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The U.S. is going to fail in Iraq just as with the situation in Vietnam.  We had the chance to implant an exact duplicate of our constitutional system with a supreme court, senate and house of reps.  This would have been common sense.  We had the chance, but it becomes the same old mental block that our leaders seem to possess.  For some reason, we seem to believe that our democratic system can only work here.  Bush was dumb in not being bold enough in this action.  Now, Obama is even dumber in allowing the leaders of Iraq to stray into their old ways.  This means that when we leave Iraq it will revert back to the old system and will be no better than it was before.  We are just plain stupid.
Furthermore, we should have built an air force base with at least a twenty year contract just outside of the Iraqi capital so that we could make use of this power to help control Iran.  We have done nothing in this respect while we had the initiative.  We are just plain stupid.
By the way, how come we have not received oil in payment for American lives given to free Iraq?  We should be getting free oil from Iraq.  It only makes sense.  We are just plain stupid. 
We go into Iraq and Afghanistan and then all we talk about is leaving.  Leaving with what?  What are we leaving with?  Nothing.  Once we leave, those people will revert back to what they were in the first place because the leadership that we allowed was flawed.  The form of government that we allowed to exist was just a mirror image of what was there in the first place.   We are just plain stupid.

           U.S.  Iraq Policy Is Flawed

Anthony Campos, The World Enquirer   (2010)