed against holders of the stock.
prior entry:  MAR 10
Closing Entry:  The teasing continues on both the longs and the shorts.  With yesterday's dim performance, we get a big rally today.  It was a mixed day on the stocks I follow.  QTWW was down after its quarterly but this is most likely part of a plan for certain parties to accumulate stock.  QTWW reported a bigger lose than expected, but keep in mind that this is on paper.  It did report an increase in revenues to $36 million but the headline emphasis was that Wall Street expected about $51 million.  The headline is the reason why I think QTWW remains a good buy especially now that it has come down and closed a chart gap at just under 3.40.  Because this is a developing company, reported loses are not always what they seem to be.  However, it is easy to play on the emotions of investors with negative headlines and no counter commentary to be found.  The Dow and S&P chart is showing that we are doing a short term rally into next week.  We will now test upper resistance.  Meanwhile, you will notice that COPY ended above $1 again as if by design.  COPY is simplly acting out of the ordinary at this one dollar level which is an important level.  The COPY chart continues to look strong.
prior entry:  MAR 9
Closing Report:  The S&P support trendline may be tested tomorrow.   QTWW reported its quarterly and it is sell on the news.  It may be a good buy in the afterhours when people get emotional and begin dumping without rationalization.  I have seen investors commit horrible blunders in the afterhours.  The afterhours can be a good time to buy but not to sell.  Meanwhile, COPY closed at $1 as if by design.  Could they be trying to keep it above $1 to qualify out of the pinks? 
Midday Report:  (2:15 ET)  It is once again just another day of teasing.  Next week is options expiration again and you already know what I think of options expiration.  I will is one of the biggest rip-offs perpetrated against the American investor and this rip-off should occur only once every two months.  The market is stalling so that both calls and puts will lose value.  The problem is that most investors do not realize that option open interest does have an influence on stock prices.  If the unwinding process can occur by Monday or Tuesday, we could see the market move more strongly up or down.  For now, market makers and brokerage dealers have plenty of time to position themselves. Investors are getting pessimistic which will occur with the market stall because people are emotional beings.  Brokerage operators know this very well.  So far, the S&P lower channel trendline has held but we will continue to watch it closely.....and that line is now situated at about 1270.  INTC is still teasing with that two year support level at just under 20.  IBM is holding.  Oil is quiet.  Will COPY close above $1 again?  COPY support is still well under that mark.
prior entry:  MAR 8
Closing Report:  The market rallied which should have come as no surprise considering the teasing action of the past few days.  As I said prior, the market is out to fool investors by creating false perceptions.  Did you notice how they took COPY back over one dollar in the last ten minutes on some 50000 shares?   That was significant.  Something is going on.  Of course, it is all a matter of perception.  I still believe that INTC is at a good buy level.   DESC took a hit on lower guidance but it could very well be that someone big has been planning to pick up this stock at lower prices.  It is all part of the games that these crooked elements will pull.  It is because of these back and forth movements in price that will always cause investors to not make money over the longer term.  The major averages still look good on the charts.  The Nasdaq remains weaker for reasons already given here, and it is true that the QQQQ chart does not look as good as the Dow and S&P.
Midday Report:  (2:30 ET)  It seems to me that we are witnessing two different elements in the market lately.  One is the perception that the market is weak, and the other is that in reality the averages are all near the highs.  How is that possible?  We have seen this before and I have made comment on this type of situation in the past.  Because the market seems to be lingering and laboring back and forth day by day, the impression becomes one of weakness.  However, if you look at the charts, you should clearly see that the averages are all holding up above support trendlines.  Are insiders trying to grab up stock as investors bail out on each small decline?  It is possible, but we will continue to observe if this scenario pans out.  At least, we have something to watch as an objective.  Maybe we should not fall prey to fear based on the perception that good news is lacking in the media.
prior entry:  MAR 7
Closing Report:  It remained a mixed market right to the close.  All uptrend lines remained unviolated.  The S&P chart pattern over the last two months actually looks bullish which is a rising wedge formation, but a violation of that pattern would not be good for the intermediate term.  COPY closed above 1 and the big techs were mixed.   Those who are long have to hope that this stalling pattern is due to the overbought situation in the Nasdaq that developed over the prior months.  We could just be seeing an adjustment to that.   
Midday Report:  (1:45 ET)  The market is marking time again.   In other words, specialists and other brokerage market makers are wasting time with the purpose of frustrating investors.  Neither the longs nor the shorts are doing well in this process.  We just have to be alert and keep watch on those support levels.  I mentioned S&P support yesterday.  Well, that 1270 six month trendline support was hit today and so far it has held at 1271.  If that is broken, then we go to the one year trendline support which is now set at just under the 1200 level but since that line is rising it would be in a range just above 1200 in a few weeks.  If we do go into a major decline, then that line would be hit most likely.  For now, the market seems to be showing some strength by simply doing a mild slide which we have seen many times in the past.  Let us see if anything major occurs by the close. 
prior entry:  MAR 6
Closing Report:  There is a short term downtrend which can be seen on any Dow chart.  However, on both the Dow and S&P, the lower trend line has not been broken.  On the S&P, the lower channel line is right around 1270.  As long as the S&P holds above that, the market looks okay.  We can theorize that the market makers are merely making adjustments in their inventory of stock.   The QQQQ chart remains more in question with resistance at the 42 level.  On the Nasdaq, 2240-2250 is now the critical level to watch on any breakdown attempt.  Overall, the market still looks good despite today's small decline.  The market does need some backing from stocks like INTC, DELL, IBM, etc.  CopyTele remains at $1 and above and still looks positive on the chart with a little heavier volume today.  
prior entry:  MAR 3
Closing Report:   The S&P pulled back from that resistance range once again while the QQQQ remained slightly under the right shoulder on the chart.  We can wonder if the S&P can now outperform the Nasdaq which would represent the reverse of the past few months. However, we must keep an eye on that QQQQ chart which could give a sell signal if that right shoulder pattern cannot be overcome.   There was plenty of talk concerning INTC on CNBC with some fund managers calling it a buying opportunity while others expressed that INTC could not bring enough new products into the market to overcome the negative prospects.  COPY remained solid on very light volume but did once again close above $1 which in itself is quite significant.  The uptrend channel remains perfect with stochastics still showing strength in the upward trend. 
Midday Report:  (12:15 ET)  I am placing INTC on my watch list as a consideration on the long side.  The lowering of guidance by Intel this morning is causing all those who missed placing short positions when they should have place them now when they have already missed the boat.  The market still wants to go higher and we will see what happens at S&P 1300.  Meanwhile, the hydrogen energy sector continues to look even better.  I will continue with my positive stance on QTWW as the one with the  most potential in this sector.  I compare this stock with my call on XMSR when it was at the two level with the only difference being that QTWW will take much longer but well worth the wait unless it is taken over.  Note on COPY:  The COPY chart continues to look positive for the long term holders.  Those who trade in and out should consider holding at this point.  The price is holding on very light volume which is unusual but to be considered a good sign in this case.  Note on MSO:  This heavily shorted stock is going higher despite all of the conflict and controversy attached to it.  If you do buy MSO, keep in mind that I consider that MSO is operated by legal crooks operating in the gray area of the law including the specialist and the brokerage firms who deal in this stock.  These people are capable of confusing the longs and keeping the heavy short position in place in the face of a major advance.
prior entry:  MAR 2 
Closing Report:  The market seems to be teasing both the longs and the shorts.  The perception of the shorts is that we are into heavy resistance and the market should correct in a major way for several weeks.  The longs are hoping that the big techs will revive and push us right over resistance.  As a result of these major perceptions, the market is refusing to oblige either side.
Midday Report:  (1:45 ET)  As I have been saying, it is one day down and one day up.  Does that impress me as leaning bullish or bearish?  My impression is toward the bullish side.  However, I continue to remain concerned about the S&P resistance just above and the head and shoulder pattern on the QQQQ.  For this to turn bullish on the charts, we need the QQQQ chart to clear up.  Let us keep watch on this.  Meanwhile, the hydrogen energy group continues to hold.  CopyTele is also continuing to hold well at just above that $1 level.  Just as an observation, there does seem to be an effort to keep the close above $1 and it is being done on light volume.  Although $1 does not make much impression, we must keep in mind that within a period of one year we have gone up from a low of .35 which is a big percentage move.  This move may not mean much to the shorts but it should to the longs.  The shorts are still waiting for zero.  My advice to the shorts continues to be the same.  Cover your shorts and make better use of the money and pay the tax, because if you die of old age, you will not be able to take the short positon with you into the coffin.  I do fully understand that we are talking about short selling syndicates.  There are better stocks to short.
prior entry:  MAR 1
Closing Entry:  Since my entry server was down, I am making these comments later than usual.   As you can see, the market is still playing the same games of one day down and one day up as it all remains in an uptrend.  Judgements cannot be made based on one day.  All of the charts remain bullish except for the QQQQ until further notice.  Cisco is showing strength and this is indeed significant in forming our views of the tech secctor.  INTC also continues to look good coming up from that buy level at 20.  Only IBM continues to be a big question mark.  COPY once again  showed promise on moderate volume, and it is significant that it is holding at above $1 on light volume.  We now wait to see if the S&P can make that move to 1300 which is critical for this market to hold.
prior entry:  FEB 28
Closing Report:  Upon observing the charts, I would say that I would have turned more bearish had the market gone up a little more before a decline of this nature.   No channel support has yet been broken by today's movement but I will be on alert concerning the S&P chart.  I would also advise everyone to observe the QQQQ chart which seems to be showing some signs of a head and shoulders formation.  Since we all have different perceptions of these things, your conclusion may be different.  So far, it does seem as if stochastics and MACD are not all that bad.  INTC and CSCO did rather well today despite the decline in other techs.  I am turning more positive on INTC.  
Midday Report:  (12:15 ET)  Google is taking the blame today for the market decline.  The media jumped in and created the negative vibe that the world was coming to an end.  Think and use some common sense.  Just what the hell is Google?  Is Google really anything to be compared with the likes of IBM, Dell or Intel?  The answer is no.  The Google CFO made some comments whether by mistake or by design.  He said, "Search monetization gains have largely been realized." Reyes then said that growth would slow. 
Keep in mind that growth was on a big spike at Google and there was no way it could be maintained in the first place.  The situation at Google has nothing to do with the economy nor with any other stock.  It all comes down to a psychological ploy to screw up the minds of investors whether it be by purposeful design or by the natural design of the market.  I will mention a few things about the charts in the closing concerning the major averages.  For those of you that have COPY.....well, it is holding.  Some people may complain about COPY but at least it is showing the realism that Google is not the center of the universe. 
prior entry:  FEB 27
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  The market continues to sneak higher with nothing radical occurring in the background which is bullish.  The S&P continues to gain into new high ground as we approach 1300.  The Nasdaq is about 20 points away from its recent high.  While everything may look quiet even as the averages go up, I have noticed many stocks that seem to be in manipulative setups.  For example, INTC has gone to my objective which is the two year low at just under 20 and seems to be coming under divergence.  There are some analysts lowering their price targets while others are actually doing upgrades without much notice by investors.  Keep in mind that when an analyst lowers a price target, he may not necessarily be saying that he expects further declines.  SBUX continues higher.  MSO seems to be getting set up for an advance as it slowly slides which is a specialist plow when trying to unseat investors.  COPY continues to maintain a pattern above that one dollar level and one dollar on a closing basis is important here.  The COPY chart continues to look bullish with the uptrend channel clearly in place and holding on light volume at this time.  The upper channel line seems to be right around 1.12 and so we need a move above that for something major but simply a move to that would be normal.  The lower channel line is right around .92.  Once again, whenever a low price stock comes up from the pits, we should always look for divergence from the past if the move is to be meaningful.  Things have to happen by way of increased news, increased activity.....much like when a dormant volcano comes to life.  In the case of
COPY, the only thing that is now missing is the reporting of increased sales activity.  At this time, we do not know for sure if such activity is actually occurring or if it has been masked by accounting loopholes and legal agreements.  It does seem to me that something is being masked although be it legal. 
prior entry:  FEB 24
Closing Report:  It was significant today that the market was able to hold well while at these high levels.  The early day decline was curtailed by the close.  Actually the S&P closed on the upside.  The hydrogen energy stocks continued to do well in the face of higher oil prices.  As you know, my favorites are QTWW, DESC, ENER, etc.  These stocks have gained the interest of the big car makers and despite all the talk about fuel made from corn, I firmly believe that the future is with hydrogen energy.  COPY tested that 1.09 level on heavier volume.  It held into the close.  If it can hold into the close Monday, it will be significant on the chart.  The buying seems to be concentrated with purpose behind it.  In other words, it is not just sporadic buying from small investors. 
prior entry:  FEB 23
Midday Report:  (1:30 ET)  The S&P is now at that double top level that I mentioned yesterday and is merely knocking on the door but not going through.  The Dow is holding it back while the Nasdaq is showing more strength.  With tomorrow being Friday, we get an idea of which way this will go soon.  IBM is still dragging down the Dow.  INTC has made one bounce off the bottom but it could very well test it again.  We wait.
prior entry:  FEB 22
Closing Report:  Tomorrow will be a day to watch.  The S&P was able to match recent highs at the 1294 level.  Can it close above that level and go on to 1300 or will it double top?  This is a must watch situation.  Some of my sources are saying that institutional buying is easing on this rally.  In my opinion, the averages could still plow ahead a little longer but we should be in a cautionary mode while holding.  The big techs remain mixed because of DELL and INTC while IBM did show some life today.  We may have a bottom on IBM.  DELL remains a big question mark.  INTC may be very close to a bottom but you should look at the price movement when it traded at this range back in history.  You will note that it gyrated for a while between 19 and 21 which means that it may take some time.  The market still needs these big techs for a major advance.
Morning Report:  (12:00 ET)  We have a little more action today.  MSO reported earnings on the plus side this morning and now we wait for the shorts to fry and there are many of them to fry.  The specialist was picking up stock right into the lows yesterday.  The short position is so heavy that there has been no stock to short.  Meanwhile, INTC has gone down to that 20 level and cracked it just as I had envisioned it.  You can see it all on the two year chart.  Even today, it was downgraded to a sell by analysts.  It is for that reason that I do not wish to be known as an analyst.  This is not the time to sell but to consider buying on further drops just below 20 to match the prior two year low.  SBUX remains strong.  COPY continues to hold well on light volume.  QTWW is also holding well around that 4.50 level.  NUVO and MEDX have corrected a little but remain long term winners.
prior entry:  FEB 21
Closing Report:  As you can see, the market keeps teasing at that S&P 1300 level and just keeps pulling down on each approach.  On the bullish side is that each decline seems to be very orderly.  On the bearish side remains the idea that it could produce a multiple top at recent highs.  So far, I am leaning on the positive side unless a major trendline is broken to the downside.  At this time, the market action is surprisingly boring so close to market highs.  MSO will report first thing in the morning and then we can make a further decision on that one.  COPY held very well at the $1 level with little jabs to the upside.  The COPY chart still looks good and so we wait for further news.  I am expecting much more in news releases in the near future.
Saturday Report:  Some of my sources are getting bearish at this point even as the S&P and Nasdaq continue to hold in the higher portion of the trading range.  There is a good chance that we will find out this week if it breaks down or breaks out.  The greatest point of resistance now is at S&P 1300 to a range just below that.  With options expiration out of the way, we may see a clue from any change of character in the market this week.  I will be watching INTC to see if it can climax in the range of 19-20.  IBM despite recent volatility is still showing weak characteristics.  Usually, once IBM forms a valid bottom, it never seems to just linger around as has been the case recently.  DELL is in the same boat.  Caution is still advised according to my observations.  As I have said prior to this, everyone has his own perception of what is happening and I intend to respect those differences.  The important thing to remember is that any opinion should be justified with reasoning instead of emotion. Yes, the market is such a place where even high levels of reasoning can be put to shame.  Otherwise, it would be easy to make money.
prior entry:  FEB 17
Closing Report:  On this options expiration, the big guys kept everything rather quiet on the major averages.  DELL got hit on flat quarterly sales and whatever other excuses to keep it down.  INTC got hit as a result of DELL.  I have been saying all along that the 20 level on INTC is acting like a magnet.   The downward pull on INTC will not come to rest until that 20 level is breached as per my recent comment on the long term INTC chart.   I have also revised my thoughts on XMSR and SIRI because investors will now concentrate on potential earning power rather than on subscribership as in the past.  COPY continues to hold well on mederate volume along with QTWW.  The major averages seem to be holding well at these levels.  We may soon find out if the S&P can break to new highs.
prior entry:  FEB 17
Midday Report:  HPQ is the stock that is pumping the Dow today on a good earnings report.  However, the other big techs are not responding very well.  There is still some problem with IBM, INTC and DELL.  QTWW continues to do fine along with COPY and SBUX.  XMSR continues to be a problem and perhaps even more so than SIRI.   Now that the initial fad has worn out, we must be more careful about these two stocks as can be seen on any chart. 
prior entry:  FEB 15
Midday Report:  (2:15 ET)   I am a teacher by profession who believes that each one of us must eventually learn by experience (may not work so well in speculation) and make our decisions based on our own perception of what we believe to be true.  Two people can look at a market situation or a chart and see two different things going on.  I have come to hate to make decisions for those who tune in based on my perceptions.  The analyst will do that while a teacher does not.  In the market, there are no set principles as can be found in physics, electronics, engineering, etc.  We can use indicators.  An indicator measures a condition and may even point to a future condition, but the future condition may or may not be stable with so many things that may be interacting with it.   As outsiders, we are never sure of what the major broker-dealers may be planning although we may form our own perceptions based on certain indicators.   My job should be more along the lines of alerting you to certain market conditions whether it be individual issues or the general market.   Take a look at a three year chart and a six month chart of the Dow, S&P, Nasdaq, and QQQQ.  Draw a trendline across the Dow tops starting February of 2004.  The Dow could go there.  Draw another trendline across the tops starting June of 2005.  The Dow could go there.  However, where the two lines intersect could be where we would have to make a major decision.  Now look at the recent pattern in the S&P, Nasdaq and QQQQ.  While the Dow has gone to new recent highs, the other averages have only produced lower highs.  What is your perception of this?  Is it your perception that the Dow will now lead the way for a change, or is it your perception that something is wrong in the market?  Timewise, we can see the criteria for the Dow, but things are not so clear for the other averages.  The S&P could still go up with the Dow creating a situation where the Dow would hit that upper trendline while the S&P would merely mirror its recent high.  I just wanted to point out this developing condition.  As usual, I would appreciate your comments.  Furthermore, I am a bit surprised that COPY stockholders have been rather quiet about the recent press release from COPY.  Keep in mind that I should tend toward being merely a moderator.  From time to time, I will throw some jabs to wake people up.  I will respect everyone's perception of the situation in COPY both on the message board or with confidential email.
prior entry:  FEB 14
Closing Report:  The next hurdle is right at the 11100 level on the Dow which is the recent high.  At present, the uptrend remains in place despite the recent decline as can be seen on any chart.  The slant remains to the upside and we should go with it.  At least the big techs were positive today for a change.  With the recent evaluation downgrade in SBUX, anyone wanting to enter it or add to it should now consider the 32 level.  COPY continued to hold at that $1 level on moderate volume.  The three month chart remains positive with 1.06 as the target to go over.  The one year range has been .35 to 1.06.  While this may not seem striking, keep in mind that it is the same as a $35 stock going to $106 as a percentage.  Little by little, the old myths of a zombie stock are disappearing.  Things can change.  No debt has kept COPY going for years.  That will change also as products become proven.  This company can grow but some debt will have to be used at some point to increase and accelerate the power base of the marketing operation.
Midday Report:  (12:00 ET)  COPY holds strong with another press release which can be viewed on its website at  ......  Although this is not a major event by itself, it does establish an ongoing trend of positive events and that is what is needed.  More important is the fact that something is finally happening with management that is totally different from all the times prior to this.  We have seen more news releases recently than the twenty years prior to this.  While nothing can ever be guaranteed in the market, it seems quite clear that now is not the time to be selling COPY as per my prior comments.  COPY management is setting up conditions that will avoid a capital crunch.  If the shorts are still looking for a terminal bankruptcy, they are better off covering now and pay the tax on their profits, or they should make a deal with their heirs to carry on the fight for years to come.  Otherwise, any people inheriting these short positions will quickly recognize the folly of it all and dump everything for the money.  If there is a heavy naked short position out there, keep  in mind that it could be leveraged to the hilt.  Meanwhile, the Dow has gone over the 11000 level and this will be significant if it can close above that level.  This will take out the head and shoulders pattern.  We will now wait and see.   
prior entry:  FEB 13
Midday Report:  (2:15 ET)  Have you noticed the debacle in Google.  Not long ago, anlalysts on CNBC were screaming numbers based on next year's forecasted earniings backed up with strong buy advisories.  What happened?  The answer is so easy that it would boggle the mind of a sophisticated ivy league MBA running a mutual fund.   While the big brokerage firms were unloading stock inventory, the market makers sniffed it out with all of their contacts and shorted into bullish CNBC comments.  Now as the market goes into some weakness, analysts are using the excuse that it is all due to the disappointment in GOOG.  I find it amazing that investors do not see the truth behind Wall Street.  If you read history, you will see proof of the crooked dealings right from the start.  Expose a child to the same low level morality and do you think such child will somehow change on his own as he grows.  Not even laws and regulations will make him change.  There is nothing different about the evolution of market makers, brokerage dealers, hedge funds and the financial media that supports it all.  Meanwhile, lets hope that some of our stocks can hold up to this devious element.  I am still concerned that INTC did not go right down to that 20 level.  I also remain concerned with IBM which is once again throwing mixed signals.  Although I believe these big techs to be close to a bottom, I still do not trust that all is perfectly bullish and so we must remain careful.  It is true that some of these declines could be fake-outs to unseat more investors.  I will continue to monitor all of my sources which now seem to be in a "watch and see" mode.  Dow 11000 continues to be a problem which can easily be seen on any chart.  Any further drop in the S&P could trigger a down trend leg and so we must watch that closely.
prior entry:  FEB 10
Midday Report:  (3:00 ET)  The tension is off the market for now and the inclination remains short term bullish until we either hit 11000 on the Dow or we hit recent highs on the S&P.  The battle will go into next week.  The big techs are holding steady.  COPY has also maintained its uptrend.  Relax for now.
prior entry:  FEB 9
Closing Report:  It was not much of a day.  Most of our stocks held steady.  XMSR is on a short term advance based on the Oprah deal.  TKO is still looking good as an improving operation with potential.  The national political news continues on the negative side.  The American people are in such confusion and disarray that even the terrorists are confused by it all.  Meanwhile, Dow resistance is at the 11000 level where there is now a head and shoulders pattern formiing.  Unless the Dow can break above that the head and shoulders will be confirmed.  Although INTC did rally today, IBM did nothing.  With options expiration again next week, I remain a little worried about the games that always seem to come with the event.  For now we watch that 11000 level on the Dow as being critical.
prior entry:  FEB 8
Closing Report:  The market closed strong which was no surprise considering the rally in techs including IBM, DELL, and CSCO.  We now have to expect this sort of back and forth movement for a while.  QTWW will simply gyrate here for a while along with COPY.   If you want INTC, you will get your chance just a little lower from here.  Overall, we should simply go into a watching mode for a while.
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  You can see the difference with IBM and DELL based on the CSCO hype.  CNBC was hyping up the new IBM chip and DELL got another upgrade.  The script could not have been better written.  IBM and DELL were taken down for several days as the dealers loaded up and now....a miracle has occurred.  There is one difference between the markets and the wrestling shows.  People overall tend to realize that wrestling is fixed and those people are not even all that sophisticated.  In the market, people are supposed to be more sophisticated, but those people do not even realize that the market is just as fixed as any wrestling show or soap opera.  It makes me wonder if perhaps investors are not even more stupid than those who go to the wrestling matches.  At least, with wrestling you do not lose any more than the price of the ticket.  SBUX continues strong but keep in mind that it is being pumped by the annual meeting.  It may be prudent to wait a bit if you care to buy this.  If you have SBUX, just go for the longer  term which will be up for a long time to come.  INTC is now the main drag on the techs.  I will consider INTC a buy as it approaches that 20 long term support level.  So far today, we have unusual low volume in COPY which is okay as long as it holds above .83. 
prior entry:  FEB 7
Closing Report:  The decline was reflected mostly in the S&P which now has support at the recent low at about 1245.  The RUT is doing better than the rest of the market.   The stochastics line is hitting bottom on the averages.  The MACD line is a bit disappointing on most charts.  The declines seem to be measured and under control.  However, the impression will always be highly negative when small declines occur day after day.  At least IBM, DELL, INTC and CSCO held up well today.  The lower trendline on COPY which represents support on the chart is now located at about .83.  The COPY chart continues to look positive.  Note:  The CSCO quarterly report may create a near term tech rally which may explain the activity in IBM as per my commentary. 
prior entry:  FEB 6
Closing Report:  It sure seemed like a boring day but......  It is on days like this that the legalized crooks of Wall Street do their best work.  IBM was taken down again today and when it closed at 79.51, a load of shares exchanged hands.  This represents more accumulation.  After these stupid fund managers had given their shares to the specialist and other brokerage elements, IBM reports that they now have a chip that is two times faster than what Intel can do.  Meanwhile, INTC gets closer to that 20 support level.  Things like this go on while the American investor is purposely kept busy worrying about static like oil, Iran, Venezuela, Bush's wiretapping controversy, and a bunch of other garbage.  First of all, the economy goes on in the U.S. because American capital is still and will remain more powerful than all the Irans and Venezuelas of the world.  American capital is so strong that even the enemy wants it.  Just keep your eye on the ball and do not get scared out of the market on account of the news.  Stay with QTWW if you have it.  Stay with COPY if you have it.  IBM is not going broke and neither is INTC.  American corporate management is working hard every day and there is no sign of giving up.
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  Another press release by COPY has been shot out there which reinforces the prior release and is better done.  It is positive that COPY is finally doing this more often to get the word out there which is a total change of policy.  This change of policy is significant.  View it at .  You will notice that there is one word added to this one that was not in the last one....TV.  
Sunday Report:  Okay it is Super Bowl Sunday and I am more undecided about this one (as far as who to root for)  than my bets on QTWW, DESC, SBUX and I will throw in COPY for the heck of it.   I like Seattle because they have never won it.  I like the Steelers because they are a better team overall.  I think we have faced this type of criteria many times in the market.  Should we go with something we emotionally like or go with the stats?  In both cases, anything can happen of course.  However, the difference with this football game is that it will not be manipulated.  I will place a mental bet on the Steelers and wish the Seahawks all the luck they deserve for getting there.  Meanwhile, just a word on GOOG and some of our picks.  For the past several weeks, just about every analyst on CNBC has been either upgrading or giving buys on Google.  In other words, GOOG was going to the moon according to all the comments.  People were actually paying over $400 per share.  These analysts who work for brokerage firms....better known to me as either idiot savants or highly intelligent people who are paid not to show their many people and mutual fund managers to buy into GOOG as it spiked up towards 500 with not much word about any insider selling.  The old mentality of joining the bubble never really goes away.  I would rather bet that people will continue to buy coffee at Starbucks.  I would rather bet that cars and power plants will be run with hydrogen.   If COPY has that screen perfected, I will even bet on that before I will ever buy GOOG at over $400 per share. 
prior entry:  FEB 3
Closing Report:  Intel is now very close to the 20 level which was the prior two year low.  It becomes a buy at 20 or just below.  It is being forced down there as if a magnet is being used.  Check out the two year chart.  Yet, as it gets close to 20, more and more analysts are putting out the word to sell.  These analysts are employed by the big brokerage houses who are getting ready to buy against the panic selling that will climax in INTC soon.  IBM either formed a bottom on this Friday or is very close.  It now seems as if these two big cap stocks are being manipulated to hit bottom at about the same time.  Is it just a coincidence?  No, it is not.  Am I saying that there is a purposeful coordination going on here?  Yes, I am.  Once again, the big brokerage houses are going to screw the public by getting mutual funds (which represent the public)  to unload these stocks at these low prices.  Check out the DELL chart.  We could be seeing a double bottom as more mutuals dump this one.   The Nasdaq has clearly outperformed the big caps, but things could now be changing.  More and more analysts on CNBC have been telling people to dump the big caps and go small caps.  What do you think?  Have you noticed how badly the Nasdaq has gotten hit lately.  Check out the QQQQ and Nasdaq charts.  The time to buy INTC, IBM and DELL may be soon.  However, just to be on the safe side, we should watch these three stocks very closely this coming week.     If you have COPY, you should be satisfied for now until further news is released.  It is holding fairly well under the circumstances after the quarterly report.  I actually found the quarterly report to be positive considering all that has happened in the past.  While so many businesses with so much more capital have gone bankrupt after a year or two, COPY is still there.  The naked shorts who are now 20 years older never expected that.  They will learn that nothing is ever guaranteed.  Not even a sure thing like CopyTele going under within two years after going public.  If I was short, I would cover, pay the tax, and go on with my life.  It is amazing how long you can keep a small company going so long as expenses are under control.
Morning Report:  (11:00 ET)  IBM may very well have just formed a bottom on a heavy volume downward spike to 79.77.  It just had to break 80 in order to panic stockholders into selling.  The specialist must have picked up those blocks I saw of over 20000 shares each just under 80.  However, we should continue to watch IBM as an indicator.  So far, the charts of the Dow and the S&P still look okay within a trading range pattern.  We could still get another round of selling today.
prior entry:  FEB 2
Midday Report:  (1:30 ET)   Are you getting scared of this decline?  Fear is building up and that is how it should be.  I remain cold on the big caps.  However, the market has continued to stay in a trading range despite all of these up and down movements.  The negative days will always make more impression on investors.  At this point, we should watch closely if we are looking to enter new trades.  For example, QTWW should be bought on declines.  The question is always.....where is the buy point?   With stocks like this, the buy point can appear in a matter of one minute based on a downward spike with unusual volume.  Those people who cannot watch the action will simply have to chose an entry point and live with it.  There are two possibilities with QTWW.  One entry point is right around the 4 level.  If it goes lower, then I would say right around 3.65.  Do you feel right about what the company is doing?   If yes, then enter it and go long term and relax.  I did warn you that the 5 level would be a problem on the initial move to that level.  The next move above 5 will carry more strength.  (read prior comments). Read the recent news releases on QTWW on  Read the part about the QTWW alliances with Toyota, GM, Daimler, etc.  QTWW should be kept longer term and accumulated on declines while under the 5 level.  COPY continues to hold well and once again we should relax.  If you still have SBUX from way back when I said to buy it, then keep it.  SBUX has been a big winner and will continue to be a winner.  I have readers that bought before the last two splits as per my advice, and they are not complaining about holding even longer.
prior entry:  FEB 1
Closing Report:  The market ended on the strong side.  The current action in the market is telling me that although market dealers may not want the averages to break out strongly to the upside, they do want certain stocks to go much further up.  Lately, I have been witnessing accumulation in many of the smaller NYSE and Nasdaq stocks.  I remain a little cold on the major averages and big caps.   QTWW corrected today which was to be expected for reasons already explalined.  However, let there be no doubt that I remain very bullish on Quantum.  There is a buying opportunity at 4.20 to 4.25 or perhaps even just below that level.  GM is starting to consider hydrogen energy because GM fully realizes that Toyota is getting serious about this.   COPY held on well following a brief decline which was caused by people who were so-called disappointed by the 10K.  I have already advised you not to fall prey to emotions on matters like this.  The stock market is a tricky game of deceit, and the full truth does not have to be released by law on these quarterly reports.  The people that run COPY have survived all these years because they know the law and they know SEC regulations.   They are much smarter than Bernie Ebbers and the Enron folks and the former Imclone CEO.  So let us go for a resolution of this.
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  The market continues its sideways movement within a trading range.  The Fed report came as no surprise to me.  I do not expect Bernanke to do anything off the path that Greenspan has directed.  The Fed's priority is the well-being of the banking system.  By raising rates with steady demand for loans, the banks will make more money.  Why doesn't that fact sink in to those who talk on CNBC?  If you were making loans, would you not want rates higher so that you could make more long as people kept coming in for loans?   Come on!  When it comes to finance, I see the American people continually getting their common sense ripped-off.  Keep in mind that the Fed is not a government entity.  It is owned by the banks....which are private business concerns.  The badgering that you see in Congress when the Fed chairman is questioned is nothing but a show much like what you see in wrestling.  The Fed chairman always looks like he is in fear of the politicians, and all the time, he could just tell them all to go to hell.  He, along with other Fed governors, cannot be fired by the government nor the President unless Congress passes a law.  That is what makes the Fed chairman the most powerful person in the financial world comparable to the Supreme Court judges who also cannot be fired. much for that reality.   QTWW may be topping for the near term but it is still too early to sell.....selling this is still far in the future.  I told you yesterday that some blow-off volume was occurring.  When the heavy volume eases, the price will fall until a support is hit.  For now, the volume continues even higher today which maintains the advance, but it is guaranteed that this volume cannot be sustained since the average volume is around 600,000 per day.  However, there was more news again today with more Prius cars delivered to Riverside, CA for testing purposes.  As a result, Quantum is becoming well-known.  The 5 level is a problem over the near term because the ability to margin tends to increase at this level.  It is true that more people can now leverage, but on declines below 5, margin calls begin.  Once we get above 6, this thing will move.  If you have acquired stock from lower levels, just keep in mind that volatility should be expected.   Note:  CopyTele.....I have read the 10K.  For sure the revenue figures are low.  However, these figures are based on encryption and not on the screen.  I actually found the report to be positive based on what was said about the screen.  The outcome of this ball game will be based on the screen and whether or not that screen can do what is claimed by management.  In order to make it, that screen has to be different and it has to be protected by patents without being easily duplicated.   The screen will also have to be made larger without complications.  So far, I remain positive. 
prior entry:  JAN 31
Closing Report:  Although the market was down, it was not a major sell-off.  On the chart, everything is still in a holding pattern.  QTWW went to 5 on very heavy volume.  I am concerned about the blow-off volume and we should see some consolidation once the volume eases.   However, any correction in QTWW should be bought.  Over the coming days, we could still see a decline to the gap on the chart at about 4.25.  Whatever the case, QTWW is a longer term buy with plenty of potential.  The heavy volume in COPY from yesterday to the lighter volume today was something of concern.  A drop is normal under these conditions.  I always get concerned when COPY goes 1 million shares or over because market makers get involved in the buying and selling. 
prior entry:  JAN 30
Closing Report:  First of all, the market looks good despite the Dow.  The S&P was up.  The important thing is that there was no buying climax and no blow-off.   The fuel cell stocks did well again.  QTWW went up again and is now in a resistance range on very heavy volume.  If it does retreat, it should be accumulated on declines down below 4.20.  However, it is still too soon to make any major conclusion on this since it was very strong today.  I certainly would not sell it here since the target is 10 or above.  COPY had another good day going above 1.00 which is certainly a major event.  Since this is not resistance, it really should go higher before any major problem.  We should find out this week how this advance may relate to the quarterly report.....perhaps on February 1st.  Volume was very heavy today.  I would prefer to see a much greater upside move on this kind of volume.  The chart still looks good.
Weekend Report:  Not all indicators are fully bullish on the major averages but there is a possibility that they could improve.  Stay tuned this week to see how it all shapes up.  Although any move to the upside should be limited on the major averages, it would make a big difference on the making of substantial upside moves on certain stocks.  IBM may be close to a near term bottom, or at least be close to some sort of short term rally.  The market needs IBM and the other big cap stocks to break out to the upside.  Many analysts have been downplaying these stocks as not being relevant, but the big caps will still be needed for any major upside move at this point.  We should find out early in the week.  COPY did close strong, but keep in mind that the quarterly will come out soon.  On the chart, there is not much resistance between here and 1.25.
prior entry:  Jan 27
Midday Report:  (3:15 ET)  COPY is now breaking above the recent high at .94 and this is a very good sign.  Volume is increasing on larger block trades.  There will always be sellers, but I say to them that it is foolish to sell on breakout.  Stay with COPY.
Midday Report:  (1:30 ET)  There was a news release on COPY moments ago.  Although the news is nothing really new, it is unusual when coming from COPY, and it does at least show that something is in the works.  The release merely makes it official that they have a small working screen.  The important thing here is that they made it official although they are still trying to dampen the possiblilities.  If a 5.5 inch screen works, it means that a larger screen will work as well.  It is significant that they released this before the release of the delayed quarterly.  COPY is sitting there at the .90 level which is a critical breakout level.  Meanwhile, QTWW forges ahead and should continue to be accumulated on declines.  The market has gone above 1275 on the S&P and will make another run at recent highs.  Note:  COPY news release at
prior entry:  JAN 26
Closing Report:  So far, the market looks as if it wants to make another try at recent highs.  The S&P closed at 1273.83.  Friday may give us the signal that another try to recent highs will occur.  QTWW went over 4 in the afterhours.  The QTWW chart is showing some resistance at about 4.40 to 4.70.  COPY closed at .90 on buying volume right to the end. 
Midday Report:  (2:30 ET)  We touched on 1275 on the S&P but we still need a close above it to negate the probability of any major correction.  Meanwhile, QTWW remains strong on news releases.  QT has given five Toyotas to Santa Ana, CA with the engine rigged with their hydrogen tanks and injector system.  That's gasoline.  It will take time but these stocks will either make it big or will be bought out at higher prices.  ENER is already out of reach and that leaves DESC and QTWW and perhaps even FCEL.  This is not a fad as was the case with solar.  We are talking about hydrogen which can be made easier than gasoline and it is super clean.  If you go to you will be able to read the news items from today and yesterday.  Meanwhile, COPY remains strong as we wait to see if it can close above .90.  Volume looks good. 
prior entry:  JAN 25
Midday Report:  (12:30 ET)  QTWW continues to make news and will continue to do so for some time to come.  Of course, there will always be down days but the time to buy is when the price is low compared to past history.  This stock has been accumulated by smart Wall Street insiders for many weeks now as the price slid while other hydrogen energy stocks rallied.  The news today on QTWW is that they are in partnership to build a proto Mustang automobile in close coop with Shelby and others.  They have also recently been funded by the government to build vehicles for the army.  Look at the two year chart and you will see where it is going.  This is my top pick which supercedes all others on my list at this time. 
prior entry:  JAN 24
Closing Report:  Only a move above 1275 on the S&P will invalidate Friday's decline.  We now go day by day to see if things improve.  It sure would help if some of the major techs would just hit bottom.  IBM has still not hit a bottom and the same goes for INTC and DELL.  The Dow chart still looks okay at this points since it has held at its short term support line.  COPY continues to hold on moderate volume.  MSO keeps edging upward toward 20.  QTWW should be considered on any further decline which may approach its recent gap just below 3.50. 
prior entry:  JAN 23
Closing Report:  According to the chart pattern, the S&P could still go to 1275 which was the original breakdown point.  If it does rally to that point, a decision will have to be made.  If the market goes into a general decline, only certain stocks will survive the beating.  The energy related stocks should hold well and I will continue to buy into QTWW on any declines and remain bullish on DESC.   COPY is now just marking time until the full release of the 10K.  This delay should not have anything to do with a work overload since things are still quite slow, and therefore, I must suspect that it is related to accounting issues.  I am not expecting anything out of the ordinary to be released.  If anything positive is ever released, it will come by way of a news release.  The chart indicators remain bullish.  If you observe the chart, you will be able to draw a one month wedge formation off the tops and bottoms.  That represents the containment area.  You can then draw the two month lower trendline which is now set at about .69. 
Midday Report:  (1:00 ET)  This morning's rally based on the overnight futures should come as no surprise.  Does it not seem suspicious to all of you that with the big down day on Friday, a rally begins so quickly based on the futures?  It is all crooked.  Brokerage dealers manipulated the futures so that they could unload stock that was acquired during Friday's sell-off.  The market is crooked, and what is worse is that it is legal.  Meanwhile, QTWW was upgraded which should also come as no surprise.  If you have QTWW, keep it for a much further upside move over the coming months or perhaps even years.  Meanwhile, INTC is going lower to the 2004 low just below 20 which you can easily observe on the two year chart since it has already dropped below the 22 support line.  There is also a very good probability that we have not seen the bottom on IBM.  Now we can only wait day by day to see how far any of these rallies may go.
prior entry:  JAN 20
Closing Report:  What I have been expecting for a long time now, finally happened by way of a sharp decline.  This particular decline now makes way for a more general decliine in the market.  Because it happened on expiration, we could very well see some short term rallies over the next several sessions.  However, the trend is now down and all rallies will most likely not take us to new highs.  Of course, there will always be special situation stocks that may do well on each rally and actually go to new cycle highs.  I will stay bullish on ENER, DESC, and QTWW which are the alternate energy stocks.  I would stay away from IBM, DELL, CSCO, INTC, etc.  The S&P dropped right down to the 50 day average line where it could get some support next week.  I now believe that specialists and brokerage dealers will try to rally the market in order to unload stock that was acquired in this decline.  This means that we should avoid going long for long term investments.  It will be strictly short term for a while.  If I see any information that is of value over the weekend, I will report.  Note:  COPY did rather well on moderate volume despite all of the chaos in the market which is a good sign for COPY.  So far, COPY has been riding along the 50 day average line with the lower channel trandline at about the .72 level.
prior entry:  JAN 19
Midday Report:  (2:00 ET)  The S&P bounced off that first support level at 1275 rather well.  However, we now have to be on watch for a possible double top.  We should now watch for that 1290 to 1295 range on any further rally.  Because of options expiration, we should have a much better view of this by Monday.
prior entry:  JAN 18
Closing Report:  The decline that occurred today was not out of the ordinary and certainly a correction at this time should not come as a shock.   The market could still go further down without causing any major damage to the longer term trend of the market.  However, keep in mind that the two year upper resistance trendline which is now at around 1290 will remain as a major barrier.   Fortunately, there will always be stocks that will continue to go higher despite the major averages.  For now, we stay away from the big techs.  Options expiration is Friday.  Note:  MSO placed as a buy on my stock watch.
Midday Report:  (3:00 ET)  So far, that first area of support at the S&P 1275 level is holding.  While INTC took a beating on heavy volume, IBM has done well.  Because of the heavy volume in INTC which means that people are over-reacting on the bad news, it most likely means that the downside on INTC will be limited.  The 22 level represents heavy support for INTC and that is where it should eventually hold.  For those who like the low priced stocks, I will continue to advocate at close look at QTWW since it is now coming off a valid bottom formation with improved fundamentals.